Location New York City
Tag _f5
Recruiting Yes

"Ride or Die."

F5 started out as nothing more than a street racing crew composed of Lip and some other car enthusiasts. However, in true cinematic fashion, due to Lip's big mouth and his tendency to always get bigger than his britches will allow… the street racing crew became something more of a unorganized criminal street unit. In other words, it became a gang.

F5 is known by rumor and myth in and around the state of New York. While there's no specific color scheme or gang sign used to promote the organization, there are certain places where they claim ownership. They have their territories in and out of New York and choose to be more of a plain clothes force of criminal activity than promote themselves and beg to be arrested on sight. There are quite a few members that would love not to go back behind bars.

F5 has a reputation of being one of the less violent gangs in the area. They are primarily interested in crime and illegal activities more than they are tearing up the town and trying to take over the city or anything like that. They are much more interested in profits and their crime spree of boosting their cash and assets. They are very much an unorganized crime family of associates.

If you're looking for F5 you might want to pay attention to things like:

  • Street Racing
  • Street Mechanics
  • Drug Sales
  • Warehouse Parties
  • Illegal Courier Services
  • Illegal Gambling
  • Illegal Trafficking
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Burglary
  • Armed Robbery
  • Serrano Family Ties
  • Vandalism
  • Street Intel
  • Prostitution
  • Runaway Harboring
  • Retrieval & Acquisitions
  • Snitching
  • Random Acts of Hilarity


I want to be in your gang. How do I do it?

So you want to be part of F5, huh? Of course, you do. They are the baddest street gang in this crazy ass city and you'd be stupid not to try and be down. The process is fairly simple, both ICly and OOCly: Talk To Lip. He's the leader of the Gang and he is more than willing to let people in that can provide something to the gang or even let people in that need some help. He's a criminal, yes. But he's not evil and that makes for a very interesting gang leader.

Who can join F5? Any particular archetypes?

F5 is primarily composed of Independents and Civilians, just because F5 is a gang and not a super secret spy organization of epicness. So, considering that, people from all walks of life can fall in with the rag-tag gang, if you want to have a reason to. The possibilities are almost endless, really. Feel free to bounce ideas off Lip if you're unsure of what you may be considering as F5 material will fit in with the grand scheme of the gang.

I don't want to be a full-fledged gang member, but I want to be down still. What do I do now?

You don't have to be fully initiated into the gang to actually be down with them. There's always those that are affiliated or associated heavily with the gang. Friends, acquaintances, cops that don't go by the book all the time, store owners, strippers, groupies… the possibilities don't end. It's all about having fun and growing the group in whatever ways are possible.

I'm almost sold. What are the benefits of joining up with F5?

RP. What else do you need?


Gene Ride The Sun
Lip Optimus Rhyme
Russ Iron Chef





  • Runaway Teenagers
  • Street Racers
  • Strippers/Dancers
  • Crooked Cops
  • Hot Chicks
  • Criminal Associates
  • Fighters
  • Gunslingers
  • Thieves


  • Vincent Serrano
  • Rival Gangs
  • NYPD
  • Rival Street Racers
  • Vengeance Seeking Victims
  • The Rich


  • Victims
  • Store/Shop Owners on F5 Turf
  • Racer Groupies
  • Airheaded Heiresses

In Memoriam


A gang is not a gang without somewhere to gang up. The things listed here are places and areas which members of F5 frequent on a regular basis. Perhaps too regular. As a gang, they consider these places and areas to be their "Turf". Astro.

Neighboorhood Watch

  • Lower East Side

Not exactly the greatest neighborhood in New York, but this section tends to be one of the more heavily populated areas when it comes to counting F5 heads. They keep themselves nice and visible in this part of town, just in case any new blood decides they want to try and take over. These F5 homies don't play that.

  • East Village

Adjacent to the Lower East Side, the East Village is where a lot of F5 members spend their cash. The shops littered here and there in this area get a lot of business from this gang and maybe even a bit of protection. This is also where a lot of the F5 parties and raves go on.

  • Hell's Kitchen

Coming Soon.

The Spots

  • Freedom Tunnel

Coming Soon.

  • Happy Nihonto Restaurant

Coming Soon.

  • Rundown Playground

Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


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