2011 07 07: Laundry and Lunch

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Mission Name: Laundry and Lunch
Date of Mission: July 07, 2011
Locale: East Village Laundromat and Queens Sugarpuss

Becky gets laundry done and they go check out her new employment. Lunch gets awkward quickly.

lance rebekah

What a wonderful day for laundry cleaning. Bekah sent the address and promised to get out of her clothing. Not that it is always a way to get him to be here, but this time it might work. She's currently bent over a washer putting in her 'delicates' and making sure it is evenly filled.

Lance gets the message from Bekah and it doesn't get him to get to arrive right away, but he does eventually show up at the laundry mat, chuckling softly to himself as he gets the message. He opens the door and looks around for Rebekah in the room. After he spots her, he moves up and takes a seat on the washer next to her. "I see you started with out me." He says, chuckling softly.

Rebekah jumps up and bangs her head on the lid as she does so. Her eyes move over towards him before she grins. "Weeeeellll…" She has a tone of humor on her drawl. "Ah was gonna wait, but Ah thought Ah'd just start without y'all. Ah knew ya'd catch up." Her eyes sparkle a bit more in his presence as she tries to grab the front of his shirt. If successful, she'll drag him down to press her lips to his cheek.

Lance smirks and looks at her, chuckling softly as she bumps her head. "Careful." He says as he watches her. He lets her pull in forward, returning the kiss to her cheek. "Well, I did my laundry at the apartments. I don't feel like paying to wash my clothes." He says with a grin as he sits back up. "But, I suppose I could just sit and watch you instead." He offers a wink and smirks. "So, when do you start at that Sugarpuss place?"

Rebekah pushes her hair from her face. "Well ain't ya just all hoity toity? Ya'll an' ya indah plumbin'." She turns the washing machine on with more quarters than it should take. Robbery! Clean clothing robbery! She then tries to wiggle her hips between his knees. "Ah think he said Friday would be a good day ta sta't. Ah'll be doin' the lunch rush."

Lance nods his head once as he looks at her. "Well, I'll be sure to be there Friday for lunch. Just make sure I get one of your tables." He smirks as he raises an eyebrow at the amount of quarters it takes to get started. "Wow. Never thought it'd take that much to clean your own clothes." He says with a soft chuckle.

"Well not all of us have a good apahtment with one in the unit. Ah mean.. Ah live in a wahehouse, ya know?" Rebekah offers as she watches him thoughtfully. "So wha y'all doin' tonight?"

Lance smirks and nods as he looks at her. "Yeah, I know but that doesn't mean that you can't use the ones in my apartment. They're free and all." He says with a soft chuckle before he shrugs. "I don't know. Nothing really planned for tonight."

Rebekah's face falls to that. "Ah didn't even think of that." Her eyes move to the other basket of clothing. "When this one is dry.. Ah'll take the othah load to ya place. Does this mean Ah get a key in case y'all aren't home?"

Lance looks to the basket and nods. "Sure. Sounds good." He says, chuckling softly as he look at her. "We'll see, but you don't need a key to get into the laundry room and the people who work for the apartment know you well enough that I don't think they'll have a problem with it." He pauses for a moment. "I'll talk to owners about it just in case. It'll work out."

Rebekah ticks up a single golden brow to this. "Really…" Interesting even. "Y'all give all the gals in ya life keys and access to ya buildin'?" Of course she's there sometimes more than her own place. His television is bigger than hers.

Lance chuckles and shakes his head. "Nope. Just the ones who manage to last longer than five years without disappearing from my life." He chuckles and looks at her. "So how much time do we got before the clothes you got going now are done?"

Rebekah shrugs. "About twenty minutes on the wash an' forty minutes on the dry." She grins. "Why wanna sta't breakin' in the washahs?"

Lance nods at the times remaining before he checks the time on his watch. "Actually, I was thinking about grabbing a bite to eat somewhere while we wait for the clothes, but I don't know if you want to leave your clothes here unattended." He states, looking back up at her from his spot on the washer.

Rebekah laughs to that. "If someone wants to weah mah delicates enough to steal them, ya'd just have to buy me more. Ah really like silk." She offers this comment with a cheeky smile as she nudges one of his knees with her hip.

