2011 06 02: Bookstore Gathering

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Mission Name: Bookstore Gathering
Date of Mission: June 2, 2011
Locale: Elliot's Used Books

A gathering of spies at the used bookstore.

Svetlana Scarlet Geoff Lance

With the workday behind him, Lance finds himself at the used book store in the Upper East Side. The shop is nearly empty except for a few patrons spread out through the store. Lance is seated in an isle, leaning against one shelf. In his hand is a book on business which he reads, having already made it a good portion into the book. The owner of the store and the other customers don't seem to be paying him much attention.

Svetlana is moving through the shelves, glancing back and forth at the books. She has one book in her hand already "Euroasian Geopolotics and the Fate of the West", and is currently flipping through the religious section. She touches over the books lightly as she scans the covers rapidly in search of…whatever it is she's looking for.

Lance flips the page of the book he's reading before he finally closes the book and stands back up, dusting himself off before he continues to another isle. He sees the woman there and raises an eyebrow slightly before he gaze moves to the book she carries, reading the title on the cover. He then turns his attention to the woman, giving her an appraising once over. If she notices him, he offers a simple nod of his head in a greeting with a simple, "Evening."

Svetlana notices Lance, and then glances him over, as well. The shirt gets a strange look, however. "Evening." she replies, before stepping up on a step-stool to reach an upper shelf. "Find anything good?" she asks.

Lance nods once as he watches her step up on the stool before he turns his attention to the titles of the books that line the shelves. "Yes, I did. What about you? Is that for a class?" He asks her, nodding his head towards the book that she holds in her hand, glancing from the books back up to her.

Svetlana shakes her head. "Work." she explains. "I'm a year past graduation, actually. Political consultant. The firm I work for explains international politics to politicians and business leaders in simple, easy to understand terms." She rolls her eyes slightly. "What are you reading?"

Lance stands in the religious section of the bookstore with Svetlana, the work day behind them. Lance has a business book in his hand and Svetlana has another entitled 'Euroasian Geopolitics and the Fate of the West'. He nods as she explains the book to him, letting out a soft "Ahh…" Her question to him draws his attention to the book he holds. "Business Practices for the Modern World." He answers, looking back up at her. "I like to keep up with the new business techniques to keep my edge." He says with a soft chuckle.

The bell on the front door jingles as Geoff walks in from outside. He's on the phone, which incidentally looks like it belongs to a fourteen year old Hello Kitty fan, as it's all blinged out with a pink rhinestone cover. "Okay, I'm here," he says. "So what do you want? … Are you shitting me? No. It's a used bookstore. They don't have that. You're disgusting." He makes a face, wandering down the aisles, probably annoying people on the way, since book people and cell phone people rarely mix well.

Svetlana grabs a book on comparative religion and steps down from the stool, nodding at Lance. "A businessman?" She glances him over a second time. "Do you own your own business then, or work in an office?" she asks, before glancing aside at the loud man with the pink cell-phone.

Lance nods his head as he looks to her. "Yeah. I work for a medical research company." He chuckles softly before he hears the door open before the sound of a familiar voice reaches his ears. He glance towards the voice and chuckles. "Hey." He says, offering a wave towards the man as an invitation to join the group.

For the record, Geoff isn't being all that loud, relatively speaking. He's using his indoor voice, but some people would still find it inappropriate at a bookstore. "No you do not do Kaballah," he says over the phone. "Are you even Jewish?" He lifts his chin to acknowledge Lance's greeting. "Okay, well— Just— You'll get what you get. I— I gotta go. I'm being rude. Oh, and for the record? Next time I get sick? I'm saving up all my errands just to dump them on you. So get ready for that shit." He hangs up without saying goodbye. "How do we keep running into each other?" he asks Lance.

Svetlana glances towards Geoff and then towards Lance. "Bookstore regulars?" she asks quizically, glancing towards the shelves, looking for Kaballah simply because it was mentioned, and, upon spotting it, turning back towards the two.

Lance shrugs his shoulders slightly as he looks to Geoff. "I dunno. Are you spying on me for the hot coffee chick?" He asks him, a smirk playing on his lips. He glances to Svetlana. "Not really. Just happen to keep running into each other in different places." He says to her before looking back towards the other guy. "Doing errands for a friend?" He asks, not helping but over hear in the quiet store.

