2011 07 06: Flirtation Fail

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Mission Name: Flirtation Fail
Date of Mission: July 06, 2011
Locale: Starbucks

Lance and Bekah meet up, Theo enters, Bekah is sorta turned down.

Lance Rebekah Theo

The text comes across to his phone from hers: Starbucks. Be Sexy.

Bekah is sitting at a table that allows her back to the wall and her to view the entire coffee place easily. There is already something caramel and sweet in front of her. As well, she's wearing her work clothes as if she's just gotten off a shift.

Lance gets the text and heads down to the coffee shop. He isn't dressed up or in costume, just wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt. He enters the coffee shop and immediately spots Rebekah. Who else would be wearing her outfit at the shop? He doesn't go right over to her, instead he gets in line to get his coffee, looking around at the various patrons as he tries to gage what sort of looks Bekah is getting from everyone else. He does offer her a wave in greeting.

Oh she's getting checked out. Really, without the horns (which she did take off), she's just a woman in tight leathers. Rebekah watches Lance walk in and then offers a wave back to him as she waits for him to get his order. Her own eyes sweep over the people in their feigned blue shading.

Theo comes in from the street.
Theo has arrived.

Lance gets his drink order from the counter before he moves to Rebekah's table, slipping in the seat across from her. He smirks as he makes himself comfortable, looking at her. "So, what? You didn't feel like changing?" He asks with a soft chuckle. "I'm surprised they let you in here dressed like that."

Rebekah laughs softly as Lance joins her. "What? Ya don't like me in leathah pants? Ah could have worn the supah short skirt with this cohset." She shrugs a bit. "Ah worked and then we went straight inta inventory." She pops out of her seat to lean across the table and attempt to press her lips to his cheek in greeting before sitting back down.
The door to the coffee shop is pushed open, Theo's right foot nudging it fully open as he steps inside. His messenger bag slung across his right shoulder and a stack of black leatherbound books held in his hands stacked high. The man's eyes looking over the room a few moments as he takes stock to see if its busy or not. Seemingly satisfied he begins to move towards the counter.

Lance offers Bekah a smile as she kisses his cheek, shrugging his shoulders at her words. "I dunno. I don't think I'd dress up in leather, myself." He takes up his coffee and takes a sip. "But, that's just me." As the front door opens, he glances back and eyes Theo for a second before returning his attention back to Rebekah. "So, what did you call me down here for besides the coffee and a chance to run into Jez at work?"

Rebekah watches the door open too and then her head almost swings off her shoulders as she turns to look at the counter. "Oh shit… Ah didn't know she worked he'e, we nevah really.. Oh I'm sorry Lance." She pouts out her lower lip just a bit and then shakes her head. "We just haven't talked that much so, Ah thought Ah'd check in with ya."

Theo stops just before the counter, His eyes glancing towards the barista as he smiles softly. His weight shifting to draw him to his toes before rocking back onto his heels. "Chai tea, 77 Degrees. 2 percent milk, And well a lil bit more of the chai mix." The man's words holding that faint brittish accent, "And banana bread, Lovely banana bread drippin with butter." His words spoken simply as he watches the barista with a certain scrutiny before glancing towards the pair at the table.

Lance shrugs his shoulders as he looks around the shop, looking for Jezebel to see if she's working. "Doesn't look like she's working at the moment." He says before returning his attention back to Rebekah. "It's alright. If she was here, I'd probably just leave." He shrugs and sips his drink again. "Nothing really new to report. Same shit, different day really."

Rebekah studies Theo for a moment or two but her attention focuses back on Lance. "Well than, what ahe ya plans foh the day?" Her Southern accent thick as she talks. "Ah have the rest of the day off and no idea what to do with it."

Theo stands there looking back to the Barista catching that glance from Rebekah but leaving it at simply that, A casual glance as he waits for his drink. Once its set down on the counter he carefully shifts the stack of books to his left hand before digging out a ten spot and setting it beside his drink before taking it up and turning making his way towards a table in the corner. The books carefully and almost with a certain reverance setting them down on the table as well as his drink.

Lance shrugs slightly as he leans back in his seat. "I have no idea. I really didn't have any plans for the day. Mostly I was just going to sit around at home and vegging out. I wasn't really going to leave the house until you texted."

Rebekah lowers her brows a bit at some thought and then she gives a bright smile. "Well if'n ya wanna lend me some of ya clothin' Ah'd hang at ya place. O' we could ya know go walk around New York." She tosses him a smile. "I mean if'n ya don't mind bein' seen with me."

Theo's form moves to lower into his seat, Another glance is casted towards the pair. His features showing an almost studious expression before he looks back to his drink removing the top, His right hand slipping into his jacket pocket removing a small paper packet without any markings emptying the contents into the cup and taking it up to swirl it slightly. His eyes watching as the powder disapears into the chair before replacing the top, His hand taking the cup and lifting it to take a sip only to set it down taking up the first book opening it and paging through it working his way through the various text and diagrams.

