2011 07 23: Comebacks

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Mission Name: Comebacks
Date of Mission: July 23, 2011
Locale: Club Diablo — Lower East Side

Verbal, physical, we got 'em all.

Rebekah Thomas
NPC: Guido

It's pretty close to that infamous dinner time and Rebekah is walking the streets coming from the east village it appears. The blonde walks in that swingy way that most women do when they are balancing something on their hip. This something appears to be a brown bag of groceries. She's also texting on the phone. Nothing here says victim bait. Luckily, she doesn't appear to be getting messed with beyond a few cat calls.

Some of the guys hanging around outside the club are taking a smoke break. Some, including the ones eye-humping and whistling at Rebekah, are waiting for the action inside to pick up. A few are underage (and don't have fake ID). And then there's Thomas, hanging out amidst the smokers and letting the others draw attention. He may go in for a drink later, but he's mainly here on a stakeout of sorts.

Rebekah reacts to the catcalls like a sweet, loving princess. She holds up her middle finger. Becky glances up and then sees Thomas giving him that big, Southern smile. She sort of sways her hips into his direction. "Well Ah'll be howdy, Tommy." Her eyes are green today as she studies him from top to bottom. "Good to see ya'll still alive, how's ya f'iend?"

The smile that Thomas puts on in response is strained, but only barely. Yes, he's been avoiding her as best he can— but with the stakeout, plus her knowing where he lives, it was never guaranteed to last. "Doing good!" he replies, stubbing out his butt and tossing it into a nearby corner. "What about you? I figured you got a gig someplace else."

Rebekah tips her hip out to the side as she balances her bag upon it. "Why would y'all think that? Not like Ah ain't been wohkin' he'e, ya know?" She turns to look at the grounds and then at the textile building for some reason. Those eyes shift quickly back towards Thomas though. "Ah just figured ya we'e done sleepin' with me an bangin' that blonde down the hall f'om ya." She lifts her shoulders to him a bit. "Good ta see ya a'ound though. Ah'm glad ta see ya still b'eathe." She hasn't exactly been ringing up his phone or stopping by either though, even though she knows where to find him.

As it happens, that's exactly what Thomas has been up to. Not without a reason, of sorts, and not that he's going to admit to it— but he doesn't bother denying it, either. "I'm glad to be breathing," he replies, his tone still nice and casual. "What about that guy— Lance, was it? That ever get worked out?" That's it, deflect to something that happened a month ago.

Rebekah arches up her brows and looks past him at the club and then back. "Ya know Ah wohk he'e right? An' ya know the 'tendahs all talk right? Ya don't think they'd remembah a guy that use to come meet me, leavin' with Tammy?" She smirks at him. "Ah thought ya'd at least have the balls to tell me though. Seems Ah was right about ya two." She doesn't seem angry persay. However, she might be doing her own counter deflection.

Thomas shakes his head, waving a hand vaguely in the direction of the entrance. "Go serve your drinks, Becks." Let her have the high ground in the argument; let her deserve it, even. As long as she isn't getting nosy about the blood on the carpet? He can live with it. Although he wishes the guy he's watching for would turn up already, so he can find someplace else to booze it up…

Rebekah indicates her bag of groceries. "Ah'm off." She seems to shift awkwardly as well. "So um…" She's dragging conversation it seems for some reason. Her green eyes moving about the area and her voice drops a bit more intimately. "Did the cahpet stain? The stuff wohked yeah?"

Goddammit. He just had to think it, didn't he? Thomas lights up another cigarette to cover up his annoyance, offering one to Rebekah as well. "Yeah, it's fine," he answers. "I still wouldn't want to eat off it, but—" But then he's interrupted by one of the catcallers, a scrawny little greaseball puffing up his shoulders like a peacock. "Hey, douchebag," he starts in, already balling up a fist in anticipation, "you fuckin' her over?"

Rebekah reaches out to pluck the cigarette from Thomas and she leans in for a light. There is a moment that her eyes sparkle with mischief at this opportunity. The catcaller is looked at and for a moment, it appears that she's not herself. Everything alters like a girl taking the stage. Her eyes appear more innocent and her accent sounds like a perfect London clip. "Yeah, he…" She stops and shakes her head. "He just told me how he doesn't love me anymore." She doesn't sound Southern or anything for that moment.

Just as quickly, Thomas is playing a part too, and not with even the minor subtlety he was using with Rebekah earlier. "Whoa, back off, man!" he says, holding up both hands in an ineffectual palms-outward stance, lit cigarette still burning merrily away and threatening to char his fingers in a minute. "Becky here already called me a dickless piece of shit, just— just not in the face, okay?" See? He is a douchebag. You could take him. You want to take him. Rebekah'll be so grateful, she'll probably haul you right back into the back alley and— The greaseball takes another step forward, the wheels in his head spinning like crazy.

Rebekah is still staying in 'character'. "He didn't even tell me. I…" She takes a shaky breath and a deep pull on the cigarette. "I.. had to find out when he.. brought her to my work. It was so humiliating." She's willing to see where this is heading for the time being. Her eyes study the greaseball before she shudders as if she's going to cry and looks away.

Oookay, Rebekah, you've made your point. And now Guido's been baited in close enough; time to drop the act. The cigarette is lifted up and mashed into the guy's hair - potentially a real problem, he really did use too much product today - and then it's Thomas's turn to lunge forward, a low jab followed up by a right hook, leaving him doubled over and out of breath. "Mind your own fuckin' business next time," he says to the back of the guy's head.

