2011 07 06: Bowling and Bets

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Mission Name: Bowling and Bets
Date of Mission: July 6, 2011
Locale: Lonnie's Lanes Bowling Alley

Lance and Rebekah go bowling and end up making a friendly wager.

Lance Rebekah

The early evening hours find the Bowling Alley with a few groups enjoying the lanes. The sounds of the bowling balls rolling the lanes and the crash of the pins fill the air, mixed with dozens of conversations. Lance sits at one of the lanes, changing into the pair of bowling shoes he has rented after having chosen his bowling ball that he'll be using.

Rebekah comes up behind the man like a ninja! No no, like a boss! She moves to put her hands over his eyes as she stands there behind him. Hopefully this doesn't get thrown into a wall or anything.

Luckily, Lance's hands are busy with his shoes as his eyes get covered. As soon as they are covered, he freezes and doesn't move. "How many times am I going to have to remind you to not sneak up on me?" He says, knowing that there's only one person who would be here and covering his eyes. He remains unmoving as his eyes remain closed.

Rebekah flips over to a seat next to him. "Hmmm.. not really sure to be honest." Her lips curve upwards as she moves to kiss his cheek. "I got a second job." Her accent is still slightly there, but less played up when it is just them. She has on bright pink bowling shoes.

Lance resumes tying his shoes as soon as he can see again before he looks at her. "Well, you're really going to have to stop doing that or someone is going to get hurt." He says to her, looking at her before he stands and moves to start putting the names into the scorecards. "You can go first if you want."

Rebekah lowers her brows at him a few moments. "Lance…" His name falls off her lips slowly as she walks over to him. "… are we okay? I mean maybe it's just me but we seem off."

Lance sighs softly as he looks down for a moment before he looks back up at her. "I just don't want another incident in Vegas to happen again. I don't want it to happen again." He says to her as he finishes entering the names.

Rebekah lowers her brows to that. "You mean the wall thing or the us thing?" She smiles and sits next to him and leans in against him. Her lips curve up into a flirtatious gesture. "I know you don't want to hurt me, Casanova."

Lance looks back up at her. "The wall thing." He says as she sits back down next to him and leans against him. "So, you need to stop sneaking up on me. I've told you time and time again. I don't like it." He nudges her. "You're up."

Rebekah smiles towards him. "I'm just trying to be flirty. I'll try to remember." She presses a kiss to his nose as she moves up to the lane. She also found a bright pink ball. Her butt wiggles as she lines it up and then manages to roll the ball down the lane. The ball rolls and rolls and rolls and … rolls right by all the pins. They are all standing.

Lance smiles and nods. "I'd just hate myself if something happened because you surprised me." He says before he kisses her cheek as she kisses his nose. He watches her as she goes, wincing slightly as she misses all the pins. "That's alright." He tries to encourage her. "You've still got another try. You'll get something."

Rebekah frowns as the ball goes down the gutter. Her eyes watch it disappear but then she turns to smile at the encouragement. "Oh like you bowl any better." She winks towards him and then takes the ball and tosses it….. to miss all the pins.

Lance chuckles as he watches the second ball roll and miss all the pins again. "Yeah, but at least I can hit the pins." He says as he looks up at the screen as her score is automatically updated by the computer. He stands and moves to pick up his ball and take his turn. "Watch an learn." He says, lining up the shot and rolls the ball down the lane. He watches the ball move towards the gutter, managing to knock over the single right corner pin. He frowns slightly as he prepares for his second shot. "See. I hit one." He says, looking over his shoulder to her.

Rebekah watches for a few moments and then golf claps. "Lance, I have never been so impressed by you. I … I suddenly want to have babies with you. I am so in awe." Her eyes are sparkling in humor.

Lance smirks and chuckles. "Yeah, but I'm still winning." He says to her as his ball comes back. He picks up it and lines up his second shot. He sends the ball down the lane again, this time managing to knock over four more pins. Either he hasn't played in a long time or he has never played at all. Either way, there's probably teenage girls in the bowling alley who are doing better than he is.

Rebekah is the best friend ever! "Hey Casanova! You might want to take bowling tips from that five year old. You want some bumpers." She grins to that as she stands up to grab her ball. There is a slap on his ass when they pass, unless he avoids it.

