Hannah Styles

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Portrayed by Erin Karpluk

Hannah Marie Styles
Known Aliases: "Contact"
Date of Birth: Unknown (age 25)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Division
Position: Logistics Support, Handler, Administration, Contact
Specialty: Logistical Support
Fame: Multitasker without equal.

Taking care of everything in the background.

Hannah Styles provides logistical and administrative support for Division's field agents, handling everything from equipment assignment, setting up contacts, travel arrangements to processing expense claims and timesheets (just kidding on that last part). She has a remarkable memory and unfailing sense of organization, and is a multitasker without equal.


2011 07 08: Coffee Talk dalton hannah rebekah
2011 07 05: Kitty Craze anya geoff hannah lance nadia thomas
2011 06 30: Meanwhile, Back At Home... argyle hannah mickey

Watch For

  • Logistical and administrative support: Everything an agent needs, Hannah can arrange…. as long as it's approved by someone above.
  • Handler: Hannah also operates as an agent handler on occasion.


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