Geoff puts his phone in his pocket. "The hot—?" Geoff asks, Lance, then gives him a tilted smile. "Nah, but she's into you for sure. And now you just said she's hot, so…" He smirks and then looks at Svetlana. "Yeah, he was at some bar I wandered into last week or something." Then back to Lance: "Yeah, he's sick so now I'm his bitch because when I was sick he brought me soup. Hey, neither of you happens to know anything about Kaballah, do you?"

Svetlana points towards a book. "Only that there's a book on it right there." she says. "Other then that, no, not really, sorry. I'm not Jewish." She tilts her head quizzically. "Why's your friend interested in that stuff?"

The chime overhead rings as the door opens allowing the sounds of the city to permeant the quiet little book shop briefly as the figure of a woman steps inside. Hand pushing the door closed behind her, the woman reaches up to brush a few errant strands of hair from her face while searching the nearby area for soemthing of intrests as if this is her first time inside this particular book store….

Lance stands in the religious section of the bookstore with Svetlana, the work day behind them. He nods once to Geoff. "Yeah. I had a feeling when she was looking at me like a fat kid looks at a cake." At the question about the Kaballah, he simply shakes his head. "Sorry. I'm agnostic." His eyes turn towards the front door as the chime rings again, looking over the newcomer.

Geoff rolls his eyes. "Because he's stupid," he answers, reaching up and taking down the book. "He's not Jewish, either, he just… He's into Madonna…whatever." He quickly dismisses the matter. He tucks the book under his arm.

Svetlana snorts at the Madonna comment. "I see." she says simply, before tucking her two books under her arm. The first reads "Euroasian Geopolitics and the Fate of the West." and the second is a comparative religion book. "Please, don't let me be a bother to you two gentlemen…I was just looking around."

The soft tread of a heeled step on the floor and Scarlet takes a step further inside the book store. Lifting her chin, emerald green eyes search across the book shelves looking over the variouse sections as she walks past the other patrons before she seems to find what she is looking for… The used Science Fiction section… Turning that corner she diseappears into that area of the book store cut of from view for the most part while running one finger along the spine of several books waiting for something to catch her eye…

Lance returns his attention back towards the group before him. "I really never could get into Madonna after the '80s and I entered the double digit years." He says with a shrug. "But hey, everyone has their own tastes." He looks back towards Svetlana. "Where do you work at? You said you were a political advisor or something to that effect?" He glances back towards Scarlet for a moment.

Geoff shrugs at Lance. "I don't like her, either," he says. "Bitch can't sing." Simple as that, Geoff's shrug seems to say. He looks over at Svetlana.

"The American Strategic Vision Intitute." Svetlana replies. "I'm in their Chineese and Middle-eastern policy group." She shrugs. "It sounds more interesting then it is. Its actually quite boring." She pauses. "I never really listened to Madonna, so I wouldn't know. My parents had a thing about that sort of thing. So I never got into her."

Crouching, Scarlet leans forward onto her knees and slides a battered book from the lower shelf and turns it over to scan the back cover breifly before flipping the pages. Lips part slightly in a soft smile as a few errant strands of hair spill across her brow to partially conceal the left side of her face.

Cascading like a silken waterfall, blue black hair frames the pale porcelain fine features of a face displaying Asian and Caucasian heritage. Tucked lightly behind her right ear at times, the length tends to spill across her face concealing those fine features in shadow before falling to just past the middle of her back. Delicately arched brows rest above slightly almond shaped emerald green eyes outlined by black kohl eye liner and dark eye-shadow. Between those alluringly sultry eyes an elfin nose points towards softly flowering lips forming a delicate cupid's bow that accentuates highly sculpted cheekbones and the fine line of the jaw

An elegantly pale slender neck, left bare of any jewelry, descends to asymmetric shoulder lines made so by a very simple single shoulder top. Subtly sexy and pleasing to the eye, the white silk top is loose and flowing while leaving the pale silken flesh of the left shoulder bare. The fabric flows rather than outlines the gentle swell over her bust while accentuating the hourglass curve of an inset waist line. The fabric slashes up from below her left arm at a gentle angle and crosses over the right shoulder where an oval opening allows her right arm to slip though. A bit of excess fabric bunches under the right arm trendily while falling slightly over the bicep of that same lithe arm. Wresting on the delicately thin wrist of her left arm, a simple silver bracelet presses against the dexterous hand and fingers ending in French manicured nails. A thin silver banded watch wraps the opposing wrist with a face that glints in the light. Folds in loose fabric of the top rest lightly against a flat midriff even as the garment slips over sensual hips.

