2011 06 29: Bad Company

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Mission Name: Bad Company
Date of Mission: 2011 06 29
Locale: O'Toole Box Pub

The gang smokes illegally, Geoff gets offended, Anya's buzz is ruined.

Geoff Anya Kidd

The speakers of the bar pump out the song Bad Company while Kidd's steps lead him back from the jukebox. His form moving to lean against the wall at the end of the bar so he faces the doorway as his left hand takes up his drink lifting it back to his lips to take a few healthy sips from the rum and coke.

Anya walks inside a little smirk on her lips. For a moment she closes her eyes, moving a little with the music, hips twitching, head bobbing. When that moment is over she's grinning and heading towards the bar to order herself a drink.

Geoff enters not long behind Anya, not topping a slow trudge. He looks worn out, dropping a cigarette right outside the door and then slouching his way toward the bar.

Kidd's eyes focus upon the woman as she enters, Studying her a few moments before giving a faint nod in greeting as he puts his glass back down upon the bar. His features remaining a mask of apathy, no real emotion or anything beyond that faint smile showing. His attention returning to the door as Geoff enters, His glass taken back up and raised in greeting to the man. "Evenin to ya both."

Anya gives Kidd a once over then grins at him as well. "Evening," she offers, sliding onto a stool and ordering whiskey. Just whiskey. While she waits for her drink to be poured she pulls out a cigarette, placing it between her lips as she hunts for a lighter.

Geoff nods at Kidd and leans forward to order a Manhattan. He sits down on a stool, looking over at Anya as she pulls out a cigarette. "Hey, is smoking legal in here?" he asks, sounding vaguely hopeful, since he's sick of smoking being illegal everywhere in the city.

Kidd's left hand moves into his pocket removing a zippo with the emblem for the USMC engraved into the brass case, The zippo placed upon the bar and slid down towards Anya. "That should help some, and well end your search for the moment." His smile growing slightly as he motions towards the bartender making note of the other two before tapping his card left on the edge of the bar. "Go ahead and put theirs on my tab." The words spoken simply. Another sip is taken from his drink as he glances towards the two, his back never turned towards the room.

Anya shrugs at Geoff's question. "Who knows. Who cares, for that matter?" she replies, cigarette bouncing with each word, before it steadies so she can light it with her borrowed zippo. When it's snapped closed and slid back down towards Kidd, she's grinning again. "Thanks. For the drink and the light."

Geoff shrugs at Anya's shrug. "Can I bum one, then?" he asks, eyeing Kidd, but ultimately chalking his odd phrasing up to awkward game. He looks over at Kidd again. "My hero," he says dryly.

Kidd smirks hearing the words from Anya, "Yeah well its a night for celebratin." His shoulders rocking back in a shrug as he takes the lighter and slips it back into his pocket, His eyes focusing upon Geoff at his words, "Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy."

Anya nods and digs out another cigarette, offering it out to Geoff before asking Kidd, "Oh yeah? And what're we celebrating?" When her drink arrives, she picks it up, swallowing down half of the liquid before the glass is set back down.

Geoff lifts an eyebrow at Kidd. "Well, light my cigarette, Shakespeare," he requests. "I'll go out hero-hunting for you later." He sticks the cigarette between his lips and waits expectantly for a light.

Kidd's hand moves to take the zippo back out slidding it down the bar to Geoff, The man watched a moment "Not all hunters succeed, sometimes they just become the hunted." His head shaking as he chuckles before glancing to Anya, "New location for my company."

Anya cocks her head, considering Geoff. "Well you're a cheery bastard, aren't you?" she asks dryly, before looking towards the other man. "What sorta company?"

"What'd I say?" Geoff wonders, looking at Anya. "I just want a light from Shakespeare over here. He's the one with all the weird little quotable quotes. Won't even light me up," he complains, picking up the lighter and lighting his cigarette. He looks at the lighter, then passes it back.

