2011 07 07: Come Here Often?

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Mission Name: Come Here Often?
Date of Mission: July 7, 2011
Locale: Club Diablo

Tamara unexpectedly runs into both Ashley and Thomas at the club.

Ashley Tamara Thomas

It's somewhat apparent from Ash's facial reaction that he didn't realize what kind of a bar this is the instant he hits the front door. He blinks a few times at the flickering lights and the sexy devil waitresses before he turns faintly red. He looks back to the door, but then stares back at the bar. The lure of alcohol looks far too inviting for him to pass up. He makes his way to the bar, sticking out like a sore thumb in his business suit. His attire really seems to be the least of his worries though.

Tamara is already at the bar, looking a bit winded like she's just finished dancing - which she has. Her leg is finally feeling well enough that she can actually move again, albeit not without some pain, and she has decided to celebrate with a night out. It's been too long. Death threats and assassins can really cramp a girl's sense of fun. A stiff drink sitting on the bar next to her elbow, she's taken up a casual pose leaning back against it, looking out over the club and watching the dance floor. She doesn't immediately notice Ashley, but as he approaches the bar, well, he does sort of stick out. Her eyebrows arch and after a slight pause, she picks up her drink and begins wending her way through the crowd to join him a little further down the bar's length. "I wouldn't have expected to see you here," she notes in a level tone, giving him a little grin, even as she assesses him for just how happy he is to see her, considering their last meeting.

Ashley turns at the familiar voice. He doesn't look put out to see Tamara or excited or anything. The one he wears is a facial expression of perfect neutrality. Finally he raises a brow and smiles at her politely. Not genuinely, but politely. "I didn't expect to see you here either." Ashley says to Tamara, his tone hinting that if he had, he might have gone somewhere else. "I… your leg seems to be doing better. I'm glad. I was worried. Did it scar much?" Ashley asks her.

Tamara considers it a moment before deciding she will accept not-thrilled over running-away-in-terror or loud-yelling-in-anger. Taking a healthy sip of her drink, she shores up her grin and shrugs her shoulders. "Bit low-brow for my usual tastes, but being off my game has it a bit harder getting past the velvet ropes. A girl's got to start somewhere." She takes up another lean at the bar, resting her elbow on its surface. "It's fine. There's some, but … nothing that can't be fixed once I'm no longer in mortal peril," she says ever-so-casually.

"If you consider this low-brow, I'm afraid to know what you consider high-brow," Ashley tells her in a somewhat amused, somewhat flat. He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair before waving the bartender down. "I'd like a gin and tonic, please." He moves to sit next to Tamara, holding his uptight posture for only the briefest of moments before he slouches like a man defeated. "You do raise an excellent question, however. Why are you out in public like this, drawing attention to yourself when you're still being… hunted?" Ash asks, eying her choice of dress before quickly looking away.

Bah. Fix. What's to fix? Chicks dig scars— and in this case, so does Thomas. "Hey, long time no see," he says as he walks up, setting an empty glass down on the bar and motioning for a refill once Ashley's is taken care of. "And it's funny you should mention that, we might just have another visitor tonight," he adds, looking to Tamara.

"The sort of thing you need to be on a list to even know exists," Tamara replies simply, seeming a little amused with herself. She looks over as Thomas joins them, her eyebrows again arching slightly but her surprise a little less than it was to find Ashley here, of all people. "Hello stranger," she greets with a grin, which then turns into a more curious expression. "Visitor?" Back to Ashley, she shrugs, casting an idle glance around the club. "They know where I live. Might as well be out in public. Besides, I've had enough sitting around at home. It never works out well for me." If she notices Ash noticing her choice of attire, well, that only serves as further amusement.

When his G&T comes, Ashley thanks the bartender. He seems to have missed out on Thomas telling the bartender to refill his glass after it's gone, but seems surprised to see the man nevertheless. Putting he and Tamara in such close proximity together makes him turn a faint shade of white. "Out damn spot, out…" he mutters to himself before taking a long drink of the G&T and setting it on the counter, which prompts the bartender to replace it. He doesn't notice the magically appearing booze when he tips it back, only knowing that he needs a drink and he needs one now. "Aren't we a merry bunch of misfits tonight?" Ashley asks the two of them, making no comment to Tamara's answer. He just listens to what Thomas has to say.

Thomas inclines his head toward Ashley as he reaches for his glass, now pleasantly full once again. "Seems that way." If he's bothered by the idea of the three of them being seen together, then he doesn't show it, even after Tamara's grin is returned in kind. "I talked to somebody about that guy you mentioned— said he'd planned to not go there any more, but he might show up here at some point instead. Apparently it wouldn't be the first time."

