2011 06 22: Bizarre Love Triangle

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Mission Name: Bizarre Love Triangle
Date of Mission: June 22 2011
Locale: Lance's Penthouse — Tudor City Apartments - Turtle Bay

Bekah and Jez meet for the first time. Things go incredibly badly.

Jezebel Lance Rebekah

With the early evening hours looming, Lance stands in his bedroom as he gets ready for his guests. While not fully dressed up, he is dressed well. He wears a simple plain black t-shirt which are tucked into a pair of grey slacks and a pair of black socks cover his feet. His hair is still wet from his recent shower and slicked back out of his face. He finishes his look with a little of his cologne.

There is a door and Rebekah is at it, though she's sliding off her cowboy boots to attempt to walk in. There is a slight pop on the bottom of the door and a strange 'Bekah knock'. Family is annoying like that. So the blonde in question will try to just enter the poor man's home.

Jezebel is the next to come bounding up to Lance's doorstep, wearing a black babydoll tee with a silkscreen design of the Hulk, a pair of flare-cut blue jeans, and a pair of black cowboy boots with flames stitched on them artfully. The brunette steps up right as Bekah tries to 'break and enter', her hands on her hips as she watches the woman. "Hey there, sugar," Jez says, smiling from behind the woman. "You know Lance?" She asks, tossing her brown ponytail over her shoulder.

Rebekah turns for a moment and there is a look to her eyes that she's going to knife the voice behind her. Then there comes a look that can only be known as protective. "Well.." There is a Georgian drawl to her words. "Ah would say Ah know him if'n ya mean in the biblical sense." The door isn't being broken into as it's unlocked, it's just her style. "Question is, who ahe ya, Sugah?" There is a blocking of the door with her body as her tone screams those protective vibes.

"In the Biblical sense, you say?" Jezebel asks, her own Southern drawl getting a hint thicker when Bekah starts to talk. She smirks and looks the other woman up and down. "Then you're one up on me, darlin'. The name's Jezebel. The man of the house did in fact invite me over tonight. I take that it you're Rebekah. He speaks highly of you. You've got a little, um…" How does Jezebel put it lightly. "..Piss and vinegar in ya, I can tell. So what do you say? Are you gonna let me in or are we gonna shoot the shit out here in the hall all night?"

Rebekah watches the girl for a few moments to that. There is no backing down until she hears the name. Those green eyes get a little bit more sharp and if she had teeth, she's probably bare them. It's completely protective though. "Ah wouldn't shoot ya, Sugah. It would cause too much noise. Why Daddy always said why make a pig squeal and warn othahs when ya can do the same soundlessly." There's a pause. "Not that ya a pig. Hold right he'e a moment, Darlin' and let me just check with the ownah? Ya undahstand. One time Ah redhead kept tellin' me that story and let's just say she wasn't the right gal."

Jezebel takes in a deep breath and reaches into her pocket briefly, taking out a lighter that's much nicer than your standard plastic BIC. It's encased in a silver cover that has Jez's name engraved on the front, with bits of turquoise attached to the sides. She flicks the lid open and closed with her thumb as she regards Rebekah with an otherwise cool demeanor, looking entertained by the other woman's show of dominance and protection than anything. "You just go right ahead and ask. I'll wait here until the verdict comes."

Rebekah scrunches up her nose. "Thanks dahlin'. Ah'll be back fastah than a sheep in a Scottish free for all." She winks and then slips into the door. There is a click of a lock engaging as she does. "HEY CASANOVA…" The yell comes from Becky as she starts to just walk into his bedroom. Her boots were dropped by the door.

Lance emerges from the back as he hears the door opening, offering a smile as he sees Bekah. "Hey. You make it. You look nice." He says as he moves down the hallway towards the living room. He stops to give her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. "There's wine in the kitchen." He tells her as he takes a step back, unaware of the events of the hallway.

Rebekah could just /leave/ Jezebel out in the hall. There is even a impish moment that the woman ponders it. Then she offers. "Hey.. tell me what this Jez looks like? She have a thing for fire?" Ignore her accent is gone when they are alone. She will accept the hug and kiss his cheek as well.

Lance can't help but chuckle at the mention of Jez's fire obsession, nodding slightly. "Yeah," He says with a grin on his lips. "I guess you can say that. She likes it I guess." At the description, he pauses a moment to think before he replies. "Five-eight or five-nine. Brown eyes and hair. Southern accent." He looks at her for a moment with a raised eyebrow. "Why? Is she outside?" He asks her, looking past her towards the door which is now locked. "Why didn't you let her in?" He asks, slipping past her to open the door.

