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Portrayed by Morena Baccarin

Lilith 'Lily' Diamandis
Known Aliases: Lily, Diamond Lil
Date of Birth: September 30 (age 28)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Indepedent
Position: Intelligence
Specialty: Intel gathering & selling
Fame: Her exquisite jewelry and her fine eye for valuable information.

Successful jewelry designer/store owner by day, intel dealer by night.

Lily's jewelry store, Diamandis Creations, has garnered some attention for it's ambience and unique designs. The woman herself is known for being a throwback to when women were ladies.

What isn't public knowledge is that Lilith Diamandis is an intelligence gatherer and dealer. If she's told to go retrieve information, she will — for a price. She also hears things through the grapevine that can be sold to the highest bidder.



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Watch For

  • Spells of weakness and illness… perhaps symptoms of an underlying condition?
  • Extremely dangerous curiosity.
  • A certain amount of gullibility.


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Icon Name Notes
tamara.jpg Tamara A business associate of Lily's. They're not quite on friendly terms yet, but find each other's company to be 'tolerable'.