Irina Galinova

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Portrayed by Mila Kunis

Irina Galinova
Known Aliases: Nikki Montlick, others
Date of Birth: Undisclosed (age 23)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: GOGOL
Position: Femme Fatale; Flower Shop Owner
Specialty: Seduction, assassination
Fame: The proverbial Black Widow

The Black Widow of NYC espionage scene. She lures, she entices, she mates, she kills.

Irina is as efficient in killing as she is seducing. Little is known of her past, which only adds to her mystique.

Her primary cover identity, Nikki Montlick, is that of a self-made businesswoman originally from Vermont. There is a real Nikki Montlick, estranged daughter of a local businessman in St. Albans, who was murdered and her identity swiped by GOGOL. Irina-Nikki runs a floral boutique "The Oleandar" in Manhattan, living the lifestyle of a yuppie… until she is called on by GOGOL for a mission.


Watch For

  • Her many guises for different situations.
  • Her ability to beguile and seduce, when it is called upon.
  • Her lack of remorse for killing.


"Some dreams are too true to be good."


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