Lance chuckles and turns towards her on his way to his seat. "Hey, you're the one who hasn't hit any pins. I was just about to suggest the bumpers for you. I managed to knock down more than you have." He grins as he jumps at the slap on his ass. "Let's see if you can do better this time."

Rebekah lifts the ball to her lips. "Okay Pinky.. we have to kick Lance's ass. You know you want to. I'm going to throw you and you are going to knock down all those pins." She pulls her hand back and releases the ball. It goes straight down the lane. She's set up for a strike! Until the last moment it veers to the right and knocks one pin down.

Lance smirks as she takes her shot. He raises an eyebrow as the ball looks like it's going to be a strike, but then veers off at the last moment. As the single pin is knocked down, Lance can't help but laugh and give her a standing ovation. "Bravo, Beks. You got one!"

Rebekah turns around where she is and bows towards him. "Thank you thank you.. please autographs are after the game." She blows him a kiss as she goes to get her ball from the return. "I am rather amazing. How is it you have not proposed… I mean other than when we eloped in Vegas."

Lance smirks and chuckles as he watches her. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." He shakes his head as he watches her again. "I still don't believe it. I don't have a ring and I don't remember it, so it never happened. I wanna see a marriage license or something."

Rebekah smiles to that. "I'm hurt that you don't remember." She tosses the ball and actually manages to knock down five more pins! She tips her head and then squeals and runs over to kiss him hard on the mouth. Unless his elite skills move on to block it.

Lance smirks as he stands up again to take his shot. "I think the reason I don't remember is because it never happened." He smirks and applauds her as she knocks down the five pins. He starts to pick up his ball to take his turn, but gets surprised by the kiss. He smiles after the kiss is broken. "Well, congratulations. You're winning by one pin." He says before he takes his turn, knocking over three more pins.

Rebekah grins at him too as she moves to sit down. It is also where she realizes that she can alter the computer scores. Her eyes fall upon it as she hmms. Luckily, she's not cheating yet. "Hey good job baby! You can get a spare still."

Lance smirks as he waits for the ball to come back, looking at her. "Yeah, but what are the odds of me getting that?" He asks with a soft laugh, looking back and readies himself for his next shot. He sends the ball down the lane, putting more force behind it. While he doesn't pick up the spare, he does manage to pick up six pins and leaves the last pin wobbly, but it stays standing. "Holy shit!" He says louder than he meant to, turning back to her. "Did you see that?!"

Rebekah gives a hollar that only a Southern woman can do. She hee-yaw's him. As well as she's out of her seat to attempt to grab his hands. "Happy dance! I totally saw it." She starts to bounce around, with or without him. There are looks cast to them, but most people seem amused.

Lance chuckles and smirks as she tries to get him to dance, but he lets her make the fool of herself. Someone has to be the normal one of the group. He smiles as he watches her. "Well, let's see if you can do that too." He tells her, taking his seat again as he ignores the looks that they gained from the little mini celebration.

Rebekah takes the ball and tosses it granny style down the lane. She even starts to walk away as she pouts at him. It is followed by the strike of pins as she does actually get a strike. The ball does take like four times as long as normal. She doesn't even realize it.

Lance chuckles softly to himself as she does it granny style, but then he blinks a few times as she manages to knock over all the pins. "Wow. Way to go." He says, looking to her then points down the lane. He stands from the seat and gives her a hug. "Good job, now just keep doing that from now on." He chuckles as he goes to take his turn.

Rebekah looks confused and then turns to look at the pins. Her eyes get really large. "OHEMGEE! You see that baby?" Yeah, she said it again and she might not be realizing it either. She jumps up and down. "Yay! I'm totally going to kick your ass now."

Lance laughs and nods. "Yeah, but we're only in the third frame, so who knows. I might just make a come back." He grins and takes his shot, sending the all down the lane and knocks down 8 pins, leaving the dreaded 7/10 split. He lets out a groan and sighs as he waits for the ball to return. "No way I'm getting this spare." He says, looking back to her.

Rebekah smiles softly at him. "You can totally do that, hon. You are going to knock them down." She claps for him as she does this and then gives a bright smile before she winks and tries to cheerlead for him.

Lance shrugs his shoulders slightly as he looks down at the last two remaining pins. "I dunno." He says, picking up the ball again. "Here goes nothing." He says, moving to take the second shot. He takes a deep breath before he sends the ball down the lane. The ball rolls towards one of the pins, missing it by inches. "Damnit." He says as he spins around towards her.

