Elijah 'Eli' Akins

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Portrayed by Christopher Gorham

Elijah (Eli) Akins
Known Aliases: Elijah, Eli
Date of Birth: Jan 27, 1975 (age 36)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: CIA
Position: Analyst
Specialty: Communications Tech
Fame: Blind tech geek who has a way with women

CIA special ops turned analyst

Elijah's public life is not terribly interesting. He has a Master's degree in computer engineering, and does tech support for a large company. He takes contracts on the side, here and there, to handle installation of new systems and networks of all shapes and sizes. A bit of research might turn up a half buried newspaper article from about 5 years previous about a promising young engineer who lost his vision due to undiagnosed glaucoma. The whole thing seemed to be a big advertisement for why everyone should have their eyes checked once a year, so there aren't too many personal details included.


2011 07 01: National Matters anya ashley eli lexi
2011 06 29: Wingardium Leviosa eli van
2011 06 26: Grand Central anya eli rebekah tamara theo thomas
2011 06 26: Boogeyman Sighting eli samson


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Watch For

  • Sexy Nerd
  • Womanizer
  • CIA analyst aspiring to fieldwork
  • Coffee addict


"Women love a blind man, because they think we don't care about looks."

(to a field operative overheard complaining about their assignment) "Hey, you want to change places, you just let me know."


Theo Has offered to help Eli get approved as a test subject for an experimental surgery that could restore his vision.
Van Kind of a moron, but likable. Eli would have a beer with him after work if it weren't for the whole cover identity issue. Warning: prone to destroy tech.