Jezebel Moore

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Portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Jezebel Moore
Known Aliases: Jez
Date of Birth: December 1 1987 (age 23)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Division
Position: Agent
Specialty: Arson/Bombing
Fame: Aside from the arson and bombing? Being the most sarcastic barrista this side of the street.

Snarky arsonist/bomber.


Jezebel Moore hails from sunny Dallas, Texas and has the accent to prove it. She doesn't talk much about her past but says that she had two loving parents and a white picket fence growing up.

Mostly, Jez is known for being what some might call a 'bitch'. She prefers to think of herself as 'politeness challenged'.


2011 06 25: Under The Gun jezebel lance
2011 06 25: Hiding Out crewe jezebel
2011 06 25: Dull Edge argyle jezebel
2011 06 23: Tears In My Beer jezebel rebekah thomas
2011 06 22: Bizarre Love Triangle jezebel lance rebekah
2011 06 19: Slam Bam Boom Thud alex geoff jezebel michael mickey
2011 06 19: Eau de Coffee Bean jezebel lance
2011 06 14: Superficial Wounds crewe jezebel
2011 06 12: This Is My Rifle argyle crewe jezebel lance
2011 06 11: Dangerous Liaisons jezebel lance
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Watch For

  • A certain fascination with fires and firey explosions.
  • A wavering sense of duty to the Division.
  • The smell of burning and ashes lingering on her.
  • Zero customer service skills at her cover job.
  • An unhealthy knowledge of pop culture.
  • Shifts between a Southern drawl and a bland Northwestern American/almost Canadian accent.


Try as I might to mask the smell, I'm afraid that I'm doomed to remain a walking coffee bean for the rest of my days.

To answer your question, a guy who don't wanna get stabbed or find a small explosives charge glued to his balls.

As much as I always have heard men say that they don't like girls playin' games, men are just as guilty and frankly, it just chaps my ass.

Sometimes when I come off a job, I get a powerful hungriness that needs to be addressed with mass quantities of meat, dairy, and sodium. I figure since my life expectancy is unpredictable as it is, why not?

Percy told me to bring in just the three cups of coffee. He said there needed to be a fight to the death.

Regarding Amanda: She's like a kitten… she'll start off playful, rip to you shreds… but she'll do it playfully.


Icon Name Notes
argyle.jpg Argyle A Division agent who Jez is somewhat friendly with. Makes a mean pie, but sort of a weird guy.
crewe.jpg Crewe Crewe helped her out of a rough spot once and provides endless amusement. That means they're friends, right?
geoff.jpg Gigi This Division drag queen appreciates Jez's sense of humor and the two have an interesting sort of comraderie.
lance.jpg Lance Whatever they had is over because of Lance's intrepid young friend and fear of Division. She still cares for him as much as she can.


Song Title/Artist Theme/Dedication Lyrics
"Black Sheep" by The Clash at Demonhead Rebekah "You'll take a ride from anyone, everyone wants a ride - pulls away from you."
"Devil's Plaything" as performed by Karen Elson and Melissa Auf Der Maur Personality "Got a light shines on me. A gentle light, it will never be. See the flame in my hands, if you're playing with fire, you're playing in Hell."
"Heavy Cross" by The Gossip Cover Life/Division "It's a cruel, cruel world to face on your own. It's a heavy cross to carry alone."
"In For The Kill" by La Roux Theme Song "We can fight our desires but when we start making fires — we get ever so hot, whether we like it or not."
"Jezebel" as performed by Reverend Horton Heat Namesake "Jezebel, if ever the devil was born without a pair of horns, it was you."
"Silence Will Do" by Frances McKee Lance "Talk to me and I'll talk to you. Words don't say what silence can do. So anyway, it had to end. There goes a friend."
"Starstrukk" as performed by Marina and The Diamonds Love life "L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce. How do I say I'm sorry when the words will never come out?"
"The Trick Is To Keep Breathing" by Garbage Personality "She takes a little time in making up her mind, she doesn't like to fight against the tide. Lately, I'm not the only one. I say never trust anyone."
"Twilight Galaxy" by Metric Division "Did they tell you, you should grow up when you wanted to dream? Did they warn you 'Better shape up if you want to succeed?' I don't know about you, who are they talking to? They're not talking to me."
"You Really Got A Hold On Me" as performed by She & Him Division "I want to leave you, don't wanna stay here. I don't want to spend another day here."