Ashley Hockett

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Portrayed by Alexis Denisof

Ashley Slater Hockett
Known Aliases: Ash
Date of Birth: February 16, 1969 (age 42)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Civilian
Position: Coroner
Specialty: Psychology/Criminology
Fame: County coroner with money and brains

An invaluable county coroner from a prominent family, plagued by his own personal demons.

Ashley Hockett grew up a lonely only child in stuffy New Hampshire. His parents were Grace and John Hockett, a housewife/socialite and a surgeon, respectively. His name garnered a considerable amount of teasing when he was a child. No amount of explaining that it was a family name could save him. It was only made worse by the fact that he was a quiet, studious child who wasn't much for dirt or sports. He started to become interested in medicine at a young age, no doubt influenced by his somewhat overbearing father. Ashley made the conscientious decision at the age of twelve to become a doctor. He focused himself totally on his studies from that moment on, never quite fading into the shadows of his classmates' unwanted attention, but enduring it well enough.

His teenage years came as painfully and awkwardly as could be. He took an interest in girls but none of them took one in him. It was just as well since he rationalized that dating was too much fo a distraction for him while he boosted his grades. He maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school, and his parents expected no less. Being the only son in a prominent wealthy family was a lot of pressure for him to handle, but Ash coped with it by losing himself in his schoolwork. He awaited the day that he could go to college and be mostly free of his parents' meddling. He graduated Salutorian of his high school and quickly left for New York University, where he promptly began his pre-med studying. Ash was afforded the basic freedom that he so longed for, though he tread on thin ice as he was painfully aware that any displeasure he caused his parents could yank his trust fund right out from under the rug. Luckily, Ash kept his head down and spent most of his time studying, socializing with a few other preppy rich boys on and off — though they never interested him.

What did eventually interest Ash other than his studies was someone else's girlfriend. Her name was Maggie. Ash had no real intention of stealing her away from his father's friend's son, but the chemistry between Ashley and Maggie was undeniable — and so wasn't the lack of chemistry between Maggie and Chaz. John warned his son not to get too distracted by this girl or do anything rash but Ash had already made up his mind to propose. He changed his mind and dropped the pre-med track to psychology, minoring in criminology. The change was unexpected and even more unexpected was his parents' acceptance about the decision. Ash had a bright future ahead of him, especially after Maggie accepted his proposal. The two did not move back to New Hampshire — Ash was content to keep his parents at arm's length while he could. Instead they stayed in New York. Maggie turned up pregnant shortly after Ashley proposed marriage and to avoid a mild scandal back home in New Hampshire, they were hastily (but not unexpensively) wed. Eight months later a bouncing baby boy who they named Paxton John Hockett came along. Ash and his father grew somewhat estranged because John thought that the boy was getting into too much too soon; what mattered to Ash was how happy he was. His happiness was not to last. Just after Paxton's second birthday, Maggie was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She died six months later.

After Maggie's death, Ash became a shell of the man that he had been with her around. He reverted back to being painfully introverted, quiet, and brooding. He took a job as a county coroner sometime afterward and plunged into an unhealthy obsession with death. Ashley paid a pretty penny for a live-in nanny, and soon began to spend more time at work than he should have. Ash cared for his son but the boy never really felt it since his father was more married to his work than anything. Their father-son relationship never seemed to bud as it should have; if Ash was making the effort to spend more time with Paxton, Paxton was still upset from a broken promise. When Paxton hit puberty, it became worse. Ashley lost most control over him, often catching the boy in lies and petty thievery. Ash quit his job and moved back to New Hampshire with the boy. His parents tried to fix him up with nice young women from similarly prominent families, but it only angered Ash — and the more they tried to push him together with friends' daughters, the more Paxton acted out. The father and son hit a violent boiling point right before Paxton turned eighteen. The boy was caught breaking into the local country club and stealing whatever he could get his hands on. All evidence pointed to the fact that Paxton was going to run away at his soonest conveniene after pawning the silver from the club and getting his little hands on the money. He and Ash had a heated argument. Ashley told Paxton to get out and never come back. The boy did. After Paxton's disapperance, Ashley moved back to New York, no longer desiring the judging looks he got from the local population. His old job was waiting for him, and Ash once again plunged himself into work, still wondering whatever happened to his son until the day he got the call: his son was dead.



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Watch For

  • Ash's son has become a recruit. I would love to see someone fill Paxton's shoes in the future!
  • Ash attends charity events, a good way for recruits/agents to nab him.
  • His skills might highly valuable to characters of shadowy repute.


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Icon Name Notes
tamara.jpg Tamara Maybe a friend. Ash still isn't sure what's up with her, but… she's neat.


Title/Artist Theme Lyrics
In A Lonely Place as performed by Bush Wife & son "How I wish you were here with me now."
Overkill by Colin Hay General "Day after day it reappears. Night after night, my heartbeat shows the fear. Ghosts appear and fade away."
Peach, Plum, Pear by Joanna Newsom Tamara "I'm a sensitive bore and you seem markedly more."
Shadowplay by Joy Division Wife & son "To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you. Moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you."
Sinking by The Cure Depression/Denial "I am slowing down. As the years go by, I am sinking. So I trick myself like everybody else."
Some Kind of Stranger by The Sisters of Mercy Grief "I can wait a long, long time before I hear another love song."
The House She Lived In by The Veils Grief "Ain't no calling you back, I just want you to know, I've your voice in my head and your frame on my wall. It all went wrong, but I wish you'd have stayed with me, love stay with me."