Geoff Courtois

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Portrayed by David Petruschin ("Raven")

Geoffrey "Gigi" Courtois
Known Aliases: Gigi
Date of Birth: March 10, 1980 (age 31)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Division
Position: None, yet
Specialty: Disguise and Distraction
Fame: Pretty much the only drag queen in the intelligence business.

Afghan War vet and drag queen turned secret agent.


As far as the normals know, Geoff Courtois is a drag queen with a short fuse who bounces around doing various drag revues in the city. He lives and works in Chelsea, and people say you can't depend on him because a drug problem makes him prone to erratic behavior and absenteeism. Like all the best drag queens, he's from the South, and can sing and dance with the best of them despite his problem behavior.

People in the know are aware that Geoff served in the Army in the Afghan War, where he was once nearly blown up, but survived with only minor injuries. He was recently court martialed, but abducted by the Division before he ever came to trial. He's freshly out of training, hardly any missions under his belt. His cold demeanor unnerves some people, and there are whispers that he's been on the cusp of getting canceled due to psychological problems.



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Watch For

  • Mastery of disguise
  • Unpredictable temper
  • Stone cold killing


"So, what do you want? …Are you shitting me? No. It's a used bookstore. They don't have that. You're disgusting."


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