Lance shrugs his shoulders. "Why not? I got nothing better to do today." He says with a soft chuckle. "Where did you have in mind?" He says before he takes another drink from his coffee. "We could always stop by your apartment and you can get changed real quick too."

Rebekah wiggles her brows. "Y'all gonna help me undress too?" She winks at him and then looks back towards Theo. She keeps glancing at him but doesn't seem to approach. Her caramel frap is taken a drink from before she shrugs. "Ah don't know. Y'all a'e just mah favorite to hang with."

Theo's hands move setting down the book as he removes his cellphone from his pocket to hit the record button on it. His voice sounding out softly "For the procedure to have the largest chance of success and produce the best possible results given research it is recommended we use Partially invasive BCI's. Frontal cranial penetration and implantation would be best for access and ease to the visual cortex." His hands moving to set his cell down as he takes the book up flipping once more before falling upon a page and examining it quickly and with great intrest, His free hand reaching out to take up his drink taking another sip as a thoughtful look takes shape across his features.

Lance idly runs his finger along the rim of his cup as he shrugs. "I dunno. We'll have to see about that I suppose." He glances towards Theo again as he starts talking to himself, an eyebrow raised. He just shrugs his shoulders slightly before turning his attention back to Bekah. "Well, I guess we can just wander around until we figure out what to do."

Rebekah laughs. "Wow.. most men at least look interested in removing mah clothing." There's a pause and she sort of murmurs more to herself. "Guess the vacation is ovah." Then the long-legged blonde scoots her chair back. "Well.. let's see wha we can find." Her eyes flick back to Theo and round out a bit. All that talk goes over her vapid head.

Theo's head turns and he focuses upon Lance and Rebekah, "Most men? I do believe any man with a pulse and without a preference for sodomy would take you up on such an offer." His shoulders raising and falling back giving a shrug as he looks towards Lance studying the man a moment before shaking his head. His gaze focusing back on the research materials infront of him as he taps the record button once more, "Given past studies almost 10 years ago into the correction of Blindness caused by accident current advances in technology should be able to return atleast 65 percent visibility to the subjects." A pause is given as he takes a sip of his chai glancing back towards the pair with a small smile. "Just sayin.."

Lance starts to reply to Rebekah but stops as Theo speaks, an eyebrow raised slightly before he looks back to Rebekah. "Well, there you go. You got an offer right there." He says with a smirk and a soft chuckle. "And apparently, unlike most men, I'm not always wanting to jump in the sack at every moment." He glances back to Theo for a moment before he stands from his seat and picks up his coffee. "And most people would consider it rude to insert yourself into a conversation between two strangers." He mentions to Theo before returning his attention back to Bekah.

Rebekah smiles towards Theo. "Well thanks foh the boost, dahling." She winks towards him but her attention is primarily with Lance. "So ya wouldn't mind if'n Ah took a moment to go jump on him befohe we left?"

"Was only attempting to give the young woman with you assurances that she is indeed beautiful and someone that most men would give much to be able to unwrap so to speak. As for being rude, Well that I can not deny. Though I am not paid nor known for my social graces." Theo's words spoken with that brittish accent coming out more fully as his shoulders raise and fall in a small shrug, His eyes looking towards Lance a moment before he focuses his attention upon Rebekah grinning slightly, "Anytime Miss, Any bloody time." A playful wink given her way before he returns to looking over his research material.

Lance shrugs as he looks to Rebekah. "Go for it. Don't expect me to wait around for you to finish though." He says to her, looking to Theo before he looks back to Rebekah. "See, there you go. Invitation accepted." He says before he starts towards the front door, letting Bekah decide what she wants to do.

Rebekah lowers her brows and frowns a bit at Lance's comment. She gives a shake of her head to that and then comes to her feet. "Maybe next time." She winks and saunters off in that leather after Lance. One arm reaching out to attempt to grapple his own.
You have vouched for Theo.

Theo's eyes lift slowly to watch after the two, studying the pair as they make way to leave the coffee shop. His soft tiered lips forming into a smile that could make even machiavelli proud with the close lipped almost ammusment.

Rebekah tips her head as Lance seems to just walk out. Her head tips to one side and then she hmms. "Well it was nice meetin' y'all. Ah really should go and get outta mah work clothes though."

Theo smiles softly looking to Bekah, "Well then miss, I do hope to see ya again. Though I gotta say your outfit isn't so bad." A wink given before he leans back in his seat dipping his head to her.

Rebekah laughs softly to that. "Ah do look good in it." There is a pause. "Rebekah.. mah name."

Theo's fingers move into his jacket removing a business card and holding it out towards her, "Name's Theo, here so sometime maybe we can discuss things somemore..and well maybe even do a social experiment." A warm smile given to her.

Rebekah takes the card and looks a bit wary. "Ah don't really do experiments." She winks and moves out of the door.

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