2011 06 26: Boogeyman Sighting

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Mission Name: Boogeyman Sighting
Date of Mission: June 26, 2011
Locale: CIA Headquarters

Eli meets the CIA's boogeyman in CIA Headquarters.

Eli Samson

The thing about working in intelligence is that there's no real cut-and-dried quitting time. While there probably aren't too many people working this late on a Sunday, there are probably more people working here than there would be in a typical office building. Among the others hard at work, Eli Akins is just exiting his office, probably more recognizable than some. After 6 years working in the office with his rather conspicuous walking cane, most people probably at least have noticed him once or twice. For now, he closes the office door behind him, then starts down the familiar hallway with confidence and walking cane tapping, while simultaneously fighting back a yawn.

As the door to Eli's office opens, the door to the interrogation room opens and Samson steps out of the room as he cleans his hands with a towel. There's a few blood stains on his shirt, presumably from whoever is still in the interrogation room. He steps into the hallway as the door closes behind him. He glances up and down the hallway, spotting Eli there, offering a simple nod of his head to the man in a greeting. He doesn't speak a word to the man yet, unsure how far his reputation in the agency has gone.

The nod doesn't earn much in the way of a return greeting, what with Eli being unable to see it and all. However, the metallic scent of blood and the sound of a door opening and footsteps does cause him to hesitate. His lips tug down in what may be a slightly disapproving frown… But at his age, he's worked for the agency long enough to know better than to become offended. Instead, he just says, drily, "We catch another terrorist?"

Samson glances back towards the door he just came from at the man's question, turning to look at the man. "That's what they tell me." He says simply softly before he looks back to the man. "I just make them talk. They do the rest." There's a small smirk playing at his lips as he says that, though it too most likely goes unseen.

Eli snorts faintly at that, but shakes his head. "Ah, I see." He hesitates for a moment, still with that faint frown. "You know, you sound awfully familiar, but I can't say we've ever been formally introduced. Elijah Akins," he offers, without sticking out his hand to shake. Instead, he remains reserved, hands resting on his walking cane while he waits expectantly for a return of his introduction.

Samson physically, he looks very uncomfortable talking with the man, but his voice doesn't betray the nerves. He looks at the man for a moment before he nods, mostly for his own sake. "I've been around for a while." He looks back up to the man before he responds. "Samson." He says, offering the name given to him by his handlers. He is actually relieved that Eli doesn't offer a hand and certainly doesn't offer him his hand either. "We've never met before." He offers after a moment to clarify.

Eli smirks vaguely. "Well, that would be what I was implying before," he points out, helpfully. "Well, I was just on my way out. For the record, you should be more careful about spilling blood. What with the AIDS epidemic and all." He smiles, perhaps a bit coldly. "It only takes one exposure, from what I hear."

Samson nods once. "Understood." He says as he tosses the towel over his shoulder and crossing his arms at his chest. "I'll be careful. They test that for the during the physicals I hope. If not, I'll force 'em." He chuckles slightly, but knows that is most likely not how it would go down. He glances towards the direction of the exit as the man mentions he's heading home. He smirks as he looks back to the man. "Well, you be sure to drive safe on your way home." He says, his tone obviously one of joking.

Eli raises an eyebrow slightly, lips curling into another smirk, his unfocused eyes dancing with amusement. "Oh, I don't drive. I have a seeing-eye dog for that," he responds, lightly, and turns back toward the hallway, reaching out one hand to touch the wall. As he starts walking again, he tosses over his shoulder, "Remember what they say, Samson. You catch more flies with honey."

Samson offers a chuckle at the man's retort. "Make sure he doesn't drink and drive." He says before he offers a wave for his own sake. "I will." He responds to the call over the other man's shoulder. He turns and heads down the hallway in the opposite direction.

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