Kidd's eyes remain upon Anya, "Imports and exports, Just recently opened up a new location overseas." His smile turning warm as he watches her, "So how you doing tonight?" His drink drained and set down as he motions for a refill, His eyes turning back to Geoff, "What? One can't know the classics? And it wasn't shakespear." His free hand reaching out to take up the zippo tucking it away.

Anya cocks her head as she studies Geoff. "Do you really think you're acting cheery?" she asks, lips curving a touch. She looks back to Kidd. "Imports and exports, huh?" she muses, before she grins. "I'm good enough though. Not celebrating, but good enough."

"I didn't say it was Shakespeare," Geoff says. "That was a nickname." He looks back at Anya. "No," he answers, "Am I supposed to be?" He pulls his drink over as it's put on the bar, having a sip of it. "And just because you know the classics, dude? Doesn't mean you have to jam 'em into every conversation, know what I mean?"

Kidd's fine brow raises hearing the words from Geoff, "I said one thing from the classics, Since you made mention of hero's in your sarcastic little tone. Nothing else I said came from them." His head shaking slightly as he looks to Anya, "Yeah, Exciting business at times."

Anya glances between them, before she laughs and shakes her head. "I think you both need a couple of drinks. Enough so you get cheery as hell, 'cause dammit, I plan on getting drunk and you are /not/ spoiling my buzz."

"I wasn't being sarcastic," Geoff says, exhaling some smoke. "I don't think you know how serious I take drinks. Anyway, that 'hunter becomes the hunted' shit sounded corny enough to be a quote." He looks at Anya and smiles wearily. "I just got off of work," he says. "So let's get drunk. Everybody likes me when I'm drunk because I'm such a sweetheart." Joking or serious? Impossible to tell.

Kidd's hand motions towards the bartender, "Line 'em up yeah? Tower of whiskey" An ammused grin taking shape as he glances to Anya, "Its what I am here for..to get that nice buzz goin' for when I go back to my suite." His head shaking some as he looks to Geoff, "In this city it can be damn hard to tell, And well might be quotable. Sorry in one of those..verbose..mind sets lately."

"Good god, don't get too verbose. Met a guy the other day who couldn't shut up," Anya says, nose wrinkling. "But yes! Let's get drunk! Cabs for everyone!" she says, lifting a hand in the air, as if needing to help emphasize her words, right before she empties her first glass.

Geoff shrugs at Kidd, swallowing down some liquor. "That's the spirit," he tells Anya, then shifts on his stool. "Damn," he says, leaning down to fiddle with his shoe.

Anya grins at Geoff, then peers down at his shoe. "Problem?" she asks, brow arching before she turns around, to lean back against the bar while she puffs on her cigarette.

"Goddamn blisters," Geoff complains. "You don't have a band-aid, do you? Gonna get blood on my sock." He holds his cigarette clamped between his lips while he unlaces one sneaker.

Anya shakes her head. "Can't say that I do. You want a doctor or a mom for that one, if you're in a bar."

Geoff sits up again. "Well, whatever, that's what socks are for, I guess," he says, exhaling smoke. "Gonna be a bitch tomorrow night."

"What's tomorrow night?" Anya asks, puffing away while she looks around, seeming to study the other people in the bar.

"Work again," Geoff answers, pausing to have a long swallow of his liquor. "I'm Geoff, by the way." He puts his hand out for a casual shake.

"Anya," is answered, the offered hand taken. "And what is it you do?" she asks curiously.

Kidd slowly moves his hand out as the shots are lined from his seat to Geoffs and stacked to be 3 tiered before the bartender began to fill them with whiskey. The man giving an approving nod as he glances to the two watching their exchanged greetings before looking back to the shot glasses.

"I'm sort of an entertainer," Geoff says, finishing off his drink and fishing out the cherry as he looks over at what Kidd's got. "Mm."

"Sort of?" Anya asks, before twisting around so she can grin and watch all the glasses being filled. "Now that is what I'm talking about," she says cheerfully, before plucking a glass free from the stack, and gulping it down.