Yep, Jez is still in the hallway when Lance opens the door. She smiles at him pleasantly enough, though it's a very veiled sort of smile that hides slight annoyance. "It's alright, I don't mind. The hallway is still nicer than my apartment." She comments, grinning at him as she steps up to the door. "So, can I come in? I'm like a vampire, apparently, and I need to be invited in — though I'd thought I already had been, if memory served." She flips the lighter closed one more time before shoving it down in her pocket.

Rebekah watches him. "Well Ah didn't know it was really her. Ya expect me to believe every gal that says ya into her? If so, ya tab at the bar would be too much foh ya too Romeo." She moves to flop on the couch as Jez comes in the door.

Lance smiles apologetically as he sees Jezebel. "Hey. I'm sorry." He tells her, leaning in to give her a quick kiss. "Bekah here is just the protective type of me. Please, come on in." He says, stepping aside and letting Jezebel step inside the room. "There's wine in the kitchen." He tells her as he closes the door behind her and moves back into the living room. "I figure you two already met, but Jez, Rebekah. Bekah, Jezebel." He says as he formally introduces the two women to each other.

Jezebel seems all the more amused at someone being protective over Lance, her lips pulled up into a half-grin. She returns his kiss somewhat shyly and blushes, biting her lower lip before she nods to him. "Thanks. I might need a glass… two, three, four…" She murmurs, pulling her cowboy boots off and leaving them by the front door. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Bekah. Like I said, Lance's told me an awful lot about you. All good. I can only hope that he's been honoring me in the same way. Sounds like Lance is quite the ladies' man. Have you two ever…?" Oh yes, she goes for the gold right away.

Rebekah smirks towards Jez for a moment to the question. "Well.." She then stands up and gives a devilish smile. There is something to it that lingers in her eyes as she walks by Lance. "Why don't ya ansah the gal, so Ah know if'n Ah gotta lie o' not, Tigah." She adds a slap towards his ass as she moves to go pour glasses of wine.

Lance grasps his wrist behind his back as he watches the two speak. He raises an eyebrow and looks at Jez as she asks her question to Bekah. He just simply shakes his head as she slaps his ass, eyes closed. He takes a deep breath and looks to Jez. "No. We've never slept together." He glances over his shoulder towards Rebekah. "Can you pour three?" He before he kisses Jez on the forehead once then moves to help with the wine.

Jezebel doesn't seem offended in the least, although she does watch Rebekah slap Lance's ass with something of a wary eye. She moves to sit down on the couch and reach up to run her fingers through her hair, smiling at Lance. "Didn't think so." She winks at him and stage whispers, "Make sure she ain't spittin' in my drink or pourin' laxatives in it, please," to him, winking again. "I did say that I thought you had a little piss and vinegar in ya. Can't say I was wrong. Where you from, Bekah? I detect an accent."

Rebekah waits for Lance to get close to her and she offers a low comment to him. The woman dutifully pours three glasses of wine. "Y'all want white o' red?" She looks over at Jez with a smile. "Ah'm f'om Georgia, y'self?" She moves to look at Lance and it's playfully filled with mirth.

Lance smiles as he nods to Jez, chuckling softly. "Will do." He offers a wink before he makes his way to Bekah. He nods his head once at the comment before he thinks for a moment before he speaks again. "Either is fine with me." He looks back to Jezebel. "Hon, red or white?"

"Red, thanks. White has always been a little stuffy for my tastes. Would have gone great with dinner the other night though." Jezebel remarks, licking her lips in memory of that delicious roasted chicken. Mmm mmm mmm. She looks over at Bekah and smiles. "A Georgian peach. I'm in luck tonight, I see." There's a pause. "Since I know you're dyin' to know, I'll give you the short version. Born in Texas, only child, mama was a housewife, daddy was a carpenter. Came to New York a few years ago on a scholarship to college but had to drop out 'cause college was a little expensive even with that scholarship, but stayed here 'cause the idea of goin' home didn't sound too appealin'. Parents and I don't really keep in contact. I don't like long walks on the beach and my favorite food is a double bacon cheeseburger. I'm a barista and I hate smellin' like coffee. Anythin' else in particular you'll be wantin' to know?"

