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Portrayed by Fairuza Balk

Alexis Dathenport
Known Aliases: Lexi
Date of Birth: Nov 05, 1987 (age 23)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: None
Position: Owner of Spin Doctor Records
Specialty: Music - Violin and Singing (Opera)
Fame: None… yet!

Recovering addict and record store owner

Childhood: Alexis Dathenport was born into a well-off Seattle family, second child born to Daniel and Lisa Dathenport, little sister to John who was three years older than her. Neither of the Dathenport children had a want in the world, everything they desired given over to make up for the fact that their father was often gone on business and their mother was busy with her various charitable causes. Despite being raised by their nanny they were well-adjusted. At the age of four, Lexi began to show an interest and aptitude in music, something her parents were more than happy to cultivate within their daughter. Time after school was filled with violin lessons first, that then followed by opera lessons when she showed a desire to learn how to sing opera as well. There were also art lessons, something else Lexi enjoyed although wasn't as adept in.

The Start of the Near End: Despite being enrolled in a private school, Lexi eventually fell in with a bad crowd. Becoming one of a pack of kids who were notorious trouble makers and drug users, it wasn't long before she began to behave in the same deviant manner her circle of peers did. At first it was stealing cigarettes and smoking and raiding the various parents' liquor cabinets at parties but that soon gave way to the stealing and use of prescription drugs. Swiftly becoming addicted, she somehow managed to keep it from hindering her grades although her parents did notice a lessening in her interest in her hobbies, the music especially something she lost some of the joy in. Although they suspected they couldn't prove anything until she turned 18. At a graduation party she over-dosed on Vicodin and had to be rushed to the ER. Realizing just how bad everything was, her parents decided to send her to New York for in-patient treatment.

Recovery and a New Life: The program lasted 18 months; with very little contact with the outside world, she slowly recovered, her days filled with tedium. One-on-one sessions with a shrink were interspersed with group therapy where Lexi learned about herself as well as the addiction she inflicted hersef with. A renewed love of life and her music was discovered by the time she was released, now 20 and wanting to be out on her own. Instead of returning to Seattle she asked her parents if she could stay in NYC and open a record store. At first she was met with opposition but her parents eventually agreed to provide the seed money to start it but it came with a warning - they would help for as long as she kept clean, any faltering would result in her being completely cut off from her family. She started to sing and play violin again, albeit for herself, and what little free time she had left was spent in NA meetings as well as karate and kickboxing lessons.



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