Seymour Birkhoff

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Portrayed by Aaron Stanford

Seymour Birkhoff
Known Aliases: Shadow-Walker, Nerd
Date of Birth: Unknown (age ??)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Division
Position: Tech
Specialty: Computers and tech
Fame: Creating Shadownet; being a geek

A computer genius and Division's main computer guy.

Tried to hack into the Pentagon and got caught by Division. Created Shadownet while there.

He's also known for being difficult to get along with and protesting some of his more violent actions within Division.

He and rogue agent Nikita were recruited at the same time. They were close with Michael and were sent on missions together after they became agents.

Nikita once put a transmitting bug on one of Birkhoff's molars after she went rogue. He got interrogated/tortured. Cool story, bro.


2011 07 09: Lets Make A Deal birkhoff jack jackedup
2011 07 04: On the Outside alex birkhoff jackedup
2011 06 26: Dream Date birkhoff nikita
2011 06 25: The Promise alex birkhoff jackedup
2011 06 22: To Catch A Predator birkhoff nikita
2011 06 22: Flashing alex argyle birkhoff mickey
2011 06 20: Practice Makes Perfect alex birkhoff mickey
2011 06 18: The Breakfast Club alex birkhoff geoff mickey
2011 06 18: Meeting with Q alex birkhoff jackedup
2011 06 16: Mission Possible alex birkhoff jackedup
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I'm throwing a net over the whole town. Every cell phone, camera, and computer, be mine!

Just try and pretend I'm not an idiot. Give me that much.

Sometimes I'm a very bad boy.

And the plot thickens. What was the plot, exactly?

If God is in the details, then I'm God.

What's a cyber intrusion? Sounds vaguely sexual.

I'm not a Spice Girl and I was never, ever obscure. I was elusive, and a little dangerous. I was a legend.


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Title/Artist Theme/Dedication Relevant Lyrics
Dinner by Blood Orange Personality Hoping that you're still unhappy, I'll do everything I can to make sure that you are never happy.
Fiction (Dreams In Digital) by Orgy Hacking Your pixel army can't save you now. My finger's on the kill switch.
Fortune Teller by Forest Fire Personality I'm gonna melt some faces with Gatling gun social skills.
Never You Mind by Semisonic Alex / Amanda I believe you know me well, I react you're like ringing a bell. Are you sorry that you treat me unkind? Never you mind.
Satellite Mind by Metric Nikita I'm not suicidal, I just can't get out of bed. I drift into a deep fog where I forgot to hold it. I can feel you most when I'm alone. I can feel your ghost when I'm alone.
Sweetest Kill by Broken Social Scene Attitude And they can try to put you out, wear you down, get you through your will, that won't work.
Territory by Chairlift Hacking / Division I pay my rent to my country. But in my land, the lord is me.
The Handshake by MGMT Division I just shook the handshake, I just sealed the deal. I'll try not to let them take everything they can steal.
Use Somebody by Kings of Leon Ego / Recognition Off in the night, while you live it up, I'm off to sleep. Waging war to shake the poet and the beat. I hope it's gonna make you notice someone like me.