Rebekah opens her arms for the comforting hug. "Awwww.. you were robbed. I thin this game is rigged." She grins a bit a that before she winks towards him.

Lance wraps his arms around her and returns the hug, nodding. "Yeah, the bastards. I'll get 'em back." He says before he releases her and smirks. "You're up." He says, giving her a firm slap on her ass as he moves to sit down to watch her form.

Rebekah jumps at the slap. It is almost like they get a little more friendly by frame. She wiggles that 'form' for him. Her jeans concealing little as she tosses the ball. There it goes… down.. down…. and one pin on the left goes with it.

Lance grins and chuckles as he watches her, wincing again as she only knocks down one pin. "You know, I think this game is rigged." He says to her, watching her again as she takes the second shot. "You can get it back. Just do what you did last time to get the strike."

Rebekah nods her head. "I hope that I get a panda at the end or something like that." She takes the ball and granny throws it down the lane. It knocks out four pins when she does that.

Lance smirks as he stands nodding. "It's okay." He says, offering a hug to her to comfort her. "You'll get 'em next time, I promise." He says to her before he moves to pick up the ball and take his next shot. He lines it up and sends the ball rolling once more. This time, he manages to knock down half the pins. "Whoo!"

Rebekah claps for him. "You knock down the rest of those pins. You make them your bitch."

Lance smiles and takes a deep breath before he takes his second shot. The ball rolls down the lane towards the remaining pins, knocking down two more pins. He frowns and shrugs, looking back to her. "Well fuck." He says as he moves back to take a seat.

Rebekah comes out of her seat and snuggles him a bit if he allows. She actually tries to make it linger. Her form snug, but not TOO snug against him.

Lance returns the hug, letting it last until she pulls away. After it is broken, he returns to sitting down and watches her as she takes her turn. "Three pins and you're back in the lead."

"I can do that with my eyes closed." Rebekah watches Lance as he walks behind her to sit down. Her eyes linger upon him before she tosses the ball… right into the gutter. Her expression frowns a bit. "I meant to do that."

Lance smirks and chuckles as he watches her. "I'm sure you can." He says with a grin. He watches the ball as it rolls down the lane and misses. "I'm sure you did. Are you going to do it again?" He asks, smirking and grinning slightly.

Rebekah turns to stick her tongue out at him. "Why does a hater gotta hate?" She shakes her head and then tosses the ball again. It of course rolls right into the gutter. "Oh.. damn.. this is rigged."

Lance smirks and grins. "Maybe that five year old is available to give you some advice." He says as he chuckles. "Or we can get the bumpers for you now." He stands and moves to take his shot. "This is how a master does it." He grins and tosses the ball towards the pins, knocking down four pins.

Rebekah moves up to bow before him on her knees. "Oh holy master.. thank you for showing me. I mean not like I got the strike and you didn't." She's continuing to bow down to him though.

Lance chuckles as he watches her, holding out his hand like the Godfather having a member of the mob kiss his ring. "That's right. Bow before the master." He laughs before he helps her up and then takes his second shot, finally picking up the spare.

Rebekah shakes her head to him. "You are such an ass." It's said playfully though as she leans into him. "Here I thought you would want me to stay on my knees." She wiggles her brows. "How many frames we got?"

Lance smirks and chuckles. "Not in public, Beks." He says in a joking tone, offering her a wink. "Umm… let me check." He says after she asks her question. He moves to look at the scorecard. "It's the sixth frame, so five more including this one."

Rebekah nods her head and picks up her ball. "This is going to be my best frame evah!" She winks towards him a bit to that. Then she tosses the ball down the lane. She hops and hops and hops and… she gets four by hopping.

Lance grins and leans back in the seat to watch her. "We'll see about that. Good luck, but if you get another gutter ball then we're getting the bumpers." He says with a chuckle, applauding as she knocks down the four pins. "Way to go. Four down, six to go."

There is a tip of her head to that. Becky hmms. "You want to make a friendly wager on this game? I mean if you win or if I win the other gets something." Her green eyes are twinkling. She waits for a few moments and then pauses to hear what he says before she will throw it.

Lance raises an eyebrow as he looks at her as she offers a wager. "A wager, huh? What kind of wager?" He asks as he leans towards her, interested in what the stakes are if she wins.