Rebekah shakes her head to that. "Nah.. Ah sorta had an opinion of ya befohe ya showed up. Now it's just to makin' to see if'n Ah was right or wrong." She pours herself a glass of white and Jez a glass of red. There is a pause as she looks towards the other glass and pours red into it. An

Lance grins as he looks to Jezebel. "Yeah, it would. I didn't even think about it." He says, turning back to the glasses of wine. After Jez offers her story to Bekah, he grins and looks back to her again. "Hey, I just so happen to like the smell of coffee." He smiles as Bekah pours the glasses, giving her a "Thanks." He says with a smile. "Dinner should be ready soon. I cooked Chinese this time." He tells the two, though they both should know what his idea of cooking entails.

Jez takes her drink and smiles at Bekah, nodding to her. "I'd love to know what your opinion of me is, so that I can set ya straight on it. All you gotta do is ask. I'm a pretty open book most of the time." Jez glances over at Lance and smiles to him. "I'm glad you like the smell of coffee, 'cause I sure as Hell don't. Thank god for the mold, otherwise my apartment might smell just like the coffee shop," she jokes, grinning before she takes a sip of her wine. "Chinese? I hope you made up some of that special fried rice like you make, boy."

Rebekah glances towards the door. "Ya know.. Ah think Ah just remembered somewhere not he'e to be." She moves to set the wine on one of the tables. "So y'all have a good evenin'." Bekah moves towards her boots.

Lance smiles and nods as he looks to Jez. "Yeah. I did. Don't worry." He tells her, chuckling softly before he looks to Bekah as she speaks and moves to the door. He has a confused look on his face as he watches the woman. "What? We haven't even had dinner yet. Where do you have to run off to so quickly?

Jezebel seems confused by Rebekah's departing too. She glances to Lance with raised eyebrows and the briefest look of concern flashes across her face. "…Was it somethin' I said? I thought I was bein' relatively tame right then." She clears her throat, looking moderately uncomfortable. "Bekah, c'mon. You don't have to go. I… I was expectin' ya to give me more shit, not to walk out. Hell, I thought I'd be walkin' out first and sayin' goodbye to both you. But I think we both want you to stay. Who the Hell's gonna help us eat all those wontons and noodles?" Jez asks, brows furrowed.

Rebekah smirks. "Look y'all ahe fine. Ah just don't feel like bein' ya third wheel to the lovey dovey shit." She shrugs. "Enjoy ya evenin' Ah don't see a big change in opinions." She smiles to Lance. "Thanks though.. message received." She taps her head and makes for the cowboy boots.

Lance isn't so convinced by her statement, a frown forming on his lip. "Look. Just come sit down and talk. Get to know each other. We'll cut out the lovey dovey shit, but just don't leave. We want you to stay." He glances to Jezebel and sighs softly before he looks back to Rebekah. "I want you two to be able to get along."

The brunette seems a little bit puzzled, her eyebrows raising again. "That was lovey dovey?" She asks, before grinning. "To be honest, I wouldn't know. Lance is the first…" She trails off there. Is boyfriend the right word? She doesn't seem to know. "Well, he's the first guy I ever dated, if you can believe that. I was honestly and truly lookin' forward to meetin' ya, even when you did start with the barbs. If ya think I'm a nasty slut who's just gonna use him like a jungle gym and move on to the next kiddie ride afterward, you're entitled to that. But I was hopin' I could prove ya wrong. Maybe next time." Jez looks over at Lance and gives a vague shrug of her shoulders. She looks like she doesn't really know what to do in the situation, biting on her lower lip before she swigs back most of her glass of wine.

Rebekah sighs to that. Wuhoh that is not a good sign at all. "Look Princess…" There is a pause given by the typist for Lance to step in. Rebekah suddenly looks very ready to say her thoughts if not shut up pretty quickly.

Lance sighs and just lets the two women talk. This needs to be dealt with sooner or later, might as well be now. He simply just stands his ground and drains his wine from the glass in one go. Not the most etiquette thing to do.

Rebekah smirks at Lance. Bitch initiating in 3..2..1…

"Look your naive act is all cute and shit really it is." Whoa, where is her accent? "However, you are making an ass of my friend and I don't like it. He hasn't known you long and you are all trying to lead him around by the balls and tell him he has to be exclusive to you. So don't expect me to like you when I see you might be fucking up my friend." Bell Ring. "Your turn."

