2011 07 08: Coffee Talk

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Mission Name: Coffee Talk
Date of Mission: July 08, 2011
Locale: Starbucks

Becky meets Dalton and a strange run in with Lance's co-worker

dalton hannah rebekah

Today is a fantastic day for Dalton, because he just found out that his Jaguar will be ready for pick-up next week. Practically bounding into the Starbucks with an ecstatic smile and that look in his eyes, he does a little electric slide into the back of the line, phone in hand and ready to text one of the girls he's dating.

It's amazing how he's figured out how to text; he probably almost sprained his brain trying to get the phone to do what he wanted it to.

"Hey, my car will be ready next week, wanna go for a spin," the prepster mutters to himself while he texts. This elicits a few weird looks from the people who are standing in line in front of him.

One of those people would be Rebekah. She is less hyper and in a good mood than him, however his talking to himself has her looking over her shoulder. At first, she's pretty sure he's on one of those hands free. Then she notes he's texting what he's typing. Humor lights up her green eyes before she shakes her head a bit. The woman turning back around.

Nah, she turns back. "Well, Ah'd think ya would want to get mah name first, but Ah'd let ya take me foh a spin if'n ya wanted, Sugah." The Georgian drawl pronounced on the blonde as she looks him over.

No one has ever screamed trust fund, future child support payments and baby mama drama all at the same time as this one. Her eyes slowly lift up his body and then to his eyse. "Ah'd let ya buy mah cawfee first though."

Dalton looks up from his phone to find the source of that previous comment, and surely enough, he's staring at Rebekah.

It takes a minute for him to understand what she's saying in that heavy Georgian drawl.

Then it registers.

"Oh! Oh, well I'm not so sure Stacy would like that," blondie replies, though smiling at the stranger because he's in such great spirits. "You see, we've been dating for a few weeks and I really like her." Not really getting the hint, the senior collegiate scritches his head. "Hey, but I don't mind buying you coffee or anything, if you're broke." She likely isn't, but this guy isn't so smart.

Rebekah inches her brows up just a bit at him. Rich and stupid. This is just how she likes them. Wait. No. There is a frown to her features as a thought occurs before she offers a wider smile. "Well that would be right kind of ya. Ah hate when Ah'm poor an still want a drink." Her eyes flit to the menu overhead. "How about y'all buy me a Venti Caramel Frap with extah caramel?"

She will not take total advantage of him. That thought plays upon her mind before she steps backwards a bit closer to him.

"Stacy huh? So ya serious with the gal, well ain't that sweet? But wha if'n she's the wrong one? Ah mean, how do ya really know?" Which seems to be the question of the week.

While Rebekah inches her brows up at him, Dalton inches closer to the front of the line, frowning. "I don't know, I haven't really thought about it. I figure, if she thinks I'm wrong for her, she'll say something." He shrugs, then flashes Rebekah another carefree smile. Seeing how white his teeth are, Dalt probably spends a good deal of money getting it cleaned at the Dentist.

Once it's his turn to order at the cash register, he turns that blinding smile towards the barista handling his order. "Hey, I'd like a venti caramel frap with extra — " He pauses, trying to remember what it was she wanted again. "Whip cream? No. Cherry? Chocolate sauce? No wait! Caramel. And I'll have a regular latte with whole milk." That said, he reaches into his pocket and hands over a twenty dollar bill, watching the cashier ring him up. The change is handed back to him.

"Have y'all evah owned a pet? Ya remind me of one Ah use ta have." Rebekah recollects her pet rock. Then she nods her head. "Well women a'e good at tellin' ya if'n ya don't measure up." She offers her hand out towards him. "Rebekah Dresden." Then she adds. "Can Ah get ya name?" Her eyes study his mannerisms as he talks to her and then pays.

She just cocks a hip up against the counter and nods to him though. "So wha do ya do? Ya like a movie stah o' somethan' like that?"

"Oh no, I'm a student at NYU," Dalton explains, reminding himself to forgo the whole 'Esquire magazine' and 'Dad is a senator schtick.' It's truly a miracle how he's reminded himself not to disclose any more details about his family, especially when it comes to his baby sister.