Rebekah lifts a shoulder. "What do you want from me if you win?" She leans back like they are coming up with a way to commit the perfect crime. "You name your stakes and I'll name mine."

Lance grins and shakes his head. "Uh-uh. That's not how it works. You initiated the wager, so you make the first steaks." He says as he watches her.

Rebekah hmms thoughtfully. "I want you to dress in drag and sing karaoke." She watches him and leans in a bit more.

Lance laughs softly and grins. "Alright. And if I win, then you have to dress up like a prep for an entire week and act the part too. No flirting, not wild antics. Full on stuck up prep."

Rebekah arches her brow. "Wait.. wait.. a week? I only said a day. If I have to do it for a week, so do you, Casanova." There is a pause. "Do I have to stop flirting with you too?"

Lance laughs and grins. "Okay, okay. Only a day." He says as he looks at her. "If it's only a day, then yeah for the day. Gotta fit the part. Long skirt, full button up shirt, sweater." He grins at the idea.

Rebekah arches her brows. "This isn't some fetish for you is it?" She moves to toss the ball and picks up two more pins. A proud smile over her shoulder.

Lance smirks and shakes his head. "No, that would be the librarian, teacher, schoolgirl, nurse or runaway." He says with a smirk as she takes her second shot of the frame. "Not bad." He says to her before he stands up to take his shot. He takes aim and tosses the ball, picking off three pins.

"You know, I could do that for you. With different hair colors and everything." Rebekah offers before she gives a low whistle at the pins. "Show off." Her tone is affectionate though.

Lance smirks and chuckles. "I'll keep that in mind." He says as he looks to her over his shoulder. "Yeah, I know." He smirks and takes his second shot, knocking over three more pins. He turns and moves back the seat.

Rebekah moves to pick up her ball and she picks it up and tries to actually concentrate to this. It allows her to take out 9 pins, oddly leaving the center pin. Her eyes move back to him. "Well… I think you are going to make a hot woman. Maybe we should make you a redhead."

Lance laughs and chuckles. "Well, I do have a thing for redheads." He says with a smirk. "Ever since I was a kid and watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit." He moans softly. "Mmm… Jessica Rabbit." He says with a smirk. Oddly enough, he happens to know a drag queen that he could get a wig and over sized women's clothing from.

Rebekah pulls out a piece of her hair to look at it. There is an actual frown, but she moves to take her shot on the center pin. Of course… she misses.

Lance watches as she takes the second shot and misses. "You were close on that one." He says as he stands and gets ready for his turn. He lines up and sends the ball down the lane again, missing them all yet it doesn't go into the gutter.

"You were totally close on that one too." Becky offers as she smiles at him. "I'm sure you'll pick it up. I mean think of me with my hair all pulled up. Then think what we can do as soon as that day is over to make up for it."

Lance nods as he looks back at her. "Yeah, I'll just not have to do that again." He says, chuckling. He lines up the shot again exactly like he did previously, but this time he takes a step to the side opposite where the ball missed last time. He sends the ball down, this time he knocks down seven pins.

Rebekah frowns to the pins going down. "So what are your plans after this? Got a hot date or anything?" She moves to pick up her pink ball of awesome. "You know I'm totally getting a strike this time." She winks towards him.

Lance smirks and chuckles softly at that. "No, not date. But I did get a phone number yesterday and I didn't even have to ask for it. She just gave it to me and offered dinner if I called." He says to her as he moves to sit back down. "Okay, let's see this strike."

Rebekah is mid toss of the ball when that comment comes. From all outward appearances, she's calm and humored. Then there is the hard drop and roll of the ball as she turns to look at him. The good thing is that she does get that strike, but really as proved that means nothing. "Are you going to call her, Casanova?"

Lance raises an eyebrow as he watches her get the strike. "Nice job." He says before he stands to take his shot. He shrugs his shoulders as he lines up the shot. "I don't know. I haven't really decided if I am or not." He says before he sends the ball towards the pins, knocking down four of them.

Rebekah is silent behind his back. Then she smiles and offers. "Well… is she a redhead?" Her eyes watch his form as she claps for him. "You are going to look awesome in those heels."

Lance smirks and shakes his head. "No, she's a brunette." He says as he takes another aim at the pins before sending the ball flying, taking out another five pins, leaving one lone pin standing. "I dunno… I think you're going to look amusing in that preppy outfit." He says as he turns back towards her.