Lance laughs and chuckles. "Hey, you got two jobs now. You can afford to pay for your own silk delicates." He chuckles at the nudge and hops off the washer. "But, I will pay for lunch. What's close by around here?" He asks, apparently not having been to this area very often to eat.

Rebekah shrugs her shoulders. "Hell if'n Ah know." She waits for him to hop down and then tries to wrap her arm through his.

Lance chuckles and smirks as she wraps her arm through is. "Well, a lot of help you are." He says to her as he starts for the laundry mat's exit. "I guess we'll just see what we find nearby."

Rebekah laughs to that. "Now why would Ah wanna be too much help? Y'all would get use to it. Then Ah'd be stuck the whole time."

Lance chuckles and shrugs slightly. "Well, I figured that you'd have a suggestion as to where to eat. I suppose I could drive to Sugarpuss and we can grab a bite to eat there." He says, grinning to look to her as the pair heads out of the laundry mat.

Rebekah punches him in the arm to that. "Ah could go check it out before Ah start workin' there." She gives a low chuckle. "Ya just wanna look at the gals, Casanova."

Lance laughs softly as she punches him in the arm. "What? I like the food there." He says with a grin, shrugging lightly. "What? Can't I do both? You can get to know your co-workers and I can enjoy the food and look at the girls." He grins as he looks at her.
Rebekah laughs a bit to that. "You are such an ass." She says it with a mild teasing but she'll follow where he desires to go on this one. Her head shaking back and forth slightly.

Lance drives the pair of them to the future site of more teasing and torment from Lance towards Rebekah. After finding a spot in the parking lot, he leads the way into the restaurant and the two are shown to a table.

Rebekah smiles vibrantly towards the people there as they are seated. "Ah hea'd the wings were good and the cheesy fries." Her eyes study him for a lingering moment. "Ah hea' they a'e hirin' a really hot girl soon."

Lance smiles and pulls out Bekah's chair for her before he sits down across the table from her, nodding as he looks around. "Yeah, the wings are and the deep fried pickles too." He says as he opens up the menu, chuckling as he looks up at her again. "Oh yeah? I heard that too. You know who she is yet?" He offers a wink and smirk.

Rebekah looks at him in a confused manner as he pulls the chair out for her. That is more of a relationship gesture. She then smiles at him. "Not really, Ah just hea'd she was single, hot and that you'd love he' at first sight."

Lance takes a look at the menu as he chuckles, looking up at her. "Oh yeah? What makes you think I will when I see her?" He asks, smirking as a waitress arrives to take their drink orders. "Dr. Pepper for me, please." He says to the woman.

Rebekah holds up her fingers to indicate she'd want the same. "Ah just know ya bettah than anyone else. Ah bet she's the kind ya'd have a white picket fence with." She winks. Ignore that's not possible in his world.

Lance chuckles softly as he looks at her as the waitress goes off to get the drinks. "Oh yeah? Well, I'll have to wait and see I guess." He raises an eyebrow slightly. "Could you picture me settling down and having a house, two point three kids, and a white picket fence?"

Rebekah puts her chin on her fist as she looks at him. It's as if she's trying to figure it out. "Well.. Ah don't know. Ah guess that Ah could if'n ya found the right gal." Not Jez. "Question is, can ya see yaself doin' that?"

Lance raises an eyebrow and sits back in his seat. "Well, I'm not sure." That's a lie. He knows he can't. Division won't allow it. They're like Big Brother, but worse… Big Sister maybe. " Maybe if I found the right girl." He shrugs slightly, thinking for a bit before he sighs. "I just don't think work would allow it."

Rebekah tips her head. "You think ya could see me doin' that?" Her eyes study him for a long moment before she takes a breath and looks at her drink. She has her own reasons to avoid such things.

Lance picks up the drink as it arrives and takes a drink as he studies her. "I'm sure you could, eventually. I just think you're busy having fun at the moment to settle down." He shrugs his shoulders slightly as he sets the cup back down. "But, someday I'm sure you will settle down."

Rebekah looks up for a moment. It is one of those moments where the question is going to mean more than at face value. "Do ya'll think that means Ah cannot be with one person right now?"