Tamara catches Ashley's muttering, but other than giving the man a sidelong look, she opts not to draw further attention to it. "Some of us are merrier than others," she can't help but point out, however, to his rhetorical question. Looking back to Thomas, she arches her brows again and takes a calm sip of her drink. "My, my, this is a happening spot. Perhaps I should have been coming here more often all along." But that probably wouldn't have done much to help anyway, so she isn't going to lose sleep over it.

Ashley raises a brow at Tamara and Thomas both, then furrows them as he tries to assess the situation. "What guy?" He finally asks, against his better judgment. He waves to the bartender and motions for his glass to be filled again, and makes another motion over toward Thomas as he sucks in a breath. "Funny how Tamara and Thomas both start with Ts and have the exact same number of letters. I'm beginning to think it's not a mere coincidence. And yet still I'm curious."

"Mm. Someone who may or may not have some answers I desperately need," Tamara replies smoothly as she takes another sip of her drink, watching Ashley more closely now. He may not want to be involved, but she can recognize that inability to completely stay out of things. Of course, hers goes to eleven. "Actually, it is a coincidence, I think. Fate? Trick of the gods? Same 'Big Book of Baby Names'?" she tosses these out irreverently, glancing sidelong to Thomas to see which one he prefers as well, or if he has any ideas of his own.

"If the next words out of your mouth are 'like brother and sister', I'll break this right over your head." There's still a smile on Thomas's face, but it's not so friendly any more. More like a snake who's just spotted a bird just the right size. "Anyway, yes, he may know something about these people coming after Tamara. Or maybe he was just in the wrong place that day, but someone has to ask him."

The coroner laughs very quietly at Tamara's jest before he picks up the newly arrived G&T and slams it back. He drinks like a man who's just been rescued from the desert. "I see. I hope that you find whatever you're looking for, Tamara. I really do." Ashley raises a brow at Thomas's sudden change in demeanor but says nothing about it, simply shooting a glance over at the woman in his company before he reaches into his pocket to begin digging for a wallet.

"Just trying to stay one step ahead of the shoe-shine," Tamara replies with a shrug, and yet, even with the life-and-death stakes involved, she can't deny finding a bit of a rush in chasing this whole thing down. "I'm honestly not sure yet just what it is I'm looking for," she adds as she swirls her drink around in the bottom of her glass and then tosses it back. Setting the glass down on the empty counter to score a refill when the bartender circles back, she arches an eyebrow at Thomas's mood. "Last I checked, I was an only child," she says in a level tone, not too upset but not quite sure what to make of it either.

The moment of annoyance passes as quickly as it arrived. "So do I. As much as I enjoy danger" - his eyes flit toward Tamara, expression inscrutable - "it'd be nice if we could move on to a different danger for once. The… shoe-shine crew can go to hell for all I care." In between the bouts of speaking and listening, he works his way through his drink, stretching it out. "Tamara? Have you tested your leg very much lately?"

Ash takes his wallet out of his pocket finally and finds enough money to pay the bartender, and then some. "One for the road," he tells the man before replacing his wallet and looking back to Tamara. "Good to know you're an only child. Hopefully your father wasn't the philandering type." Whatever innuendo there was about brothers and sisters, the man has missed completely. The talk of shoe-shining… he doesn't seem to be paying close attention to either. But when Thomas mentions Tamara testing her leg out, he becomes all ears and his eyes zip back to the two.

Tamara arches an eyebrow at Ashley's comment about her father, but after considering it a moment, she decides not to get clever in response. Her glass refilled, she takes it back up, lifting it in thanks to the barkeep before she takes a longer sip of it. "Danger is one, but I'm quite over being attacked, thank you. The shoe-shiners are going to get what's coming to them," she says with a dangerous sort of smile. It leads right into Thomas asking about her leg, causing her to give a little laugh. "I was doing a little dancing earlier and it seemed to hold up just fine." If it hurts, she's not about to tell either of them that.

Thomas purses his lips, making a point of sizing Tamara up as if for the first time. "You sure about that? I might need to see that for myself before I believe it." It's an obvious lie, and probably an equally obvious ulterior motive behind it; his own smile returns, with a different sort of edge to it this time. Hell with danger, he's going to enjoy himself while he can.

The fourth G&T is placed in front of him and Ash downs it all at once. The wanton if not overt flirting between the two is Ash's cue to leave. He rolls his eyes to the sky and leaves a tip on the bar before he turns away from the bar, almost wordlessly. "You two enjoy yourselves. I have to… go do things." He's vague on that point of interest as he heads for the exit.

Tamara almost seems to feel a little guilty as Ashley beats a hasty retreat, but that's obviously not an emotion she's familiar with, and so it simply couldn't be. "Have a good night. Keep safe," she bids him - he's much more likely to keep safe away from her, anyway. Her grin quick to return, she looks back to Thomas, eyebrows arching in challenge at that. "Oh really? I suppose I am something of a notorious liar. Best not take my word for it, no," she decides, trying to pretend to be serious without really trying all that hard.

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