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Portrayed by Lyndsy Fonseca

Known Aliases: Sasha, Alexandra Udinov, Alex Smith
Date of Birth: April 18, 1992 (age 19)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Division
Position: Recruit
Specialty: Quick learner
Fame: Could be the next Nikita?

A new Division recruit with a dark past… and a secret.

As far as Division is concerned, Alex is a young Ukrainian girl who was orphaned after her parents died in a car crash. She was in the car with them when they careened off the road into a river, but survived only because her father used his last bit of consciousness to roll down the window and shove her free. The young orphan was sold into sex slavery and brought to the US in a cargo container, made to ply her trade until she had the opportunity to escape.

She escaped her captors, but not the junk they'd hooked her on. Alex spent the next five years wandering around in a drug haze, eventually hooking up with a low-life named Ronnie. It was Ronnie's idea that they hold up the pharmaceutical company, and he was the one who pulled the trigger. But when he was found dead outside his apartment of an overdose, only Alex was left to answer for the shooting.

Division plucked her from prison, where she'd managed to get the reputation for being a fighter — and a biter — within a short period of time. Like the usual story, she woke up in Division and was informed her previous life was over. As far as the world was concerned, she'd committed suicide and her ashes were in some unmarked grave.

And so, reluctantly, she's joined the regime, already making a few waves with her attitude. Rumor has it she's already made an enemy in fellow recruit Jaden. Still… she shows a great deal of promise when she doesn't let her wise-ass attitude get in the way. And the attitude is beginning to slowly improve.


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Jacked Up
Alex is assigned her first real mission.

Watch For

  • Her tendency to go off alone.
  • Her slowly improving attitude.
  • Her ability to quickly pick up spy skills.
  • She does not like to be called Alexandra.
  • The naivety beneath the snarky exterior.
  • When it comes to survival, she's a fighter.


What are we here for? …Really?

I want to wake up and not feel sad. I want to walk down the street without looking over my shoulder. I had that, before.

It's a kill job. I kill, or be killed — everyone knows that. I like the sapphire dress too.

They can use us for whatever they want because we don't exist. We could get killed, but we're already dead. I wouldn't be so anxious to get out there.

I was a junkie, remember? I'm good at telling lies.

To Amanda: So, what? You the one that's supposed to teach me how to walk and talk… chew with my mouth closed? …I'm not smearing that crap on my face.

I was never meant to live a normal life, and I couldn't even if I wanted to. Not until I get revenge for my family. I'm here to finish this fight, just like you.

Amanda: Well based on your age now, and taking into account the five years or so you'd have to work to lose your accent, it wasn't hard to answer the question 'What kind of 14-year-old Ukrainian girl purchases a forged identity?' Someone who was brought here? Against her will? On a boat? With many other girls, just like her…
Alex: Not like me. I escaped.

Vlad: You’re a special girl… The first one to ever escape me.
Alex: I'll be the first one to do it twice, Vlad.

Jaden: Aw look, all cleaned up. You know they say Amanda could pretty up a pig.
Alex: Then you should go see her sometime.

Amanda: I'm proud of you Alex… You really do remind me of Nikita.


I'm In Here — Sia
Can't you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I've been waiting for… you to come rescue me. I need you to hold all of the sadness I cannot live with inside of me.
Set Free — Katie Gray
There's a long game. That's a wrong chain. And it's something… we all hide… inside. And we'll never, never make it, and we'll never, never break it, until we learn to see. Until we set free.
Bent — Matchbox 20
I started out clean but I'm jaded. Just phoning it in, just breaking the skin. Can you help me? I'm bent. I'm so scared that I'll never… get put back together.
When The Pain Dies Down — Chris Stills
It's a sign… that lets you know there is a life awaiting, the day you make your peace with the love in you that died. When the pain dies down, and the dam becomes a river.The fire burns out under the rain. Can you feel it now? It's gone from you forever, fading out under the rain.
Crash & Burn — Savage Garden
When you feel all alone, and a loyal friend is hard to find, you're caught in a one way street, with the monsters in your head. When hopes and dreams are far away and you feel like you can't face the day, let me be the one you call. If you jump, I'll break your fall… If you need to crash then crash and burn; you're not alone