"Don't really have a major yet, though." It appears he's ignoring her pet comment. "I'm Dalton." He takes Rebekah's hand as she offers it up to him, and shakes it once. "Nice to meet you. Do you live around here?" He gestures outside, referring to Greenwich Village.

Hannah comes in from the street.
Hannah has arrived.

Rebekah nods her head to that as she turns that information around in her head. It's like she has seen him somewhere but cannot truly place it. Her eyes of green studying him as they wait for their drinks to be made. "Findin' a majah is ha'd ta do. Ah know that Ah ain't really found one. I go to the same college though, ya know when Ah ain't bartending' at Diablo."

"Nah.. Ah couldn't afford a place like this. Ah live on the lowah east side. Just barely live if'n ya want to call it that. Wha' about ya, Sugah, ya live around he'e?"

"Nope," Dalton shakes his head, moving out of the way so that the other people in line can order their drinks. He may be dumb, but that dirty look he just received from the hairy guy behind him is enough to get the message across.

"I kinda move around. Sometimes I'm at my dad's, or I'll crash my sister's apartment when she invites me over. My brother practically never allows me to spend the night unless it's an emergency." After he admits that bit of information to her, Dalton walks on over to the area where people are picking up their drinks. "Thanks," he nods to the Starbucks girl as he takes his latte and Rebekah's frap.

Everyone needs coffee - it's nectar of the Gods! Hannah is no different, and she certainly looks the type to NEED coffee to survive, with her casual business attire, glasses and a briefcase. Yup, she looks the part of a Manhattan office worker leaving work late. And when she enters the Starbucks, the short line gives her temporary pause, but she quickly decides to suck it up and wait her turn. The other people waiting and talking in line are glanced at briefly. Or, maybe not so briefly. Maybe there's some hint of recognition there.

Rebekah takes her drink from Dalton and then indicates one of the tables. "Wanna sit down?" She's not going to be subtle with this one it seems. "Well why wouldn't ya brothah want ya bunkin' with him? If'n ya evah need a place to crash, ya can stop by my place." There's a pause to how that sounded before she just moves on. She has a feeling he's not going to get it anyways. "How long ya been attendin' classes?"

Becky's green eyes sweep the room to land on Hannah and then back towards Dalton. Her coffee sweet thing is brought to her lips with a happy blissful noise.

"Oh yeah, sure!" Dalton enthusiastically makes his way over to the table Rebekah's gesturing at. "And that's awfully nice of you, inviting me to crash, but again, Stacy —"

Speaking of Stacy, his phone beeps and he gets a text message from her. The prepped-out yuppie pauses mid-sentence to write something back, then resumes his speech. Dalt is completely oblivious to Hannah's earlier arrival for the time being. "What was I saying? I forgot. Well anyways, I think you asked me what classes I took?" He looks very, very skeptical. "Am I wrong?"

The line moves forward, and Hannah moves with it. Nope, she's not about to interject in a private conversation… or will she? Not right away. First, she gets her turn at the counter, and orders a cappucino. Once the order is placed, she has the good fortune to wait aside, like the rest of the customers. Moving to a spot next to the pair, Hannah reaches up to adjust her glasses, and it's Rebekah, surprisingly, that she addresses. "Pardon me." She says somewhat apologetically to Dalton as well. "But do you know a Lance Neville?"

Rebekah nods her head. "Oh, Ah forgot y'all could stay with her and yeah Ah was askin' what classes ya were takin'…" Rebekah offers as she glances around the shop. It is when Hannah approaches she looks amused and reclines back. She waits for the woman to offer Dalton her number and then sort of tunes out of the conversation.

Wait. What?

Green eyes narrow a bit suspiciously. "Ah know a man named Lance, yeah. Why y'all lookin' foh him?" Her eyes study Hannah but she's not drawing a memory from her brain. She's even trying to match her up with one of his one night stands. "Ah'm su'e he'll call ya. If'n ya want Ah'll let him know ya were lookin' foh him…" Craaaazy. "Miss…?"

