2011 07 06: Bubbly

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Mission Name: Bubbly
Date of Mission: July 6, 2011
Locale: Washington Square Park

It's just a wild night in the Park…

Gene Anya cole lip

It's late at night, and still New York is busy. It's the city that never sleeps. And some of the neighoring appartments might not be at all right now. Gene had arrived awhile ago. He's driving his street-legal dirtbike around the paths.. just having a grand old time. People are running, scattering. The cops are most likely trying to stop him. Yet trying not to get run over by the kid. "Whooo!!!!" He cries out, excitedly.. at the speeds, the turns, and laughing at the chaos.

While Gene is causing a ruckus, Cole is just chillin'. Wrapper in her leather bomber jacket despite the summer heat, she sits on the shallow steps of the fountain, idly smoking a cigarette and flicking the ash to the ground. She watches the park as a whole, but there's no denying the kid on the dirt-bike is a lot more interesting than the bum peeing on the chess tables or the people just trying to get across without making eye contact. "Yeah, you go kid," she calls out in a half-hearted way, limply pumping a fist in the air in trouble-making solidarity.

While Gene is having fun on a dirtbike, Anya is doing the same in a sleek black car that purrs like a cat. She takes a turn entirely too fast, the wheels squealing a little, but she parks it like a pro and climbs out, the locks beeping. She's grinning as she glances around, hooking her bag across her body.

Gene barely hears Cole over the engine, but he does hear her. He just grins at her as he flies past… doing a wheelie the whole way. What a show off. Looking back in time to have to steer sharp to miss an old man.. "Watch it gramps.. or you'll be eating through a straw" he calls out. He's a total punk. One would think he's been at it quite awhile, not 'maybe' a month..

Cole seems at least vaguely amused by Gene's antics, taking a long draw of her cigarette as she watches him nearly collide with the old man. At that point, though, she's distracted by Anya's arrival and actually sits up a little to give the car a closer look. "Nice ride," she comments to the woman in a coolly impressed tone, her gaze flickering to Anya before returning to check out the car again.

Anya shoots Cole a quick, cocky grin. "Thanks. She's fun," she replies, adjusting her bag slightly and giving another look around. "Anything worth happening going on tonight? Or is it the same old boring NYC?"


Ice Cube's voice comes echoing out of the massive speaker system that's in the Lambo that has just pulled up in front of the black car that was just parked only moments ago. In fact, the stylish 'Ghini is practically parked in front of the other ride to stop it from going anywhere. This is definitely by chance, don't you know.

The suicide doors go up and out climbs one… two… four girls?! All of them are barely dressed and clearly drunk, as they are holding bottles of champagne and scattering with what's in their other hands. Giggles and stumbling are the name of the game as the girls start to flee for some reason.


Lip practically stomps his way out of the ride, holding what amounts to a machine gun version of a water cannon. He pumps it three times and starts SPRAYING it wildly. Only, it's not water that comes out of it. It's champagne. And considering the range on this damn thing, some other nearby patrons may find themselves caught in the crossfire. Since, well, those girls are firing back with their own champagne'd water guns!

The old man grumbles and gets out of the way and Gene is skidding around, to go back to the girl at the fountain. Only to see another one with her.. he grins.. apparently more to show off for.. About to kick it up into another wheelie… That is, until there are scantily dressed females.. a lot of them.. near by. Of course he'd notice them, what sixteen year old male wouldn't notice that? Hello? "I knew I picked a good night to come out here.. damn.." He's not used to the champagne smell, so it just smells weird.. But a good weird.. Especially when his jacket gets sprayed by some. "Woah, leather babe." he tells on girl who accidently nailed him.

"I'll bet," Cole replies to Anya with a grin, not so much jealous of the ride as she is appreciative — a connoisseur, if you will. "Bet she flies when you open her up." She looks back over at Gene, when she hears the dirt bike heading back there way, and the teen gets a little grin. Cole is just leaning back in a casual slouch, arms propping her up against the next step along the fountain, when Lip's arrival causes even more distraction. While Gene can't help but notice the babes, she can't help but notice the car. "Is it some sort of car show and no one told me?" she wonders allowed, starting to push lazily to her feet when she gets sprayed by a wayward jet of champagne. "The hell…" she wonders, but doesn't seem too protective of her beat up old jacket.

Anya is just starting to open her mouth to reply to Cole when the car pulls up, and she's nearly drooling over it. She takes a step towards it, since it's right there, when she gets sprayed. She stares at her shirt, her white shirt, then eyes suddenly gone dark instead of appreciative lift to the one who sprayed her. It isn't a good luck. It's a very, very bad look. "Bitch, you better start running. Right. Now," she says, tone as dangerous as the look in her eyes.


