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We are now open for beta testing! — 2011/07/23

Hey folks,

Pending some trial and error runs from staff, the game is tentatively back up. In the coming week or so, this message will be removed from here but in the meantime do keep in mind that on occasions we'll need to shut the game down intermittently.

Sorry for any inconveniences this causes,

Your Little Nemby


Black Ops MUSH is a cooperative, consent-based roleplaying game loosely based upon the CW television show Nikita. We've reset the clock to the beginning of episode one, freeing feature characters to explore the theme from a fresh angle.

Knowledge of the show is not necessary and the game can be viewed as a generic spy thriller set within a heightened reality. All relevant information about the world can be found in our newsfiles.

Six years ago I was taken from prison, forced to become an assassin for a secret unit of the government: a black ops program called Division that has now gone rogue. They destroyed my identity and they destroyed the man I loved. I escaped, and now the man that trained me, someone I trusted, is hunting me.

What Division doesn't know is that I have a partner on the inside, Alex. A new recruit with a dark past who I've trained in secret to resist their control. Together, we're going to take Division apart, one mission at a time.

And the last word they'll breathe before the end will be my name…

- Nikita