Hannah's sudden interjection gives way to a brief pause from Dalton, while he looks the woman up and down. That confused expression he displayed earlier doesn't leave, and he looks even more baffled as Rebekah responds to the lady in her heavy southern accent. Having nothing to add seems to make him look better anyway, not that he realizes this — and so preppy simply keeps quiet.

Really, Hannah hardly looks like the type of girl to go for one-night stands. More poignantly, who would go for someone borderline frumpy? "Hannah. And no, not at all." The bespectacled woman shakes her head. "Mister Neville is a coworker. I thought I've seen you in his company at one time or another, so I just want to be polite and all." Dalton receives another apologetic glance, and this time a faint, polite smile. "Like I said, sorry to interrupt, Mister Collinwood-Taylor." Wait, she recognizes him too?

Rebekah has been Lance's friend for years. This means, she's had her share of psycho one nighters that are hoping she has a bunny to boil. There is a considering look towards Hannah as she says this. "Mmmmhmmm… Hannah, nice ta meet ya an' all. Ah can't say as Ah met many of Lance's co-workahs. Ah'm suhe y'all just get on fine." There is still that slightly creeped out look given before she smiles over at Dalton.

And a snap of her fingers

"That's how Ah know ya. Ah'd been tryin' ta put mah fingah on it. Ya the Senatah's son." Her lips curve to that as if she just guessed some majorly hidden secret. Or she just got the answers to a game of Clue.'

Oh, Lord!

Is Hannah a pap from The National Enquirer??? Dalton cranes his neck out to the side to see if she's got a camera somewhere, but then again, she's not holding one in her hands. And then Rebekah is telling him that she recognizes his face. Instead of acknowledging his name to either women, Dalton takes one long, deliberate gulp from his latte and says nothing at first. God, those tabloid leeches! Always making stupid comments about his sister!

After he downs the hot liquid, he stares after Hannah warily. "Yeah, well, nice to meet you too. Didn't catch your name, though?" He's — trying his best not to be rude. "It's no big deal, really." That last statement directed towards Rebekah, obviously.

Hannah adjusts her glasses again at Rebekah's response. Contemplative. Gauging, even, but says no more to the blonde as no name has been offered in return. Nope, no cameras though, just a briefcase. "Name's Hannah." She offers to Dalton, but no last names or hell, phone numbers. "Again, sorry for interrupting." She states mildly, and turns back to the counter as her cappuchino is delivered. "You have a nice evening now." Hannah adds, before taking her drink and heading out.

Rebekah watches Hannah walk out and then tips her head to the side. "Was that weird to y'all too, o' just to me?" Great she's getting checked up on by co-workers, this can't be good. Then she smiles at Dalton. "Don't worry Sugah, Ah was bo'n ta money, Ah ain't gonna cream mah pants because ya got some cash." She watches him with the phone for a few moments as he texts.

"What all ya do 'round he'e foh fun? Ah mean, Ah like the place, but Ah think Ah've been doin' the same stuff foh so long." Her green eyes study him for a few moments and then she reaches for her sugary iced drink to sip from the straw.

"Ok, Anna." This is the third time he's having a hard time paying attention, if Hannah hasn't noticed it already, but then she's out of the coffee shop in a flash! Dalton scratches the side of his head again as Rebekah comments upon the weirdness of it all. "Yeah, I was positive she'd start asking more personal questions again, but what do I know." He frowns at that, taking another drink from his cup while listening to Rebekah talk; then decides to answer her. "Partying." This is all Dalton really has to offer Becky as he looks to his phone again, receiving another text message from Stacy, it seems. "Aw, crap." He quickly types something back. "Hey, it was nice meeting you — Regina? Was it? No, crap. I'm sorry, Rebekah. I have to leave." Standing up from his place at the table, "If you're a student at NYU, maybe we'll bump into each other," saying this with a bright grin on his face. Dalt offers her a little wave and jogs out of the coffee shop.

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