2011 06 24: And So It Begins

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Mission Name: And So It Begins
Date of Mission: June 24, 2011
Locale: Mimi's Apartment - The Opulencia

Mimi comes clean with Foster about her date with Van and poses an important question to him.

Foster Mimi

It's a lazy day so far at Mimi's apartment. She hasn't been venturing outside nearly as much as she normally does in the past week, meaning that she's only gone outside four out of seven days. It must be an off-day for her as it's just before lunch and she's still lounging around the apartment in a pink champagne colored spaghetti-strapped nightgown. Her hair is even somewhat messy and there's not a trace of makeup on her. It makes her look more innocent than she probably is. She's currently lunching lightly on a piece of toast and a cup of premium Belgian roasted coffee, sitting on one of her sofas with the paper.

Interrupting this quiet alone time, there's a series of knocks at the door. The first is barely loud enough to hear. After a brief pause, there's a series of louder knocks. But what's if that's too loud? Just to be on the safe side, Foster finishes up with a final round of moderately loud knocks, before realizing he's just knocked, like, nine times in the span of seven seconds. Then there's quiet for another second before, "Uh, Mimi? Are you there? I didn't mean to knock so much but I wasn't sure if you heard me but then I thought maybe it was too loud so I, um. Knocked again." Unless her door is thin, she probably will only hear any part of that after she opens the door to find him mid-sentence.

That is in fact what happens. Mimi picks up on the door knocking almost immediately and stands lazily from the sofa, taking her sweet time to stretch her arms above her head and walk over to the door, peering out the peephole. She might have known it would be Fozzy. She opens the door to find him closing in on his words, smiling at him a little bit. "I didn't expect to see you so early today. Come on in. There's coffee if you want some." The apartment does smell almost as good as the coffee aisle in the supermarket now. Except way better. It's clear she buys the good stuff.

"I had, um, lunch? At work? Lunch break, I mean. I… haven't eaten lunch, but I came here instead. I don't usually take lunch, but they told me I should," Foster over-explains as he follows her into the apartment, shutting the door behind himself. "It, um. It smells good. I don't … usually drink coffee. It makes me more, uh. More…" Unable to come up with a word for what he is, he just makes a vague sort of explode-y gesture with his hands and then offers a wan smile. "But I could try some," he tacks on quickly. Does she want to deal with a caffeinated Foster, is the real question.

"Maybe you don't need coffee," Mimi says to him as she leans in to peck his cheek, pulling him over to the sofa by his hand. She resumes her perching at her warm spot. The paper is open to an article about her father's presidency bid. Inset is a rather large photo of her leaving a club last year and looking quite inebriated. The caption reads, 'Senator's daughter: A liability?' "I'm glad you came to see me. I've missed you. And yeah, you probably spend all your time there, so… I'm sure they did tell you to take a break. Too much overtime! So, what have you been up to?"

"Okay," Foster agrees without a fuss, when she rules out coffee for the boy already running on nervous energy to spare. His compliance is bought even more easily with the kiss, which still gets him to blush, but much less so than when they first met, so there is some progress at least. As he settles down onto the other couch cushion, he can't help but give a look at the paper, his eyebrows raising just ever so slightly. "I, uh. I like it there, usually. As long as they don't make me, um, talk to people? But they usually don't, so it's okay. But I-I like it here too. I don't think I've ever been in the paper," he rambles on. And he was trying so hard not to say anything. "Um, oh. Just… Just, uh. Working? You know. Nothing that you'd, uh, you'd be interested in."

Mimi just smiles at Foster. It looks like there's something bothering her — something at the back of her mind perhaps threatening to push forward. And it does. "Hey, Foster. Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Mimi asks, reaching out to squeeze his hand as if trying to keep him anchored to the world around him. She's acutely aware of how little it takes to make him startle. She grows a little more firm when she speaks next, "I mean, I want to know what you want to do, Foster. Don't let me enter the equation. You need to stick up for yourself. You need to do what you want, not what everyone else does." She pauses, watching him. "I went on a date with another guy. It made me feel bad, okay? I never feel bad for things like that." Not only is she coming to terms with the fact that she cares about Foster, but what's worse is that it's creeping her out. "Are you jealous? Sad? Mad? Anything? Tell me what you feel, don't try to give me that 'if it makes you happy' crap, either. I want to know what's in your heart, Foster."

That's a whole lot of information to take in at once. Foster's grip on her hand is a little tighter than he intends - not really painfully so (because, let's face it, he is not that strong), but like he is definitely looking for an anchor here. And her hand makes a nice one. "I, uhh… Yes!" he replies, relieved to find that first question actually pretty easy to answer once he'd absorbed it. "I'd like that, um, a lot, yes. But you'll have to, uh… I mean, I'm not- not very… good at it?" he finally lands that sentence, sounding more like a guess than a statement. As she mentions dating another guy, he deflates a bit in both expression and posture. "I, um. I … don't know. How to, uh. What to do with that. I … don't want you to feel bad…" he assures her, although there's an unspoken 'but' there, and he can't deny feeling maybe a little glad that she does.

