Lance Neville

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Portrayed by Jude Law

Lance Fraser Neville
Known Aliases: CLASSIFIED
Date of Birth: July 9, 1985 (age 25)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Division
Position: Agent
Specialty: Wetwork

Company Hitman


Lance Neville is a graduate of Harvard Business and a business executive for Alpha Helix, a corporation that is known as the country’s leading medical research company. He is a negotiator for the companies most important business deals. He is known to often travel abroad for various business negotiations with other companies. A bartender named Rebekah Dresden is a woman that Lance has come to trust over the years and is the closest thing to a true friend that he has. Despite a small falling out, they eventually patched things up and are closer than before.


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Watch For

  • Him telling you to take off your shoes if you visit.
  • His interest in movies, especially about assassins.
  • His dedication to Division.
  • The man hunting Lance.


"In theory, everything should be perfect. But in reality, I'm the best fucking thing there is."

(to Alex) "Someone is getting canceled for this and it sure as hell isn't us."

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."


Icon Name Faction Notes
jezebel.jpg Jezebel Moore Division The hot coffee barista with more to her than it appears. It turns out that we've got a lot more in common that I had thought. She's an amazing woman, but it appears to be over between us.
rebekah.jpg Rebekah Dresden Civilian The closest thing to family that I have. She is my best friend and my sister. Despite the rough patch we hit, we managed to patch things up, but things blew up again. Can't seem to do anything right with her.


2011 07 25: Starting Over lance rebekah
2011 07 07: Splintered lance rebekah
2011 07 07: Laundry and Lunch lance rebekah
2011 07 06: Bowling and Bets lance rebekah
2011 07 06: Flirtation Fail lance rebekah theo
2011 07 05: Kitty Craze anya geoff hannah lance nadia thomas
2011 07 04: Vacation Is Over lance rebekah
2011 06 30: Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 2 lance rebekah
2011 06 29: Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 1 lance rebekah
2011 06 25: Under The Gun jezebel lance
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Theme Song

Any suggestions for songs are welcome.
Song Title Performed By Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Careless Whisper Seether Jezebel As the music dies Something in your eyes Calls to mind a silver screen And all its sad goodbyes
Cry Little Sister Seasons After Rebekah Cry little sister Come, come to your brother Unchain me sister Love is with your brother
Heart Breaker Pat Benatar Cover Lifestyle You're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasies The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be You're a heart breaker, dream maker,
Running Up That Hill Placebo Personality And if I only could, Make a deal with God, And get him to swap our places, Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, Be running up that building. If I only could, oh…
Movin' on Up Sammy Davis Jr. Division We're movin' on up To the East Side To a deluxe apartment in the sky


  • Lance was born in France.
  • Lance is known to be a ladies man.
  • Lance works for Alpha Helix, the leading medical research company in the world.
  • Lance handles all the business negotiations for the company.
  • Lance has a minor case of OCD, having to keep his apartment clean and neat.
  • Lance's favorite song is Habanera from Carmen.
  • Rebekah often refers to Lance as 'Casanova'.
  • Lance speaks with an Americanized French accent.