2011 07 04: Vacation Is Over

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Mission Name: Vacation is Over
Date of Mission: July 04, 2011
Locale: Lance's Penthouse

Rebekah shows up and finds out the vacation is over.

Lance Rebekah

The evening hours finds Lance at home, dressed in nothing but a simple pair of black sweat pants. He hasn't been out much since returning from Vegas, but the tan and the war wounds are still present on his flesh. He lays on his couch, watching television as he eats a medium container of Shrimp Fried Rice with a fork, opting to forego the chopsticks. On the coffee table in front of him is a half empty bottle of beer next to an empty bottle. The only lights in the room that are turned on are the ones overhead attached to the ceiling fan. The fan itself is turning slowly, but fast enough to get the air circulating throughout the room. The front door has been left unlocked.

It is a good thing too or poor Becky might have collided right into it. There are flashes of light from the windows as fireworks go off into the night air. The bangs muted by the television and apathy. The blonde is vibrant as she kicks off her boots. "So I was at work and they let me go early. I mean the tips were insane, don't get me wrong and OhEmGee the military men. We were offering free drinks to those who has their military ID and these men.. damn. I mean I thought heaven had arrived through the front door. Then I thought, hey Casanova isn't here and I should go check on him, right? Right? So here I am." Beckah tries to walk over and flop on the couch. That all may have been said in one word.

Lance glances back towards the door as it opens, turning back to the television as he sees who it is. "Hey, Beks." He says as he moves back his feet to give her a spot to sit down if she wants. "I decided to sit this Independence Day out. Didn't feel like dealing with all the crowds that are sure to be out at every bar in the city." He says before he takes another bite of his food. "There's beer in the fridge and some extra Chinese food on the kitchen counter if you're hungry." He says to her as she sits down on the couch.

Rebekah's butt is just about to become intimate with that seat cushion before she hears about food. "So you aren't sick of hearing me talk yet?" There is a teasing tone before she laughs and comes back with chinese and beer. "You know… we like totally kicked their asses in that World War." Japanese, Chinese, same thing right? She flops onto the couch. "What are we watching?"

Lance smirks as he takes a few more bites while she goes to get herself some food and beer. "Naw. I usually just let you talk all you want and just tune you out when I start to get bored." He says, the teasing tone is returned. He looks back to the television. "What else? Independents Day." He says with a smirk. "Watch it every year since it came out." He says before he takes a drink of his beer, setting the bottle back down on the coffee table. "And it was the Japanese whose asses we kicked." He corrects.

Rebekah frowns to that correction for a few moments. "Well… if China would have gotten involved, we would have kicked their asses too." Yes, that is her save and she's sticking to it. There is a chuckle at his move suggestion. "Wow, well that is good. Did you watch that old Tom Cruise movie, Born on the Fourth of July too?"

Lance shakes his head and smirks. "Nope. I ain't giving a cent to the no talent hack." He says in reference to Tom Cruise. He looks over to her and smirks. "So, how many times did your ass get grabbed and you get hit on?" He asks, taking another drink from the beer and eats more of the shrimp that he skewered onto his fork before scooping up some of the rice. "Bet you got lots of numbers too."

Rebekah smiles at him. "I lost count at like a million." She teases lightly to that before she rolls her eyes. "Actually, I don't really get my ass grabbed as I tend to you know, hit them back." She winks and then tries to put her fork in his food.

Lance chuckles and nods. "Yeah, but won't you get fired for hitting the customers? I mean, it's not a good way to get them to come back…" He pauses for a moment before he adds, "…unless they're into that sort of thing." He shrugs, taking another bite before positioning the carton for her to get better access to the fried rice. "I thought you'd like having your ass grabbed."

Rebekah winks at him. "Only by you, Lancelot." She laughs. "Probably would get fired. It's why I stay on the other side of the bar. Besides, if I was poor you would like totally support me, right baby?" Her legs stretch out a bit. "I heard there was a new hooters or something opening."

Lance chuckles along with her. "Yeah, getting fired isn't a good thing and all." He smirks as she mentions him supporting her. "Do I look like a sugar daddy?" He asks with a grin as he looks at her. "I'll help, but I ain't supporting anyone I ain't married to." He says with a smirk before he shakes his head. "Nope. I didn't hear that. I love their wings and deep fried pickles."

Rebekah studies him and looks hurt. She truly looks hurt. Like one might be able to believe it. "You don't remember the night we got drunk and eloped in Vegas? I totally am your wife." She pouts at him and then steals her 'half' of his food.

Lance shakes his head. "Nope. Can't say that I do remember that." He looks down at his finger to see if there's a ring. "If I can't remember it, then it never really happened." He says, quoting guy code. As she steals half his food, he takes the opportunity to steal half of hers. Fair is fair, right? "

Rebekah looks at his left hand. "OhMahGawd! Did you intentionally take your ring off? Do I really mean that little to you?" She crosses her arms and sort of huffs at him before she moves for the most sacred device…. the remote.

Lance smirks and looks at her hand. "What about you?" He asks, chuckling a bit. He lets her take the remote and change the channel if she wants. He's seen the movie before, so there's not much he's missing out on. He takes a few more bites from his food and washes it down with the beer, draining the last of the liquid inside. He sets the empty bottle down on the coffee table next to the other. "So, what does Tommy have to say about the wedding?" He says Tommy's name with a sort of inflection that sounds like a little teasing.

Rebekah shrugs her shoulders. "He hasn't really talked to me since I've been back. I don't think he'll care too much though." She smiles a bit to that and then leans against him to finish her food.

Lance frowns slightly at that. "Well, that sucks. Maybe he got married too." He says to her before he takes a sip from her beer before starting in on the food he took from her. "Anywhoo, what have you been up to since we got back?" He asks as he watches the television screen. "I should get one of those 3D TVs someday…" He says, mostly to himself as he studies the picture on screen.

Rebekah laughs softly. "You are upset I talk about him and now that I don't talk to him. I haven't exactly called him yet either." SHe shrugs her shoulders a bit to that before she looks at him thoughtfully. "Changed your mind on your thoughts about me already, I see." There is a wink and then she shrugs. "I had to go to work since we got back. I didn't have paid time off."

Lance shrugs his shoulders slightly. "We're not on vacation right now." He says to her with a smirk. "Well, since you got off early and the night is still young, why don't we go out? I'll go hop in the shower and get ready. I can use a few more drinks anyway and I could get out of the house for a bit." He says, looking to her.

Rebekah winces to something as if he just struck her. However, she smiles a bit. "Yeah.. um.. sure. I'll just eat all your food while you are in there." She pauses a few moments and then shakes her head.

Lance nods and hands her his food. "Sure thing. Enjoy. I'll be out as quick as I can." He says before he stands up and heads into his room to take a shower and get ready to head out.

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