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Arising out of the Cold War, Gogol can be loosely described as the Russian equivalent of Division. Gogol, however, no longer operates within government control and there is no Oversight attempting to keep them in line. They are at times little better than a terrorist organizations or an organized crime syndicate, although they use espionage and counterintelligence much more often than overt violence.

The existence of Gogol is not common knowledge, but the group is well-known (infamous) within the espionage community.

Their main motivation is amassing wealth and power, which they will do through any means necessary - everything from infiltrating foreign and domestic governments to arms trading and drug trafficking. They are also big on getting into bed with other terrorist groups, providing goods and services in exchange for money or favours.

Gogol has a particular hate on for Division, ever since Percy began running his side-jobs and started stepping on Gogol toes. They would like to see Division brought down so that they can step in to fill the void and gain more U.S. power.

To that end, they have put considerable resources and manpower into their New York operations, which is where the IC Gogol will focus. Their main HQ is in Russia, but while certain TPs or IC events may bring Gogol characters home from time-to-time, the main focus of day-to-day RP will be on New York. Gogol PCs will operate out of the field office in Brooklyn, which is headed up by Ari Taserov.

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Unlike Division, Gogol agents are recruited by choice, not force. Similarly to Division, most of these agents believe they are doing these things for the good of mother Russia.

Young adults who excel in some field required by Gogol are approached by special agents who handle the orgs recruiting. These recruitment agents will court the prospective member, telling them whatever they need to hear and luring them with a rich life far beyond the pay grade of any legit position back home.

For example, a soldier who excelled in the military or a computer engineering student who made waves on campus might find themselves quietly approached by this mysterious group, taken out for fancy dinners, given expensive gifts, and finally being offered a job that paid several times that of their next best offer.

OOCly, you can app directly into Gogol. To join at a later date, submit a +request to staff.


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