Rebekah doesn't even blink to the reaction from Thomas, however, he is given a bit more of an interested gaze. Poor greaseball might be fireball now. Her eyes move back towards Thomas and then she indicates the textiles building. Her eyes shifting over towards it. "Come on Tommy.." She starts to inch that direction.

Before long, Guido manages to stumble backward again, frantically swiping his hands through his hair until the cigarette falls out and onto the ground. He's a slow learner, promptly straightening up and looking to go another round, only by that time Thomas is already heading toward— What is it about that other building, anyway? Well, he'll go with Rebekah's idea there, it's not like he has any better ones to offer.

Rebekah glances over at Guido a few moments and then she moves into the textile building. Perhaps she's wanting to shop or something in the warehouse. Her eyes study Thomas a moment of uncertainty as she does this.

Once they get far enough along without Guido bothering to try to pursue, Thomas eases off his pace and glances back. "Yeah, thanks for busting my balls to an audience," he mutters, though there's no real venom behind it. "So what's out here, anyway?"

Rebekah shrugs her shoulders to that. "Hey, y'all coulda called if'n ya wanted to do it behind closed doohs." Becky winks and walks towards one of the doors. It looks like one of those places that many shops use to be in there. Now rats may or may not live in the area. "It's whe'e Ah can set down this bag." She pulls out a set of keys from her tight jeans and opens a door. "Ah ain't too suhe about lettin' ya in he'e, but Ah know if'n anythan' happens it would be on ya." She moves through then to one of the doors.

Thomas shakes his head. "Who, me? What'm I gonna do?" For a moment, he lingers just inside the doorway, taking it all in. There are better - but also worse - circumstances to be seeing a woman's apartment for the first time. "Interesting place you got here," he says, finally.

Rebekah looks over at him and scoffs a bit. "Y'all almost lit a guy on fire and ya ask me that?" She shoots a look towards one of the closed rooms and then back towards him. "Ah.. it ain't much but it's mah place." She moves to the kitchen to start unpacking the bag. A slight whistle as she does. "Y'all want a beer?"

"What, that asshole?" Thomas rolls his eyes. "He's stupid, but he's not that stupid. And if he is, then his buddies can just piss on his head and put him out." What's down the hall? Eh, probably nothing that important, otherwise she'd have waited till his back was turned to check it out. "Beer's good, I was going to get one later."

Rebekah pulls out two beers from the fridge to walk over to the couch. She drops upon it and sets the open container on the table nearby. "Ah'd think y'all would want to be mohe subtle. Ah mean.. blood on the cahpet, fightin' with a man in public." She shrugs a bit and stretches out her long legs. "It's gonna dhaw attention." She looks up at him for a few long moments. "So wha we'e y'all doin' outside the club?"

Thomas picks up the bottle, but doesn't drink right away, just leaning against the side of the couch as he sizes Rebekah up afresh. Bad: she's connected at least a few of the dots. Good: she isn't rushing off in a panic about it. He can work with that, at least for the time being. "Looking for a guy who might know what the blood was about in the first place," he offers. "Heard he went to Diablo sometimes, only I haven't seen him there yet." Maybe he hasn't been seen anywhere lately, for that matter.

Rebekah hmms softly. "Well .. what guy? If'n he's a'ound the club Ah can keep an eye foh him. If'n he's connected to the blood and knows y'all live there, wouldn't he be inclined to be lookin' foh ya too?" Becky takes a draw from the beer as she watches him. She's been on her own for too long not to be actually jaded. "Wha y'all need him foh anyways?"

Thomas shakes his head. "I don't think he knows where we live. And I don't think he's behind it, either, he might just know something about it. Or maybe he just happened to be there, and he doesn't know shit." He takes a sip now, settling down, but still uneasy— he'd rather that Tamara was in on this conversation to speak for herself. That'll have to happen soon. And won't that be a fun-filled day.

Right bring the girl you 'dumped' her for over. That seems like it would be wonderful. Or end in guns, knives and death. Becky shrugs her shoulders a bit to that. "Well.. seems to me that y'all ahe lookin' foh someone and they ain't wantin' ta be found." She stretches. "People talk to bartendahs you know." She watches him. "Give me a look foh this guy, ya got him on ta.." There is a tip of her head as she looks at the man. "Tommy, y'all did remembah to take out the cameras of whatevah went down in that hall, right?"

"Cameras in the hall? Where you think I live, Harlem? They got some down in the garage, but we took care of it." Well, they kept the wrapped-up body out of sight as best they could, anyway— if the apartment security caught it, they would have hauled them in already by now. Thomas relaxes a little bit, giving Rebekah a quick rundown on what sort of face to look for; again, if she wanted to throw him under the bus, she could have done it already.

Rebekah listens to the description and nods her head to that. "Well Ah'll keep a look out foh him. Ah'll tell the othahs to say there was issue with his cahd, that will buy time to keep him around and in a slight huff." She glances at her phone and then back towards the man. "So y'all wanna fuck now oh …?" She is obviously kidding as she's not moved from her reclined position.

"I thought you'd never ask," murmurs Thomas, finishing off his bottle and rising to his feet. Did he just completely mis-read her? No, he's heading back toward the front door, taking it as a cue to make himself scarce. "I'll see you around." If the stakeout's off the schedule, then he's got some other things he can be following up on.

Rebekah opens her mouth as if to tell him she didn't mean she wanted to sleep with him. Then he's heading towards the door. "Hey Tommy, don't tell anyone where Ah live." She stays reclined though. She'll check out his ass when he leaves. Yeah, she's tapped that.

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