More giggles from the girls that are running around like crazy and spraying everyone in the park at this moment. Since, well, it's more fun to include the others. Not to mention this will create distractions for Lip to possibly deal with while they formulate a plan to… take him alive. Heh, heh.

Gene gets the luxury of TWO GIRLS coming at him with their water guns of champagne. Leather Shmeather, he's about to get drenched because they don't look like they are holding any prisoners.

Cole gets a girl diving behind her and reaching out to grab her like some kinda' shield! "Stay back! I'll waste her! I will!" The drunk girl giggles, aiming the water pistol at the fountain girl's head!

"RUN!" Lip says to the girl that's staring at Anya like she's about to get her ass kicked. Though, when Lip says something, she drops her water pistol and turns to run… but she's in higher than should be allowed heels and it just looks silly. Lip flings something into the air and WHISTLES to see if he can't get Anya to turn around. Just to keep at it, he sprays at the back of her head with his High Powered Mega Water Canon.

Hey. If she turns around and gets hit in the chest by this champagne balloon… it's on her.

Get it?

Gene isn't all that mad, just a little protective of the jacket. He looks to Anya in time to see wet, white shirt, boobs.. yes, boobs.. the boy just grins. He's in his glory here.. Her anger on the other hand is noted. "Smells weird, whatever it is in those guns." he comments. So, he's being a punk, sober, not stoned. He's just a punk, all the way around. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing.. His bike coming to a stop near by.. better to stop, then run anyone over, when you are distracted by female flesh. He is soon surrounded by females and he's liking this. "Come on chikas.. gimme your best shot." to hell with the jacket.. His eyes alight, his do rather wild.. "I'll take you both for a 'ride'.." that word, rather loaded..

Anya's wet t-shirt does a little less for Cole — if anything, it just sort of amuses her, right up until she's taken 'hostage' by water gun. "Hey man, not cool," she tells the girl, unable to work up too much enthusiasm in her current zoned out state. More than anything, she focusses on trying to keep her cigarette from getting wet, and, as an afterthought, keep it from burning anyone either. Sticking it between her lips, she tries to duck out of the girl's grip, not too keen on being some helpless pawn in this weird game.

Except Anya can be a very focused woman when she wants to be. She takes a few steps forward, bends to pick up the forgotten water pistol, and flings it at the back of the fleeing girl's head, as hard as she can throw it. Only then does she turn, still with that dark look. "WHAT?" she asks sharply, looking for the whistler, not seeming to realize that her wet shirt is white.

SPLASH! Champagne Grenade right to the chest. Poor Anya.

Giggles and frills are all the rage as those two drunk girls start pawing at Gene. After all, they happen to love his hair. "We love your hair." See? Told you. Then again, they are drunk and… yeah. It doesn't take much.

Cole's lack of enthusiasm is actually helping her to get set free because ditzy drunk girls with water guns don't like to play with spoilsports. "Psh! Like lame!" she says as she shoves at Cole's back and turns to skip off! La la la! Spray spray!

"Booyah!" comes out of Lip's mouth at this point, since he's clearly having too much fun with this. He's called the shots that are looking to drench Anya and once he sees that gun hit the random fail girl in the back of the head (she actually squeaks when she hits the ground. hee.) he's turning to get his run on.

Gene just grins, "Thanks.. you babes are really hot.. what's in those guns anyway?" he asks.. Though he seems to think, now that they are closer, that he can touch. An arm going around either of them. "I think you ladies have had a bit to drink. You planning on sharing that? Other then making me wear it?" he asks… and still wanting to take at least one for a ride.. "So, who wants a ride, hrm?" he asks.. He doesn't stop their pawing, because, he has nothing worth stealing. So he's not worried about losing too much. If that is their agenda

Once Cole is released, she staggers slightly and then manages to catch her feet. Taking a final long drag of her cigarette, she deftly flicks it off in the direction of her assailant, though she probably doesn't really intend to hit her with it. Tugging her jacket straight again, she gives the not-water a quick sniff, cynically suspecting that she's been sprayed by something much grosser than champagne. "Not boring at least, I guess," she mutters, harkening back to Anya's earlier comment.

Anya's eyes narrow at Lip, but she doesn't give chase. Instead she pauses, considers, then strides towards his car, climbs in, and tugs the door closed. That done, she goes to work, trying to hotwire the thing.

The Gigglemint Twins are having way too much fun with the fact that Gene has so much hair. "Oh Mah Gawd." "Please… can we…" "LIIIIIIIIP!" "CAN WE KEEP HIM?!"

