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Portrayed by Brandon T. Jackson

Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr.
Known Aliases: Young Money, Junior
Date of Birth: June 25, 1985 (age 25)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: F5, Independent
Position: Courier
Specialty: Deliveries. Sarcasm. Women.
Fame: Talking Too Damn Much.

The fastest mouth in the courier business.

  • Born This Way

Anderson Cooper Hospital. Room 321.

That's where Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. was born to a curly afro'd man of the same name and a woman by the name of Angel. Unfortunately, though, Angel's life was forced to come to an end in order for Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. to actually be capable of living his. Angel died so that Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. could live. It was a the happiest/saddest day of Phillip Oscar Wylde, Sr.'s life.

Being forever too young to understand the ramifications of his birth, Junior never really got that his father lost it after the day he was born. Quite frankly, Senior was a very horrible father. He didn't do much of anything but keep Junior alive. Barely. His depression over losing Angel, as well as the fact that Junior was a constant reminder of her was enough to keep him from actually attempting to get his life together.

Junior's life was saved by the neighbors, though, as they couldn't stand to see Senior's lack of life hinder Junior's life in any way. Child protective services were called and Junior was made a ward of the state, while Senior was carted off to prison for all kinds of negligence issues.

  • Hard Knock Life

Phillip was a ward of the state for a few years, before he started to get adopted. Unfortunately, he was already mentally screwed up due to his lack of any parental guidance. To say he was a problem child was something of an understatement. Through his young years of hopping from one family to the other, he burned down the Andersons' home, exploded a microwave at the Reeds and pushed the Jones' family's biological son out of the treehouse and broke his shoulder.

With that being the last straw and the Jones' being good enough to not press criminal charges against a minor, Phillip was sent to Alexander's Group Home for Unruly Children in Boston. A somewhat reknowned group home that was very capable of "fixing" those kids that needed it. Mrs. Hipswitch was the ruler of this domain and she ruled with an iron… anything she could get her hands on.

While at the group home, Phillip became very close friends with another bad kid named Ty. The two became somewhat inseperable, causing all kinds of havoc and trouble at the home and whenever they were allowed out into the general populace. Ty was the one that coined the nickname that stuck for Phillip, calling him "Lip" to accentuate his smartass and sarcastic nature.

There was a constant struggle for power between Lip & Ty and Mrs. Hipswitch. The evil witch claimed victory, though, after an "accident" put Ty into the hospital. Lip's first inclination was to get some serious revenge on Mrs. Hipswitch, but Ty managed to talk him out of that and into running away instead. One of them needed to be free.

  • The Fast And The Furious

Lip lived off the grid for the next few years. He ended up down in Dallas around the time he turned 18. It was then that he started to really graduate from Furious Scorned Teenager to Criminal. He hooked up with this career criminal named Les and started running with his crew of car thieves and con artists.

Les took Lip underneath his wing and taught him everything he knew about cars, from fixing them to driving them to stealing them. It was a match made in criminal heaven. Lip quickly rose to second in command of the crew, but nothing ever lasts long in this kind of world. While Les was more of a thief in the night type, Lip had a tendency to want to be more wild and flashy and thus Lip got into street racing. Drawing such unnecessary attention to the crew caused Les and Lip to have a full out brawling argument that ended up with Lip getting his ass beaten seven ways from Good Friday.

When Lip woke up, he decided that pairing off or joining crews was no longer in his future. He was going to have to stick to his own personal guns and make sure he looked out for number one. After all, nobody had ever really cared about him except Ty and the chances of ever seeing him again were slim to none. He took to the streets, relishing in his street racing lifestyle and started making himself some nice chunks of cash here and there. But it wasn't enough. It would never be enough. He was going to have to find something else to get him to where he thought he deserved to be in his life. He needed a chance. An opportunity. An offer he couldn't refuse…

  • The Transporter

It didn't take long for opportunity to knock at Lip's door. While he wasn't a street racing king, rumors had circulated that he was a very capable and talented driver with a knack for getting the hell away from the cops. To some people, this latter ability was more important than how many pink slips he managed to collect in a given night. It was one of these people that strolled in front of his car at some point with the most delicious curves of that night. She didn't want to race. She just needed Lip.

