Waldo Foster

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Portrayed by Dan Byrd

Waldo Emerson Foster
Known Aliases: Bug Boy, Weirdo Waldo
Date of Birth: Feb. 27, 1987 (age 24)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Civilian
Position: Entomologist at Museum of Natural History
Specialty: Bugs
Fame: Bugs, social awkwardness

A socially-awkward young man with a penchant for bugs and conspiracy theories.

Foster was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. He attended Cornell to do both his undergrad and masters in entomology, which was enough to land him a gig working at the Natural History Museum, necessitating a move to New York City.

Since then, he's mostly survived by remaining invisible. In the past several months, he's become increasingly paranoid and obsessed with conspiracy theories. Don't get him started about shadowy government agencies…



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Watch For

  • His tendency to ramble when nervous.
  • His creepy love of bugs.
  • His social anxiety.
  • His obsession with conspiracies.
  • His mounting paranoia.


Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.


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