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Portrayed by Channing Tatum

Dimitri Pali Kidd
Known Aliases: Redacted
Date of Birth: Wed Oct 28 13:54:24 1981 (age 29)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Redacted
Position: Redacted
Specialty: Tier 1 Classification Operative
Fame: <what you are known for>

Blackops Operator in the private sector


A Youth in Hell…

I was born in october of 1982, My father at the time was working at the time within the Russian government as a /cultural/ attache to the Embassy in Washington DC. It was in a way..his own cover to hide his true orgins and rank within the Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, though most simply refer to it as the KGB. The old spooks of the soviet union. My mother herself was something of a, born of the Romany but taken as a wife by an officer within the secret police of mother Russia. When most gypsy were taken and forced into the jails of serbia and other cold regions of as my father refered to it..the motherland. And so what of me? Where do I fall in all of this, well I was raised on American soil..Taught to watch the children at my private school and learn of their ways..And so I did until 1989 when the fall of mother russia seemed to be closer and closer. In the father ended up turning to work for the Americans in those last few years. Knowing that for us..Russia was not going to be the same once the fall came. And it was true, we did not even bother to return to our homeland because of fear of charges coming back to haunt my father. Instead..he defected in the last days before the fall of his government. And we became americans..My mother, my father and me. He began to work with a group inside of the CIA teaching them of projects that the KGB had been undergoing in their last decade of existance. Including their training of children to one day take up the mantle..indoctorinating them in the ways of war at a young age to teach them to be be good soldiers and hidden assets to Mother Russia. The american's for a time took up the same program, and for a time I was..part of it. My mother and father signing off as they had when the russians had wanted the diffrent masters I suppose you could say. When I was 16 though the program was canceled, after an incident with another group of trainees in which one had a break down and used force to try and get out..into the world outside. They were successful but the cost was..far to great for the americans to risk a repeat. I was pushed back into the normal world for my last year of high school given special..compensation from the American government and the CIA for my previous schooling under their watchful gaze. At 17 I graduated and within 2 weeks time I was inside of a Marine recruitment office.

1,2,3,4 I love the Marine Corps

//It did not take long for me to gain the proper signatures and waivers for me to join the USMC at the age of 17. Special circumstances given my early graduation and the acceptance of my parents and their signatures showing that they understood that I wanted to join the marines and giving me their permission in the eyes of the law to do so. Within a month of my initial meeting with the recruiters I was off to basic.

For my basic training I was sent to Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC. As a base it wasn't terrible bad, I had seen far worse surroundings while I played guinea pig to the american and russian governments in my youth. Due to the surroundings and the attitudes I had been exposed to in my youth where many found Basic to be a challenge, I found it to be a bit boring. And in that boredom I would cause my DI to take special intrest in..modifying my behavior for the first half of my time at basic, Challenging him and daring him to abuse me with PT and training exercises to ease that boredom. In the end..when finally graduation came he voiced that I was perhaps one of the best members of his training class and the best turn around. Though there was always something underlying about it..about him. As if he knew something and was not saying anything. I found out after graduation that he was actually one of the instructors at the program facility I was a guest of previously..Though simply in a diffrent attachment then what my training group was. I left Basic with the rank of Lance Corporal, due to my hard work in training and special arrangments during my recruitment.

Upon finishing Basic training I was able to secure a training position within the 1st Marine Reconnaissance force based out of Camp Pendleton, CA. The training was more difficult which I enjoyed and the hours longer which made my body ache but made me hunger and crave more. Like some drug addict looking for that next fix..I was always looking ahead to the next challenge of my body and mind. The training though was short lived, Meaning in my own way that I wished it had gone longer but in the end I managed to graduate in the top 2 percent of my class. For 2 years I was with the 1st Recon Battalion, Serving overseas in a few countries thats names are not important. At the age of 20 I was able to gain admittance into the training class for Marsoc's pilot program known as DET1. Or MCSOCOM detachment one, undergoing advanced training in combat diving and airborne operations. By my 21st birthday I found myself stationed at Camp Del Mar Boat Basin, a subsection of Camp Pendleton. Though that was simply our headquarters, most of that year was actually spent overseas in Iraq and Afhganistan fighting a guerilla and urban war. Shortly after christmas I was injured in an explosion that was tripped by one of our security force pulled from people inside the local military. I was sent to germany for recovery and that is when I first met the man who would change my life..//

A New Life…

My new life began oddly enough while laying on a stretcher awaiting transport to another aircraft at Rammstein Airbase. A man known as Crowley approached me and began to speak about things that no one should have known about me. Things that were of a secure nature involving my military career as well as my life before that as a child soldier in training at the hands of the americans and russians. He offered me a chance to change my do real good for my country and for the world, and to truley fight the evils of men. I would not see him again until after my transfer and release from Bethesda Naval Hospital, with my discharge papers in hand. It was that day that I found myself once more face to face with him. Sitting in the back of your sterotypical black government sedan, I was given an use my training and make what I did count. I wish I could say..that I refused..but that is sadly not the case. I took him up on his offer, something that would change my life forever. He represented a group of men and women who fought the shadow wars of various governments, though that was not widely known. It took me 3 years to find this out..3 years to discover the truth..the blood I had shed done in the name of capitalist greed..not in the name of the greater good. The day I found out, Is the first day I failed to complete a objective forgotten with their revelation and the proof they showed me..And my death..

Going Rogue…

I made an arrangment with the target that day, A businessman who had simply gone against what some high paying government overseas wanted. He gave me a way out..and gave me the resources to take the fight back to those who had turned me into a murderer for hire. Within 5 months of my supposed death I had managed to make contacts both within the American Spook community as well as the Russian, working both sides to gain what I needed to take back my life for myself. Trained by both governments over a period of a year and a half to be a ghost..something that was not seen..not known..and was disavowable. And so here I am now..a few years later..and alot wiser..Still working to fight the shadow wars..but on my own terms..and for who I feel is right..

The Cover…

My cover is not what most go with, Infact it may seem a bit odd to some. A simple businessman who is a recluse in his habits. Owning a import and export business that deals mainly in manufactured goods and machinery. To most..I am simply a businessman. Owning a legitimate operation in which I have found my old..classmates from my childhood bringing them assist in doing true good..taking on evil no matter who is the one causing it..Together..we exist to take the fight to those who attack the defenseless or use their positions to simply further their greed..



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