"I'm not good at these things either, Foster. I've hardly ever had any actual boyfriends. And when I do have them, I… cheat on them. I know that's not a nice thing to hear right now, but it's true and you should know. I'm going to have to earn your trust and I accept that." She pauses and squeezes his hand, leaning in to kiss his cheek again. There's a long pause from her before she shakes her head. "Sometimes you just have to do what's best for you and not… let anyone else get in the way, Foster. You should start practicing. If you never learn to take care of yourself, the world'll eat you up." All of this coming from Mimi could be a little laughable, considering that she doesn't do much for herself as far as gainful employment or anything like that. But she is at least somewhat independent. "Foster, I love— I think I love you. I know that's weird and we haven't known each other for that long, but I just… I don't know, is this infatuation? Is it something else? Ever since I met you I can't get you out of my head and to be honest, I rarely see a man past the second date, but… I just can't get you out of my head."

Foster doesn't really love hearing about how she cheats on her boyfriends, no, and that shows in his expression. "Did you, uh… With that guy? Um. Actually, I don't- I don't want to know. We weren't- It's none of my business." It takes a bit to put the idea from his mind, but when she kisses his cheek, he manages a little smile. "I'm, um. I'm new at this, but I think if I'm, uh, your … boyfriend…" The word still sounds weird to him. "…then you sort of get to be … in the way? Not that you're in my way. Just, uh. I'm going to care about what you want?" He winces as that sounds cheesier than what he meant. His eyes widen a bit as she drops the L-word, but more out of sheer surprise than panic. But then the rest of it sinks in and he can't help but smile. "I… think I like, um. Being in your head. I'm just not used to it. I kind of want to kiss you can I do that now?" he breathes out all as one quick sentence.

Mimi can't help but grin slightly at him asking if she cheated with the other man, rolling her eyes to the heavens first. Oh Foster. "I didn't do anything with him. The date was bad. Like, really bad. You thought that you were the one who was bad at dating, but whoa. Wowee." She decides to stop talking about it there. He's probably not enjoying hearing about her date, no matter how bad it was. She reaches out to put a hand on his chest as if to feel his heartbeat through his shirt, watching him curiously. "Yeah, I think I like you being in my head too." When he asks if he can kiss her, she rolls her eyes in good humor but leans in to kiss him on the lips without much gentleness. It's more of a kiss of firm urgency with a touch of possessiveness that might just be up Foster's alley, despite her insistence otherwise — but at least she's getting him straight on where she does want to insert herself in his life. She pulls away and pecks at his lips, staring him squarely in the eyes. "You can kiss me anytime now. You don't have to ask. You can do more than kiss, too."

On one hand, Foster is clearly glad to hear he's not the world's worst dater and that Mimi didn't do anything with this mysterious other guy, but on the other, he really isn't looking for details, since those just make him picture her out with some other guy. "Um. Okay. That's … then okay." His heart is beating pretty hard and fast beneath her hand, suggesting he's perhaps somehow even more nervous than he seems. But his expression is a mix of joy and disbelief, under a heavy gaze of bewilderment, like he really can't believe this is happening to him. Then he's busy just trying to keep up with that kiss, his heart racing beneath her hand. It's not that hard to tell he's really got little experience here, but at least he isn't completely without natural skill. When she pulls back, he's grinning like a bit of an idiot. His eyebrows go shooting up as he considers the implication in that sentence. "Ohhh wow," he murmurs in a low tone, not really meaning to say that aloud.

Mimi grins at Foster's reaction and moves to sit in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You'll probably have to go back to work soon, won't you?" She asks him with some disappointment. "Maybe tomorrow we can get together and do something fun… and couple-y." Mimi doesn't quite know what that is exactly yet. "I'd probably be content to just sit here with you," she admits in a lower tone before reaches up to run her fingers through his hair, letting her nails run against his scalp pleasantly. "Aren't you glad that my brother didn't beat your ass that night after all?" She teases him lightly. "I think Dalton likes you. He's probably too oblivious not to…" She mutters quietly, snickering a little. Finally Mimi just rests her head to his shoulder, seeming happy enough to cuddle up to him and talk.

There's a hot girl in his lap, next thing he knows. Foster was really not prepared for that, but like at least most of the surprises her today, he finds this to be a pleasant one, even if it's one he's altogether overwhelmed by. "Uh. Yeah. Pretty, um… pretty soon," he confirms absently, not paying much attention to the actual conversation. The scalp massage actually has a nice calming effect on him, enabling him to better deal with the fact there is a very hot girl sitting in his lap massaging his scalp. "I'd like that too. Uh. Just to sit here. But we can … go out too. On a date. A real one. I'll, uh, try not to make it suck," he promises, managing an actual bit of humour with that. A bit tentatively, like he's still not sure what he's allowed to do, he brings a hand up to rest on her shoulder, and then moves to her head as she rests it on his shoulder, lightly touching her hair. It's such pretty hair. "Your brother is, uh. He seems nice. I … hope I helped him figure out his phone."

Mimi laughs and nods at him. "Okay. We'll think of something. And you don't make it suck, Foster." She smiles at him and reaches to squeeze his hand. She doesn't seem to mind this change of pace in lazing about. She kisses the top of his head and snuggles against him, content to do just this until he has to go back to work. "Yeah, Dalton's nice. Just like a big puppy dog." She pauses. "But let's not talk for a bit… it's… nice, silence with you. I don't have to fill it up with anything. It's just us."

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