The job was simple. Pick up an envelope, don't open it and take it across town to a building of significance. The catch? He only had fifteen minutes from the time of picking up said envelope to get it where it belonged. It is a good thing he never really believed in traffic laws because right after he threw the envelope into an open window… the damn thing exploded. A car chase and a half later, Lip was fifty grand richer and had found his new calling.

For the next few years, Lip made a bigger and bigger name for himself as a courier for anyone and everyone that needed anything delivered. Of course, he worked for high prices and organizations that were less than noble, whether they be on one side of the law or the other. As long as a potential client or employer had the right amount of cash for a particular delivery, Lip was all for it.

And he still is…



  • Coming Soon.

Watch For

  • His addiction to Women.
  • His addiction to Street Racing.
  • His addiction to Money.
  • His Loud Mouth.
  • His mad Connections.
  • His tendency to Owe People Money.
  • His Past catching up with him.
  • His Special Deliveries.
  • His Empty Threats.
  • His Reputation as a courier.
  • His Crew: F5.
  • His Biological Father getting out of prison.


"I got two words for you, bra'. Re. Cession."

"Damn, man! Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up! Everybody jus' put ya' guns down! Let's all talk about this, alright? You guys want your money. You guys want your drugs. And most importantly, I wanna' get outta' here without gettin' all shot the hell up cuz I got two fine ass ladies waitin' for me in the car outside. So! Why don't we all just put a little Martin Luther in our Rodney King and— is-is that a rocket launcher? How the hell you get a rocket launcher in the airport?! Come ON! Too far! Too far!"

"Why come every time I bring up a white man that's done somethin' wrong, somebody gotta' play the OJ card?!"

"Man, you don't be believin' me! When I ever lie to you, man?! Huh?! What you talkin' 'bout second grade?! Man, why you bringin' up old shit?! Horton don't hear this Who! You need to forgive and forget! Or better yet, just forget and forgive me the money! Do you know how much gas costs these days?! That's right, a hundred thousand dollars a gallon! And that's with my Fine As Hell discount! And bring me some Skittles!"

"Come on now, man, you know how far we go back! We go back to the ninth grade, member? I sat behind your little fat head ass and used to pluck your ear to wake your Sleepin' Ugly ass up! Don't come at me tryin' to pull this shit, man!"

"Yeah, I got you. Dependin' on where I'm takin' this shit, you may or may not be gettin' the This White Boy Crazy As Hell For Comin' To Bedstuy Like This Discount."


Icon Name Notes
Russ Chef Boy-Is-Crazee. "Yo. Dude is sick wit' it, man. Ain't nobody touchin' him in the kitchen. He prolly still mad I be eatin' up everything, though."
Gene Biker Boy. "Yo. Li'l dude 'bout to get us PAID! It's like he stepped right out that crazy ass movie, son! Haha!"


Title & Artist Thematic Representation
Everything Everyday Everywhere by Fabolous (featuring Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie) Lifestyle
Fast Lane by Bad Meets Evil "Lip"
Peel Off by Jin The Chase
Speedin' (Remix) by Various Artists Catch Him If You Can
Winner by Jamie Foxx (featuring T.I. & Justin Timberlake) Victory Lap
Ya' Hear Me by T.I. Run These Streets
How We Roll (Remix) by Don Omar (featuring Busta' Rhymes, J-Doe & Reek Da' Villain) F5
Black & Yellow (G-Mix) by Wiz Khalifa (featuring Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain) Cruise Control
Sookie Now by Big K.R.I.T. (featuring David Banner) Dirty South
Go Hard (Remix) by DJ Khaled (featuring Kanye West, Jay Z & T-Pain) No Brakes
Pornstar Dancing by My Darkest Days (featuring Ludacris) Clubbin'