Lance shakes his head. "No. I think you can, but I don't think you want to." He says in response. He shrugs his shoulders slightly. "I think it's your choice that you don't settle down."

Rebekah nods her head a bit. "What about yaself? Ya just havin' fun o' ya lookin' to settle with someone?" She takes a drink of the soda when it is set before them. Her green eyes are watching him.

Lance shrugs. "I guess. Mostly I'm just taking it a day at a time until I find that certain someone, but then again I'm not really exactly looking for that 'Mrs. Right' and enjoying whatever comes my way."

Rebekah lowers her eyes away. It's like a debate before she looks up and offers softly. "So .. am Ah Miss Right Now?" She watches him with a bit of trepidation on her side.

Lance shakes his head as he looks at her. "No, you're more than just a one night stand, but what we have is complicated as we've said before." He picks up his soda and takes a drink as he still reviews the menu and tries to figure out what he wants to eat.

Rebekah is silent for a moment. Beckah does not do well with these types of talks. Emotions and relationships. She'd rather just not deal with it. "Complicated in we should see othah people and not each othah?"

Lance shrugs. "I don't know. We've already gone through it. Complicated as in if we do, what will become of our friendship?" He says as he looks at her. "But what does it matter? You don't like relationships anyway. You don't even like using the 'L' word." He says as he closes his menu and sets it aside.

Well isn't this awkward? Rebekah looks like she'd like to be anywhere but here. "Ah just nevah met anyone Ah can trust with it Lance. Mah fathah did a numbah on my family. Ah just.." She shrugs a bit to him and then shrugs again. "How do ya feel about relationships and that word?"

Lance sighs and looks around the restaurant again for a moment, shrugging. "I don't know. I've had a few in my days and was going to try another with Jez, but that didn't work out. I may have a lot of one night stands, but I am always looking for the next relationship." He takes another drink from his soda, setting the cup back down. "But then again, I didn't have the same experiences you did."

Rebekah glances around the place and lowers her voice a bit more. This is a bit too intimate for her comfort. "Ah don't know. Ah'm not really the kind of gal that guys invest in, ya know?" She watches him for a few moments. She opens her mouth to ask if she's a one night stand or not, but then closes it as the waitstaff comes to ask for their orders. The woman is redhead and showing her assets quite clearly towards Lance.

Lance looks up at Rebekah as she speaks and starts to reply, but the waitress returns. He looks up at her, offering a polite smile to the woman, letting Rebekah order first before he places his own order. "I'll take the barbecue burger. Can I replace the fries with some wings and an order of the deep fried pickles for an appetizer."

Rebekah smiles. "Ah'll take the cheese fries if'n it pleases ya." She winks towards the waitress before looking back to Lance. When the waitress walks away she looks back at him for that answer perhaps.

Lance watches the waitress turn and head away before he turns back to Rebekah and takes another sip from his soda. He takes a deep breath and figures it's a good point for a change of topic to lighten the mood. "So, you excited to start working here?"

Rebekah blinks a bit as if taken aback. It shows on her face and registers surprise. Then she shakes her head a bit and smiles softly. "Um.. Ah guess? It's just a job."

Lance looks at her, nodding slightly and not commenting on the surprised look on her face even though he caught it. He returns the smile and nods slowly again. "Since you've got two jobs now, does that mean you won't have as much free time anymore?"

Rebekah shrugs her shoulders. "Ah don't know. Ah mean the tendin' is at night an then Ah work foh the lunch rush." She looks at him. "Hopin' to spend less time with me?"

Lance nods as he listens before he shakes his head. "Of course not. I was just wondering if I should cut down on the amount of food I keep in the fridge and if I would be getting less visits from you." He says in a joking tone. "I'll miss wondering if it's safe to cross the apartment in the buff or use a towel." He offers a wink.

Rebekah smiles to that. "Oh.. Ah don't mind seein' ya in the buff. Ah mean Ah would like to see that." Her eyes are watching him for a few moments.

Lance grins and nods. "I figured you wouldn't mind." He says as he chuckles. "It's still a manners thing. How I was raised and all." He shrugs slightly at that. "It wouldn't be the first time you walked in on me naked."

"Noh will it be the last." Rebekah offers to that in a teasing manner before she watches him thoughtfully. "You wanna just go back to ya place?"

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