Beneath the fabric of the top, which ends just past her hips, a pair of cream colored slacks flow over the gentle swell of her rear and down long lithe legs loosely. The cuffs end sharply, not to bunch, just at her ankle where a pair of simple black one inch heals adorn her small feet.

Lance glances back again at the woman in the other aisle for a moment before he looks back to the others. He chuckles and nods towards Geoff. "Well, at least I'm not the only one who feels that way about her." He smirks as he looks to Svetlana, nodding. "Wow. Sounds pretty spiffy. Must mean you travel a lot." He smirks and looks back towards Scarlet. "Just a sec, guys." He says to the others before he moves to Scarlet's aisle. "Evening. Finding everything okay?" He asks her, seeming to act like he works here.

"What sort of thing?" Geoff asks Svetlana. "Sluts of the '80s?" He doesn't seem particuarly interested in her thinktank work, though, so his eyes wander. "Oh," he says, then asks Svetlana, "Does he work here?"

Looking up from her kneeling position on the floor, Scarlet's emerald green eyes focus on the young man with slightly parted lips, "Ughm… Yes." Perhaps a little embarrased her cheeks flush slightly as she moves to stand clutching the paperback book in one hand as her other comes up to brush the fallen strands of hair back from her face and behind one ear. "Thank you though." Biting her lower lip briefly she looks Lance over for a moment but doens't frame the next question that enters her mind as she takes an initial step out of the isle. "I think I'll just get this."

"Not really." Svetlana disagrees. "Its mostly a boring desk job. Read, write reports, and so on. There is a bit of travel involved, but mostly I only travel when on a…" She glances towards Geoff. "Uh. I have no idea." Another pause. "About either one. I couldn't name a single Madonna song. My parents were Christian missionaries. And uh, I just met him."

Lance smiles as he nods towards Scarlet. "That's a good book. I read it a few years ago." He says, nodding towards the book she holds. "I think you'll like it." He says as he watches her move out of the isle. He pauses for a moment as if considering something. "You new around here? I don't think I've seen you around here before." Probably because he doesn't really ever come here.

Geoff glances over his shoulder at where Lance and Scarlet are. "Oh," he says, looking back to Svetlana. "He's probably just flirting. Guys who don't go to church have to come to bookstores to meet nice women."

Wetting her lips slightly, Scarlet titls her head to the side giving the young man a sideways glance as an amused smile touches her features, "Well… Thanks. I've been following John Ringo for awhile and some of his books are a bit out there but I'm on a bit of a Sci-Fi kick right now." Moving towards where the counter is located she holds the book out to him as though expecting him to ring her up, "Oh… well yes actually. I'm just getting a feel for teh area today but I moved here last night. It's nice to find a good used book store with a decent selection. Book prices now a days are nearly as bad as buying gas."

Svetlana snorts. "Not the most outlandish idea I've seen by far." she replies to Geoff cynically. "So, what is it you do?"

Lance glances back towards Geoff and flashes a quick smile before he looks back to Scarlet. "Well, welcome." He says to her, extending a hand. "I'm Lance." He then nods towards the others. "Those are my friends. Why don't you come over and say hi? Meet some other people in the city."

"Me?" Geoff asks. "Well, I don't exactly work at the UN. I work at a club in Chelsea called Barracuda." He smiles. "Ever hear of it?" Judging by his expression, he is assuming the woman has not.