"… I don't… what? I don't care!" Lip has given up on running from the new girl because, well, she's already taken out one of his playful girls and then there's the fact that she has SAT IN HIS CAR. Oh hell naw. Wait…


There. That's much better. Because he's rushing towards his car at this point, flinging his Power Mega Cannon off in Cole's direction, just because she's female and he doesn't mind of a female has his cannon in her hands.

Lip is gripping at the door handle and pulling on it to see if the door gets open.

As for hotwiring the Lambo, it is probably not going to happen. Killswitch.

"Yo! Yo! Get the fuck out my ride!"

Gene is just in his glory.. "Come on.." he moves forward a bit on the bike, leaving room for someone to get behind him. He's not really paying too much attention to the boss at the moment. Heck, teenagers.. he can't help it. "Keep me? You can keep me all you want babe." he smiles at the one that asked. His hands not leaving them, unless they make him.. or someone does. The cops that were after him earlier, must have gotten distracted by donuts or something, because there is no sign of them. "Perhapse you ladies can get me some of whatever your drinking before the pigs in blue ruin the party.. I'll pay you ack, when I get a jo, or somehing."

Cole manages to catch the oversized water gun, even though she really wasn't expecting it. The grab is almost more of an attempt to keep it from hitting her. She weighs the device in her hands, firing off a few experimental rounds in a random direction — probably hitting the crowd the same as was just done to her. But now her interest is more on what's going down between Lip, Anya and the car. After casting an amused glance back over her shoulder at Gene and his ladies, she starts sauntering in that direction, curious to see how this plays out.

Anya continues to work at trying to hotwire the very sweet ride, at least with one hand. The other reaches over, holding the lock button towards lock. She does pause, just long enough to smile very sweetly at Lip. "What's that? I can't hear you!" she says, before focusing on the work once more.

Killswitch Engaged. HAHA!

There will be no stealing of the Lambo at this very moment. The Gigglemint twins are so focused on getting Gene to ride them to the Tunnel that they don't even know what Lip is dealing with. As Cole approaches, she'll get to see Lip trying to get inside the car! "Come on! You can't steal my shit! Killswitch!" He sounds almost proud in the middle of his pleading. "GET THE FUCK OUT!" Okay, demanding.

Moving even further up on the seat, "Come on I can make room for both of ya." It'll be a it difficult with three, but he'll try anyway. Slipping his arms from the girls and throwing the starter, to get the ike going. New fangled bikes, especially BMW's don't need a kick start. "I'll drive it like I stole it." Which he did, ut right now, he's not going to tell them that. Who cares? Two hot babes on his bike.. oh yeah.. "Where would you like to go? Where we could have a little fun?"

"Spoilsport," Cole mutters as Lip throws the kill-switch and disables the car. She doesn't really seem too upset about it, really — but then, she wasn't the one trying to steal the car either. Something along the perimeter of the park seems to catch her eye then. "I gotta go see a guy about a thing," she tells no one in particular, before adding to Lip, "Thanks for the gun." Yeah, she's totally going to walk off with that, assuming he's too busy dealing with the little matter of his car.

Anya keeps a hand on the lock button, and those last four words from Lip have the sweet smile disappearing, and she not only gives him a killing look, she also gives him the finger. "I either get an apology for getting sprayed, or I take your car. Your choice, dipshit," she says, loud enough for it to carry through the closed windows. Before getting an answer, she's already back at work trying to get the hotwiring done.

"Yo, come on! Ain't nobody fuckin' with yo' shit!" Lip doesn't even notice that the Gigglemint Twins are taking Gene off to The Tunnel. He doesn't even notice that Cole is wandering off with his water cannon. The only thing that matters at this moment is the fact that he wants his car. "Aight, aight! DAMN! I'm fuckin' sorry and shit. Now get out my car!"

Once the girls are settled on the bike, Gene is ready to take off. Giving a final glance to the other three, over near the car.. Somehting inside tells him he should stay and help out, somehow, but hormones, babes, and other more important things seem to be overridingall his sences.. He grins. "Alright, hang on.." and he's taking off.. following whatever dirrections the girls give him.

Cole casts one last look back over her shoulder to see how things are playing out, but she doesn't stop her slow sauntering away. People to see, things to do… sketchy guys to meet with in the shadow of the broken streetlight. At least she's scored herself a new massive water gun filled with champagne, even if she has no idea what she's going to do with it. Holding it up against her shoulder like an assault rifle, the bleached blonde disappears into the night to have an intellectual conversation with an upstanding young man, no doubt.

"Goddamn. The fuckin' nerve. Don't nobody in this city got mannerts anymore? I mean, what the hell? A brotha' can't even throw a champagne fight in the park without some dramatic shit goin' down. Sign of the times,
man. Sign of the ma'fuckin' times."

All this is said as Lip gets into his car and activates it and pulls back and squeals tires to speed off. Ice Cube bumping the entire time.

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