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Portrayed by Corbin Bleu

Eugene Anthony Johns
Known Aliases: Gene, Tony, Duo (… More To Come)
Date of Birth: June 19, 1995 (age 16)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: F5, Civilian
Position: Biker Boy Punk
Specialty: Motorcycle Knowledge, Mechanics
Fame: Fearless Dirtbike Racer. Legal and illegal.

A runaway punk with a hard on for motorcycles, dirtbikes and speed. Catch him if you can.


Eugene Anthony Johns was born on June 19, 1995 to Darryl and Tanya Johns in a small town in western Pennsylvania. Darryl was a mechanic at a local motorcycle dealer. Tanya, an American-born Jamican was a stay at home mom. The pair had a small but decent old farm. Though it was no longer useable as a regular farm, it was nice. It had 200 acres, a pond, teaming with bluegill and a family of ducks. It was near her parent's, as well as town.

Darryl's parents had passed before Gene was born. Gene's early years were great and he seemed to love motorcycles as much as his dad did. He even had his own kid sized dirt bike that he rode around the yard. Once school started, Gene seemed to do pretty well, passed his classes, made some friends too. Life was great. He got to go camping a lot and spent time with an Aunt in Jamaica once in awhile.

Teenage Years

When Gene hit twelve, his life began to go from good to bad.. His father got him a better dirtbike and had a track with ramps and stuff added onto the farm, so that Gene could drive and have fun. His father also ended up buying a crotch rocket tytpe bike. Just for fun.. or something. On the way home, he decided to see how fast the thing could go.. Ona blind corner a slow moving tractor appeared, too quic for Darryl to avoid it. He of course didn't make it. Gene of course, vowed he'd never own a crotch rocket. He loved oher bikes still, but he'd never own one of those death traps. About a year later, his mother met a man, Matthew Garrison who seemed pretty decent. He healed her sadness.. over the loss of her husband.

They were married soon after. He even treated Gene relatively well. But as soon as they were married, that leapord changed his spots quickly. Gene became a burden on their relaitonship. They found out he was an alcoholic, but he treated Tanya decently. Gene on the other hand, he was becoming verbally abusive toward, accusing him of theft and other petty things. And his mother took his word over Gene's. Gene's grades began to drop and he was getting fed up. His only escape was his dirtbike and the track his dad made. As well as the trails and roads around town that he could legally drive on.

He started racing with a few local groups.. then he found out about a few illegal tracks as well. And met some shady people. One that was able to repair, rebuild bikes and remove the VIN numbers. For those that are into stealing. At fifteen, things at home weren't improving, and he got fed up. Decided he was going to be what he was accused of being. He packed what things were important to him… his dirtbike sold, he stole money from his mother and Matt. Then broke into the motorcycle shop his father worked at. Stealing one of the more expensive bikes and taking it to that friend. After a night of changing the color, removing the vin's and all, he left.

Now a runaway, headed to New York City and a new life. With very little money to accomplish it.

But that's half the fun, right?

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Gene's Player


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  • Dirtbike Racing: Legal or Illegal. He doesn't care.
  • Motorcycles: He has a love for nearly all motorcycles. He has a working knowledge of them.
  • Attitude: He has a bit of an attitude. All a part of the Gemini Persona. And the loss of his father. Don't get him started on Crotchrockets.

Watch For

  • Wanted: He's wanted in Pennsylvania as a runaway, grand theft auto, breaking and entering, stealing money from his mother, step-father and the store he robbed.


  • On the Track

"Bring it!"
"Can't win em all."

  • Off the Track

"Real Men don't ride crotchrockets."
"I smell bacon!"


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