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Portrayed by Hunter Parrish

Dalton Collinwood-Taylor
Known Aliases: Dalt
Date of Birth: 10/23/1988 (age 22)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Civilian
Position: Undergrad
Specialty: Attracting the ladies without really doing anything
Fame: Being a dumb yuppie

One of Mimi's rich older brothers

Yet another winner in the Collinwood-Taylor family, the middle child of Senator Roger Taylor has inherited his parents' good looks and money, but little else. Lacking in the IQ department hasn't kept him from getting into prestigious universities however, as he's in his last year at NYU. For a spoiled brat, he tends to be less discriminating and more laid-back, something you're hard-pressed to find within the group of people he hangs out with.

His family affectionately refers to him as Dalt and he's too much of a dingbat to get the double meaning.



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