Retracting the book, Scarlet looks only momentarily confused for a second as she looks from the young man to his friends, "Oh my…. I'm sorry. I thought you worked here." Cheeks flushing slightly, she extends one delicate hand to accept his proffered one lightly while trying to hide her embrassment, "I really don't wantto intrude Lance. I mean… Well I wasn't really expecting to meet anyone today I guess." A soft bit of laughter escapes her lips as she takes a moment to compose herself, "Well… Okay. I'm Chastity by the way."

Svetlana shakes her head. "No, I'm afraid not." she replies. "I don't go to clubs much." she admits. "I went to one, once, back when I was a freshmen. I didn't like it. Didn't really fit with my values, I'm afraid."

Lance chuckles and shakes his head. "No, I don't. I'm sorry. That's my fault, I didn't mean to make you think that." He smiles and stuffs his hands into his pockets. "It's nice to meet you Chastity. You won't be intruding. We sort of all ran into each other here anyway. One more won't hurt." He says, nodding his head in the direction of the others. "Let's make you some friends." He chuckles and starts back to the others.

Geoff smiles at Svetlana. "Yeah, I'm guessing Barracuda wouldn't be the best fit for your…values," he answers cheerfully. Or mock-cheerfully. Hard to tell. "A freshman what? In college? They're supposed to card, you know…"

Setting the book aside on the sales counter for later, Scarlet looks over in the direction indicated perhaps feeling a bit self conscience as she runs a hand across her hair to make sure it's in place and moves in step with Lance, "Well I won't try ti get my hopes up. I wasn't really expecting to see anyone in an old book store. It always seems these places are rather deserted. I was just driving by and needed some entertainment until my electricity gets turned on."

Svetlana snorts. "Please, I may be a christian, but I'm not exactly an angel. Do you really think every club out there actually cards all the pretty girls who enter?" She snorts again. "Besides, I went to college in Hong Kong. Drinking age 18."

Lance looks back to Scarlet and shakes his head. "Don't worry. Just be your charming self and you'll do fine." He looks back to the others and smiles. "Hey guys, this is Chastity. She's new and doesn't have electricity at the moment." He says, motioning back towards the other woman before he looks back to the others. "Chastity, this is Gigi.. I think… and—" He pauses as he realizes he doesn't know Svetlana's name. "I'm sorry. I'm Lance." He says to Svetlana.

Geoff shrugs. "I've never been to Hong Kong, honey," he says, smiling. "Maybe you'd like American clubs better. Although /possibly/ not Barracuda. Although Tuesday is ladies' night…" He looks over politely as 'Chastity' is introduced, but can't help laughing when Lance gives his name as 'Gigi.' "Don't introduce me that way to a Christian and a girl named Chastity for god's sake," he laughs. "Geoff." Then he lifts an eyebrow at Scarlet. "Why on earth don't you have electricity? You forget to pay your bill…for three months?"

"Samantha." Svetlana replies. "Samantha Zheng." She tilts her head slightly by way of greetings. "A pleasure to meet you all. But…I should be going. I have a report to write before work tomorrow."

Giving Lance a sideways glance at the introduction and taking note of the fact that he hasn't even gotten the other girls name in his group, Scarlet can't help but hide her smile behind one hand as she crosses an arm over her chest while shifting her weight to one hip, "Wow… thanks." Dropping her hand she nods to Geoff and Svettaking a moment to look them both over while getting that first initial impression. "Geoff? Hrm.. I don't know Gigi has a certain charm to it to. But well.. I just moved into my loft actually and they forgot to turn my power on so I'm living by candlelight and a wood burning stove. Kind of romantic actually and I'm saving on my electric bill which as things are is always a good thing." Nice to meet you Samantha… Well maybe I'll see you around. If not take care."

Lance can't help but laugh with Geoff and his reply. "My bad. It's the only name I had. But it's nice to meet you Geoff." He says with a smile before he looks to Svetlana and nods. "Nice to meet you Samantha. He says before she excuses herself. "It was nice to meet you, again. See you around." He looks to Scarlet and smirks as he looks back to Geoff. "I didn't think they even had wood burning stoves anymore in New York. That must have cost extra on the rent."

Geoff seems surprised by Scarlet's story. "Wow. I have literally never heard of that happening. Where the hell do you live in the city that you have a wood-burning stove?" he wonders, echoing Lance. "Seriously." He lifts a hand to acknowledge Svetlana's departure.

