2011 07 12: Boom Goes the Dynamite

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Mission Name: Boom Goes the Dynamite
Date of Mission: July 12th, 2011
Locale: Coney Island - Brooklyn

Someone hires Anya to blow something up. It blows up. It blows up good.

Anya NPC

Coney Island, it's the mecca of entertainment. During the summer months like these, it's generally packed to the brim with visitors, young and old alike, both tourist and non: a place for thrills, chills, laughs, and romance. However, given that it currently is in the middle of the night the strip of land is emptied out aside from the general cacophony found in the subsidized housing and beyond the amusement areas. The amusement areas themselves are walked occasional by the stray passerby, or security guard, especially under the surreal luminescence brought on by the neon tubes placed along the steel frame of the Wonder Wheel, one of New York's more famous landmarks and large Ferris wheel.

Which makes it the perfect time for Anya! She's dressed in black pants, snug enough not to get caught on anything or brush too much, and her shirt, gloves and the cap that hides her hair are all black as well. The better to blend into the night. She's got a bag, the strap crossing her torso and packed with her 'toys'. She moves quickly but quietly, keeping an eye out for guards or witnesses, as she heads towards the ferris wheel.

Security, if one could call it such, is light and unimpressive. It's also just an amusement park so it tends to be understandable that there are only a handful of uniformed people walking here and there. Three of them seem busy escorting a couple of spray-painting delinquents out of the area and toward a parked security car nearby. Around the Ferris wheel itself is just one lone man, in his late twenties or so, somewhat overweight but otherwise normal. This happens to be a normal night in and of itself so he's casually walking from one end of the wheel to the other and looking up to the behemoth ride in the process.

Anya smiles as she watches the delinquents being escorted out. Perfect distraction. She continues on, watching that single guard, and moving around to the opposite side of him, trying to reach the base of the structure without being seen, crouching down and using it to hide.

The man pauses in his walking and looks up, and then he looks over. It's in the general direction of where Anya once had been and he had thought he had seen someone there. He looks further around with turning about but since there's a lack of noise he reaches up to scratch at the back of his head before returning to his beat. That leads him to walking off towards the other side of the lane, to a row of ball tossing and skeeball. It's better for him to chalk things up to an overactive imaginary than anything else.

Anya smirks a bit when he wanders off, and she quietly opens her bag, reaching inside for the first charge. She secures it to the base, attaches the detonator, then checks to make sure it's linked up with the remote. When she's sure of it, she smiles, moving further down, so she can attach another charge, identical to the first. She's chosen powerful but focused explosives, ones that will take out the lower part of the ferris wheel, but not too much outside damage. Until the wheel falls, anyway.

One of the lights in the background flickers away into nothingness before coming back alive moments later, illuminating a closed cotton candy selling station. The security guard soon enough begins to return nearer to the wheel after having walked off into the distance, watching his surroundings with a lax focus. The Wonder Wheel looms overhead as it silently watches Anya's work. The sound of a car sputtering during acceleration echoes in.

The sounds are blocked out, distractions that Anya doesn't need. When she gets the second charged set, she keeps low and starts to move away from the wheel. She wants to get at a safe distance, but she's an artiste. She won't go far enough that she can't see the explosion.

"Hey, what are you doing over there?" The man is alarmed if only because he hadn't seen anyone near the Ferris wheel to begin with, but he's bringing up a flashlight to try and shine it in the general direction of Anya after seeing a fleeting shadowy figure moving away from the wheel thanks to the neon lights of the amusement ride. It's hard to tell but it demands checking out now; he isn't completely inept and oblivious to the world around him. "Hey!"

Anya glances, briefly, at the man, before she smirks and just takes off at a run. Let him chase her, he'll stop soon enough when the wheel goes BOOM!

"Hey!" That's his favorite word and he wishes he were in shape right about now, now that the figure is sprinting off into the distance. The flashlight's focused beam bobs heavily up and down as it rocks to his moving hand as he tries to keep up with Anya and he is doing good at first up until needing to try and radio things in to any nearby guards, and then he's doing all the worse when the explosives go off thirty seconds into the chase.

He throws up his hands to shield his head when they initially go off and comes to an awkward stop as the heat rolls over his flushed skin while turning around to see the plume of fire and smoke. It fades in the wake of metal wrenching and buckling loudly against itself. Mouth slightly agape, he watches as the Ferris wheel careens over onto itself and crushes a series of booths and partially a ride's building next door and pushes out a cloud of dirt and debris.

Anya doesn't stop, though she does glance back at the beauty of the explosion, grinning broadly. But she takes advantage of the man's distraction, continuing to run, trying to put as much distance between her and the park as possible.

The security guard looks after the explosion as it settles and then turns around in remembering about the shadowy figure he had seen. He's real iffy on details but he's certain that's who had caused the explosion to begin with, so he tries to follow after Anya. Adrenaline has him anxious and on a heightened alert but distractions has him empty-handed when he is called back to the scene from the others, emergency services already called in to be en route.

Anya smirks when she realizes that the guard has given up chase, and she tugs her hat free, her gloves, sticking them in her bag as she heads for where she left her car. Luckily, black on black is fashionable as well as blending, so maybe no one will remember a pretty brunette, sliding into her car blocks from the park.

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