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The Independent faction is a catch-all for spies and agents who are working on their own, and are not part of an existing faction. These can include rogue agents, mercenaries, and other operatives working for their own ends.

Just because you do not belong to an existing faction, however, does not necessarily mean you are an Independent.

Independents should:

  • Be somehow involved in espionage. They may not be operatives, but can include cryptographers, analysts, hackers, etc. Those not involved in espionage will fall under the realm of civilian.
  • Have some sort of aim and purpose. Mercenaries are looking to make money, Nikita is looking to bring down Division, rogue spies may be looking to escape their old org or uncover information to sell to the highest bidder.
  • Be independently employed. They may ally themselves or work for an org for the purpose of a single mission, but they decide which missions they take and only follow orders when it suits them.

Independents should pay close attention to the resources section of their app. While members of factions will get certain resources (weapons, training, safe houses, contacts, intelligence) through their org, independent operatives will need to provide for themselves. During chargen, you will need to carefully detail where it is your character gets his resources.


There are no recruitment methods for Independents.

OOCly, you can app directly into the Independent faction. To join at a later date, submit a +request to staff.


In Memoriam

  • Lily (d. June 16, 2011)