"That is wierd." Svetlana agrees, before waving to the group and heading to the door.

Perhaps feeling a little embarrassed, Scarlet hides it bhind the gentle toss of her head while reaching up to brush her hair back, " I live in the warehouse district near the peir. They just set up some old open lofts in some of the warehouses and I got one cheap. The Stove is actually an antique that was left behind I guess since the loft was renovated. It's not much but it's mine."

Lance smirks and nods in agreement with the others. "Wow. So you got an entire warehouse for yourself? That must be nice. All the space." He chuckles as he nods. "Well, anywhere you can rest your head at night is home. Hopefully your power will come back on soon and you won't have to entertain yourself with old books." He offers a smile before he looks back to Geoff. "When's your next show? I figure if I keep running into you, I might as well see at least one of your shows."

"So…they just converted a warehouse to a loft, and you have the antique stove…from the warehouse?" Geoff wonders, looking kind of puzzled by the story. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. Must be hot as a bitch, though, burning wood inside in the summer." He smiles at Lance and shrugs. "I work Thursday through Sunday every week," he says. "I have a bigger part in the Thursday-Saturday show, but it doesn't matter, come on down whenever you want. I'll get you a free drink."

Shaking her head, Scarlet lets out a slight sigh while keeping a smile on her lips, "No just the upper floor and it's a small section. Not the whole warehouse. It's still being used. The rent is just extremly cheap but that is neither here nor there. I think it was just a sectioned off portion and someone thought it was cute to leave the stove next to the wall where it was hooked up. I'm just using it to heat up some tea and make smores when i'm bored. I've only been there for two nights now." One hand moves to her hip as the other hangs idly at her side. She then seems content to listen for a moment curiouse as to what show Geoff may be pertaining to but doesn't get involved in teh conversatin as she turns to the side slightly and looks off down one the isles for a a moment.

Lance raises an eyebrow at the mention of the free drink. "I'll be sure to stop by. I'm never one to turn down a free drink. I'll try to stop by this Thursday." He looks back towards Scarlet with a smile. "Well, even if it's not an entire warehouse, it's still pretty cool as long as it doesn't get too loud since the rest is in use." He smiles and chuckles. "Though I have to admit, I've never had a smore before."

Turning back from looking down the isle, Scarlet meets Lance's gaze, "Oh? I guess you were never a boy scout then." Lips part in a warm smile as she folds both arms across her chest and takes a moment to check the time.

"Only one, though," Geoff warns Lance. "You have to buy your own after that." He looks shocked to hear Lance has never had a s'more. "What are you, Canadian? How have you never…?" He looks between Scarlet and Lance and smiles. "I should get going…"

Lance smirks and nods his head as he looks to Geoff. "That's fine. I can buy my own afterwards." He smiles before he shakes his head. "Actually, no. I'm French." He says with a soft chuckle. "I have seen a s'more on television before." He glances at the time as Geoff offers his departure. "I'll see you around I'm sure. If not, Thursday then." He looks to Scarlet and smirks. "And I don't think we had boy scouts when I was younger." He grins as he looks at her. "And I never really bothered to get around to make myself a s'more." He shrugs slightly. "Maybe tonight I should…"

Looking up from her watch, Scarlet glances at Geoff and nods to herself, "I actually need to head out myself as well. These hourly parking rates ate the parking garages are a killer." Giving Lance a sideways glance before nodding her head, she lets her hands fall to here side, "Well you should put it on a to do list if you can get a place to make one that is."

Geoff nods at Lance. "That's why you talk funny," he observes, but more fondly than nastily." He raises one hand in a sort of wave as he passes them both by to buy his friend's book. "See you."

Lance chuckles again and nods. "That would be the reason." He smirks, obviously not taking the comment personally or find it offensive. "Take care." He says to Geoff before he looks to Scarlet. "Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Chastity, and I hope to see you around again sometime." He says before he nods. "If I find a source of open flame, I'll be sure to make some." He grins and offers a wave. "Take care of yourself." He then heads to the checkout line with his book, letting Scarlet take a position in front of him to buy her book.

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