Marcus Argyle

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Portrayed by Sam Worthington

Marcus Vincent Argyle
Known Aliases: Socks, Marc
Date of Birth: November 11, 1982 (age 28)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Division
Position: Weapons Designer and Wetwork
Specialty: Sniper.
Fame: Being a terrible interrogator, but making a mean cherry pie.

A mechanical engineer from Maine with an affinity for guns.

Marcus Argyle is an only child who hails from Augusta, Maine. His father was killed when he was very young in a military training accident, and his mother died of an undiagnosed heart condition when he was a teenager. He was left with a trust fund that kept him comfortable and allowed him to go to college at the University of Washington. He studied mechanical engineering, but then was caught with several illegal and modified firearms by the FBI. He has had a fascination with guns as long as he can remember.
He's been an operative for about six years. Unlike most operatives, he works on-base full time doing weapons R&D for Division and conducting firearm training for new recruits.
His cover is as an engineering contractor for military R&D.


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Watch For

  • Have some weapon needs? Want something small and concealable or big and destructive? Argyle's the man to see.
  • Known for giving tough love to new recruits. Some end up resenting him for it, others appreciate the fact that he's just trying to toughen them up and help them see the reality of their situation.
  • He's a good firearms teacher. He can be patient if the recruit shows a willingness to learn.


"No. Making him laugh is not some new interrogation technique. Shut up or you won't get any pie."

If they're wrong about what they can and can't make you do, then that's your problem, not theirs."


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