Rebekah is looking more through him than at him. Her eyes have a distant look as she frowns a bit deeply. Then she realizes he can see her and she shakes her head and comes to her feet. "I will look better out of it. I told you I picked up a second job right?"

Lance smirks and shrugs slightly. "I'm sure you will." He says with a soft chuckle as he sits down to let her take her turn. At the mention of the second job, nodding. "I think so, but I think shit came up before we got into it. What's your new job?"

"It's at that one place with the short shorts. You know Sugarpuss or something like that." Rebekah smiles a bit as she lines up and takes out six pins. Before she turns back towards him. "I'm just going to waitress or hostess or something."

Lance smirks and nods. "Oh yeah? I've been there a few times. Not a bad place. Kinda reminds me of Hooters." He says with a grin. "I'll be sure to stop by during one of your shifts." He says as he watches her take out the six pins.

"Is that just so you can check out my ass?" Bekah makes a point of bending over, of course that means her ball hits the gutter soon after though. A soft pout leaving her lips.

Lance smirks and shrugs. "Perhaps, but you know it'll be more to make fun of you like I do at the bar." He says with a grin as he watches her take the second shot. He stands as his turn arrives and takes his shot, knocking down three pins. "And you can get me free food."

Rebekah smirks to that. "Now why would I give you free food?" Beckah winks a bit. "Besides you like warching me work."

Lance smirks and shrugs. "Because I'm sexy and you like to give me stuff." He says with a chuckle as he waits for the ball to return. "Perhaps I do." He remarks about him liking to watch her work as he lines up the shot after he picks up the ball again. He tosses the ball and knocks down two more pins.

Rebekah watches as he knocks them down. "That is because you looooooove me." The tease is easy to hear on her voice.

Lance smirks and looks at her, raising an eyebrow slightly. "Since when did you start using the 'L' word?" He asks her as he moves to sit back down to let her take her turn.

"Since you started feeling that way. ". Rebekah teases more before tapping his nose with her index finger. She moves up and tosses the ball to take out five pins.

Lance chuckles and smirks as he watches her. "Oh yeah? I just happen to think that you are the one who is feeling that way." He offers her a wink as he leans back in his chair to see her second shot. The bet riding on her next roll.

Rebekah almost gags on that as her green eyes peer back towards him. "Yep totally I completely do. Can't you feel it? I always fall the not interested ones." Becky lines up her throw and leaves one lone pin standing. She purses her lips and tries to blow it over to no luck.

Lance chuckles and grins. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's different for us. We have history and a friendship that we have to protect." He says before he watches her take the shot, whistling. "Nice." He laughs softly as she tries to blow it over. "She huffs, she puffs, but she can't blow the pin down." He stands to take his shot, giving her ass another slap as they pass. He lines up the shot and only knocks down two pins.

Rebekah nods her head to that. "It is different between us. We don't want to risk anything that might ruin our friendship." There is a clap for the pins and then a longer pause. "Right?"

Lance smiles and nods as he looks back to her over his shoulder as he waits for the ball to return. "Exactly. I don't want to ruin the friendship and end up loosing the only real stable person in my life." He says, picking up the ball once it's returned and lining up another shot. He sends the ball down the lane and only knocks over a single pin. He sighs and turns back to her. "Not to say that I haven't thought about trying to make us work, but there's still that risk."

Rebekah's shoulders deflate a bit at the mention of her being right. It will probably be the only time that agreeing will cause that reaction. She is also not aware that he may have caught the look. "So who owes who?"

Lance doesn't catch it as he moves to look over the scores and chuckles. "I dunno. It's a tie. 72 to 72." He says, looking back up at her. "So, either we both owe each other or neither of us do."

Rebekah laughs. "Or we have to do something for sudden death."

Lance smirks and nods. "Yeah. We'll have to figure that out. We can talk about it over dinner. What do you say?" He asks as he starts to take off the bowling shoes since the game is over.

Rebekah nods her head to that. "I never turn down food."

Score Card:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total
0 - - 6 1 5 21 X 26 1 4 26 - - 32 4 2 41 9 - 57 X 63 6 - 72 5 4 72
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total
5 1 4 14 3 6 22 8 - 29 5 2 42 4 / 48 3 3 55 - 7 64 4 5 69 3 2 72 2 1 72

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