Kidd's left hand reaches out to take up a glass, "Anytime someone says they are sorta something in that business usually means their filling g-strings will dollar bills. Just sayin." The glass is brought to his lips and dropped back, a sigh leaving him as the glass is set back down with a soft chuckle.

Geoff puts out his cigarette on the edge of the bar. "I'm not a stripper," he tells Kidd, reaching out for a glass. "But if you want to put money in my underwear, I'll still take it…"

Anya cocks her head, considering Geoff for a long moment before she shakes her head. "Maybe after another drink or two. The blisters were sort of a turn off."

Kidd's head gives a small shake, "You..not so much, Her..sure. Sorry man some might find ya pretty but ya got the wrong sex for me." A chuckle leaving him as he looks to the two.

"Not like they're contagious," Geoff tells Anya. Then he looks at Kidd. "Yeah, I figured that out already," he claims. He does the first shot and then clears his throat after swallowing.

Anya gives Kidd a long look now, and grins. "You're buying a bunch of whiskey for a couple strangers. Don't think you need the cash," she decides, before nodding at Geoff. "I know, but they're not exactly a turn on. I mean, they're blisters."

Kidd chuckles some and nods to Geoff at his words, "Yeah well, figured ya might be quick on that one. And well might not be contaigous but sure as hell aint healthy when sittin at a bar y'know?" His eyes watching the man a moment before he glances to Anya, "Some people donate to charity..I donate to buzz's.. we all do our part."

Geoff shrugs at Anya. "Not much I can do about 'em," he says. He looks at Kidd. "What's not healthy?" he asks.

Anya grins. "Some people consider that one and the same," she tells Kidd before shrugging at Geoff. "Still not attractive. Sorry."

Kidd looks to Geoff, "Picking your blisters in a bar, Public health concerns and all that. Not to mention, say someone bumps into your stool and you put your foot down, you wanna really risk that everyones been keeping their shoes clean of shit?" His head shaking as he took up another shot glass downing it before setting it upside down ontop of the bar, "Well Anya was it? Suppose your right..some might consider it one and the same."

"I didn't fucking touch it," Geoff says, sitting up and looking offended. "All I did was fucking untie my shoe, Jesus Christ," he says. "Why do New Yorkers have to be so goddamn…" He shakes his head and looks aside, doing a shot.

Anya gives a heavy sigh. "Okay, I'm outlawing talk of blisters. This whole conversation is gonna start killing my buzz before I even get one," she says, picking up another glass and drinking it down. "So. I'm Anya, he's Geoff, who are you?" she asks, looking at Kidd.

Kidd chuckles some hearing the words from Anya and Geoff, His right hand extending out towards the pair in offering. "Name's Kidd, or atleast thats what folks call me." His shoulders giving up a small shrug.

Geoff is obviously offended, eyeing Kidd as he brushes off Geoff's annoyance. He has another shot and retreats into sullen silence for the moment.

Anya does take the offered hand, nodding before she releases Kidd and goes for another drink. "Nice to meet ya, Kidd. Though really, that's a weird name to be calling people. You look about my age, and I'm sure as hell no kid."

Kidd's eyes fall upon Geoff, "Listen man, sorry if I offended ya. But yeah..just one of those things. besides folks here a hell of alot less touchy then those pricks in France..you should see how those fuckin asshats act." His head shaking slightly before he looks to ANya taking her hand and giving it a firm shake, "Gotta love last names yeah?"

"You know, if people everywhere you go seem like pricks…" Geoff says, though he leaves the second half of the sentence unsaid. Instead, he asks the bartender for water.

Anya lets out another sigh and sets her glass down, sliding off the stool and to her feet. "Well, I can tell that staying here is gonna ruin my buzz, so I'm gonna continue this party at home with a bottle. Nice meeting you guys."

"Yeah, I'm gone, too," Geoff says, standing up and putting money on the bar despite Kidd's offer to pay.

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