Jezebel stays silent for a long minute after Bekah has her say, finally moving to stand up and go to the door to put her shoes on. Of course, it puts her in close proximity to the blonde, but she doesn't seem to have ill intent toward the other woman. Her look is one of serenity and calm as she approaches, putting her cowboy boots back on. "First of all, I never said Lance and I had to be exclusive. We've only been on two dates. We agreed to take things slow. Maybe you should have checked with him on all the facts before you started making accusations." She takes in a breath and opens up the front door, looking at Rebekah. "Just because I haven't dated around doesn't mean I'm naive. I know how the world works and I know how people really are. I'm just not out to hurt anyone either. You don't believe me? I don't care. I like him. He's nice to me. It's more than I can say for most of the people that've been in my life so far."

Lance listens to the two women as they speak, remaining quiet for the most part. An eyebrow does raise at some of Bekah's words. He looks to Jezebel as she replies. After she's done, he steps in. "I never said she told me I had to be exclusive. That was my decision that I was wanted to be." He corrects. His words aren't challenging or threatening in anyway, trying to remain neutral in this.

Rebekah rolls her eyes to this. "Oh ya told me Lance." The words are given to him before she watches the girl move to put on her shoes. "You know.. you are leading him by his little balls with your little woe as me big eyed thing. I don't really think you are good for him. Luckily, my opinion doesn't matter. So please don't let me get in the way." Really, she probably wouldn't think anyone was good for Lance. Fear that. Fear it we say. "So your little hissy fit right now.. it proves it. See, I can walk out? It's not my 'boyfriend'…" She airquotes the word and flutters her lashes. "You.. you are just being a controlling person through your passive-agressiveness. As you expect the next move is for him to chase you. Which he will because Lance is too good a guy for you. Then you will bat your browns at him and convince him something else." She's not yelling, but she is going all New Yorker on the poor girl. As well, somewhere in her head might be telling her it's undeserved.

"I'm not being controlling. This is just too intense and I need time to think. It's that simple." Jezebel says, her voice raising slightly before it returns to it's normal decibel. "I'm not throwing a hissy fit. I'm not stompin', screamin', or anythin' else. You're the one who's actin' like someone just took your favorite toy away— and you know what? Why am I even botherin' with this? I got other shit to do away from CrazyVille." She looks over at Lance and eyes him for a long moment. "Please don't call me. It's only gonna complicate things further." Either she's saying it to push Bekah's buttons or she means it. Either way, she starts to head out the door, taking her lighter out of her pocket and flicking the lid habitually.

Lance's brows raise at Rebekah's rant as she goes off on Jezebel and his attention moves to her as she responds. Jezebel's words to him seem to take a few seconds to process as he starts to speak. "Hold on here. We just nee—" And they click. He stands there for a moment, looking at Jez to see if she's joking, hoping she is. When he sees she isn't, he just nods once as he turns to take his glass into the kitchen.

Rebekah shakes her head to that. "Lance is my favorite toy. He's like the only family I have here and I'm going to be protective of him. Trust me, he'd probably grill the guy I dated last night too." She isn't compromising. "So now you are just going to dump him. That's so noble. Oh Lance, she's kidding. She's just doing the emotional blackmail stuff."

Jezebel stops in the hallway when she hears Rebekah's last words, her shoulders slumping somewhat. She takes in a deep breath and looks back toward the apartment, laughing. "You don't want me to see him, but if I 'dump' him, you're gonna get all pissy? Alright, well, thanks for playin'. All the world's a stage, little girl." Jez waggles her fingers at the woman and watches Lance walk back to the kitchen with a look of hurt on her face before she kicks the door shut behind her and starts heading from the building.

Rebekah watches Lance move towards the kitchen and then watches the door get kicked shut. "Casanova.. y'all are supposed to go after her. That is what she's intending." She doesn't follow either one of them just yet. Her eyes move from one exit to the other.

Lance doesn't say anything to anyone for a few moments until he comes out of the kitchen, a pained look on his face. He looks at Rebekah for a few moments before he slowly just shakes his head slightly. "Get out." He tells her, his voice soft but firm. He doesn't say anything else except those two words.

Rebekah's smirk fades a bit to that. "Lance?" She starts to say something, but Bekah isn't about to show any emotion on this one. She nods a bit to that and tenses up as if she's preparing for impact. So to her boots she will go.

Lance's facial expressions doesn't change. He just watches her as she gets her boots on, not moving from where he stands. "And don't contact me. I'll find you if or when I want to." And with that, he turns to start cleaning up.

Rebekah nods her head. "Just another man to lie to me, Lancelot." She shrugs a bit to get her boots on and then she's out the door. This one she doesn't kick close or slam. It is just shut behind her.

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