Anya Michaels

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Portrayed by Evangeline Lilly

Anya Michaels
Known Aliases: NA
Date of Birth: July 29, 1982 (age 28)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Independent
Position: Mercenary
Specialty: Explosives
Fame: Explosions and weapons dealing

Trigger-happy chemist

If there's something going boom, Anya just might be involved.


2011 07 12: Boom Goes the Dynamite anya
2011 07 06: Bubbly anya cole gene lip
2011 07 05: Kitty Craze anya geoff hannah lance nadia thomas
2011 07 01: National Matters anya ashley eli lexi
2011 06 29: Bad Company anya geoff kidd
2011 06 26: Grand Central anya eli rebekah tamara theo thomas


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Watch For

  • Anything to do with explosions.
  • High-speed car chases.
  • Anything for the right price, including killing.
  • Need weapons? Anya may be able to help.
  • Random acts of a trigger-happy maniac.
  • Getting rich and retiring to a tropical island.


I love it when things go boom.


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