Arthur Marwick

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Portrayed by Tom Hardy

Arthur Reginald Marwick II
Known Aliases: Just Arthur, damnit. Don't you call me Art like I'm some Route 66 mechanic.
Date of Birth: July 6, 1979 (age 32)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: CIA/MI-6
Position: Sociolinguist and Liaison
Specialty: Arabic
Fame: Being abrasive but occasionally charming.

A MI-6 sociolinguist who specializes in Arabic dialects. Currently attached to the CIA as a liaison.

Arthur is not particularly happy about his new position as a liaison agent with the CIA. He's on-loan from MI-6. His duties include helping the CIA with their intelligence translations and acting as a bridge to British Intelligence. He's fluent in Arabic (including several dialects) and French and has varying levels of familiarity with several other languages. He has a Master's Degree in Sociolinguistics and isn't far from completing his doctoral studies.

Arthur is somewhat abrasive, yet gregarious, outgoing and occasionally charming. He doesn't care very much for American culture - a fact that he makes known perhaps a little too loudly. He's an impeccable dresser and fastidious about personal hygiene and grooming.



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Watch For

  • He calls people "darling," both male and female, both ironically and not.
  • His food allergies. Aspartame, beets and shellfish cause a strong reaction. He's also intolerant to gluten and dairy. As a result of these intolerances and allergies, he is incredibly picky about what he eats.


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