Frequently Asked Questions
What is this game about?
The game is a thriller spy-verse based around the canon of the CW television show Nikita - and other versions of Nikita to a lesser extent.
Do I have to watch the show to play here?
Not at all. If you aren't familiar with the source material, we recommend you don't app for an FC, but otherwise, you can use pretty much any spy movie or television show as a basis for how the game works.
How do I get a character?
See our apply page for detailed instructions.
Does the game use stats?
No, the game is completely cooperative. Players write up their skills in paragraph format and use OOC communication to determine how conflict plays out. When in doubt, staff can step in to mediate.
How long does it take to get approved?
While it varies depending on how busy staff are, we try to have you approved within a day - two at the most. You will receive a conditional approval from staff, allowing you to access the grid. You must then get three players to vouch for you in order to get off probation.
How long should my background be?
There's no hard and fast limit, to be honest. Be succinct where possible - you don't need to fill reams of paper in order to be approved - but also make sure you provide the necessary details to explain who your character is, and to account for the skills, resources and flaws you've apped for. Basically, your background should be as long as you need it to be, and no longer.
Can I see others' information?
Our +char sheet (where the app is stored) is kept confidential. Only staff can view other people's information. Players can use the wiki and their +finger to share only as much information as they choose.
When is the game set?
The game takes place in the current day. One real-life day equals one IC day, so the date is always the same. Most of the RP takes place in New York, which is in the Eastern timezone. However, times and dates can be changed as needed, provided everyone in the scene agrees.
Where does the game take place?
Most of the game's RP will take place in New York City and New Jersey (where Division makes its base). Characters should have some reason to be in the area. Various TPs and missions may take certain people out of the country for short periods of time, but day-to-day RP is set in NY.
What sort of characters are you looking for?
We get this one a lot and it's a toughie! We're a new game, so we're looking for almost everything. You may want to take a look at the Wanted page and the Wanted bboard (type '+bbread 7' on the game). You'll also want to steer clear of Banned Concepts, and you may want to think twice about Restricted Concepts and Overused Concepts.
What kind of specialty should I have?
This really depends on what you like to play! But remember not every spy character needs to be combat-oriented. Maybe you help design new tech for Division, or you handle public relations at the CIA. Gogol needs handlers to help keep agents in line, or maybe you liaise between the field office and the higher-ups back in Russia. Even field agents are going to have different skill sets. The same heavy hitter who's an ace at hand-to-hand may not have the patience for sniping or the subtlety for infiltration. Just remember that the more your character has focused on one area (i.e. the better they are at one thing), the less time they would have had on others. But just because you specialize in something, it doesn't mean that's all you're going to do.