2011 06 11: Dangerous Liaisons

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Mission Name: Dangerous Liaisons
Date of Mission: June 11, 2011
Locale: Mario's Restaurante

Jezebel and Lance finally get together for their date.

jezebel Lance

It's just after seven PM on Saturday night. The restaurant is dense with customers but not uncomfortably so. Jezebel can be found already seated in the crowd of diners. She cleans up well and has made sure that it's noted tonight. The young woman wears a bright red 'bandage' dress that fits her form well and a pair of slingback red heels. Her hair has been pulled up in a stylishly messy updo, complete with a jeweled comb. By Jove, she's even got makeup in the right places. It doesn't look like she's been here long — the waiter is just bringing two glasses of water to the table.

Lance is ever one for punctuality and steps into the restaurant, looking around for Jezebel. He is dressed is a black-on-black suit that has a small stand-up collar that looks to be both professionally cut and expensive. His hair has been professionally styled and cut to go along with his cover. A small smile forms over his lips as he spots the woman and moves over towards the table, not bothering to wait for an employee. As he arrives at the table, he extends a hand towards her. "Wow. You look stunning." He says to her before kissing the back of her hand if she lets him.

"Not so bad yourself," Jez says, allowing the kiss on the hand with a bemused smile. She reaches up to run her fingers through her hair — almost, before she realizes it's fixed and has to stop herself. She looks the suit over and raises a brow. "Wow. That… must have been expensive. I mean, err. You know. It's nice. That's all." The Southern accent is intact tonight. "I feel like I should warn ya that I've never done this sort of thing. Like, ever. So… I'm not really sure what we should talk about or anythin'. The floor is yours."

"Yeah, tell me about it." Jezebel grins when Lance mentions the company wanting people to look the part. She takes in a breath and glances around the restaurant, being constantly vigil even during playtime. "It's hard to imagine you've never actually been on a date, if you don't mind me sayin'." She settles on folding her hands in her lap, but fidgets shortly afterward and picks her glass of water up, sniffing at it cautiously before she takes a drink and replaces it. "Never with anyone, let alone a co-worker. I'm sure that this is highly frowned upon. Wouldn't be surprised if the waiter was a mole."

Lance chuckles and shakes his head. "Oh, I've been on dates before, just not with a co-worker." He says with a smile before he glances towards the direction the waiter went off to. "I wouldn't be surprised either, but we'll just have to make sure we're doing things right when he comes back." He chuckles before he looks at her. "I'm sure it is, but as long as it doesn't get in the way of our jobs, I'm sure that they'll let it slide, considering how long we've been with the company." He says with a shrug before he glances to the menu in front of him and looks it over. "I have to admit though, in the five years that I've been in New York, I've never come here."

Jezebel blushes briefly at her minor faux pas, though it's not a long lasting redness. "Maybe they will. You never know with them. Here's hoping for the best. Maybe we can toast to it." She looks down at her own menu, but it's a rather fleeting glance. Seems she knows what she wants already. She leans back in her seat and looks around the restaurant once more before turning her attention on Lance. "What have you been up to recently? It seems like we haven't seen each other in a bit. I take it you've been busy."

Lance nods his head as he continues to study the menu. "Yes, I was sent to South Korea to assist with a partner's negotiations with the North. It didn't really go as planned and we ended up negotiating for a few days." He offers an apologetic smile as he continues. "I am sorry that I wasn't able to call and let you know I was going out of the country before hand." After a moment, he sets down the menu after he decides. "I mostly just eat in at home and order Chinese food, pizza or whatever else delivers." He says with a chuckle. "It's not often I get to go to a restaurant."

"It's alright, you don't have to explain your actions to me. I was just curious. I think it's a trip that you've been to South Korea and back so fast. That kind of thing just boggles my mind, I guess. Life's small intricacies, I s'pose." Jez grins at him and nods. "Yeah… me either. Seems a shame, considering all the fine eatin' that New York has to offer — though I admit, usually I prefer… um…. less sophisticated fare." Like double bacon cheeseburgers, chili cheese fries, and Cola. The waiter appears with his notepad and looks to Lance expectantly.

Lance nods and smiles. "When you have a company jet to carry you, it's a lot faster than traveling commercial." He admits as the waiter returns to take their orders. He motions for Jezebel to place her order first (manners after all) before he places his order. "I'll take the spaghetti with meat sauce and a side order of mozzarella sticks and garlic bread. A glass of Merlot to go with it." He offers a smile to the waiter before he looks back to her. "Hope the food is as good as the place looks."

Jez orders the lasagna with a side of garlic bread, complete with a glass of Merlot to match Lance's. The waiter begs off with their orders and returns with the wine, pouring it into two fluted glass before he steps away again. Once he's out of the way, Jezebel seems a little more relaxed. "Yeah, I guess that's true. You must be pretty high falutin' to have a company jet at your finger tips. All the company has ever given me is a job as a barista and an apartment that's probably not as nice as yours. But I guess they work in mysterious ways. Frankly, I was just glad to see the sunlight again." Her voice is kept respectfully low so that other diners can't eavesdrop. She looks around once more before meeting Lance's eyes and smiling. "Certainly smells good in here. I can't wait to dig my teeth in." Pause. "…To the lasagna."

Lance watches the waiter head off before he returns his attention to her, relaxing slightly. "I guess, I just asked to use it and they send it over." He chuckles softly. "I don't know about your apartment, but my penthouse is not that bad I guess." He picks up his glance before he inhales the aroma from the wine, swirls the wine in the glass then takes a sip. An eyebrow raises as she adds to her last sentence, a playful smirk forming on his lips. "What else would you want to dig your teeth into?"

And with any luck, Lance will never have to see the horror that is Jez's aparmtent. She takes a drink of her wine and smiles at his last question, shaking her head. "Your ass, maybe. Though Gigi says I shouldn't waste my time with you. He advises against it. Luckily I'm not as malleable as the company wants to make you be… otherwise that wouldn't look too good for you." She winks at him and sets her glass back down on the table, leaning back in her chair. "Ya know, I guess if I woulda paid more attention to Amanda, I'd know what to do right now. Read any good books lately?"

Lance laughs softly at her response a smirk forming on his lips. "Well, the night is still young, so there may be room for desert." He doesn't expand on that, but instead takes another drink from his wine before he sets the glass down on the table. "Amanda does have her usefulness and I must say that the Etiquette is one of them. Books? Not really, the last non-textbook I actually read was 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' when I was in school. I really don't have the time or desire to read when I do have the time. What about you? Read anything good?"

"No. I picked up another crappy spy novel like we found at the laundromat that day… usually I get bored when I work, so I have to have something to do. It helps pass the time, anyway…" She trails off there and makes no real comment about a later course of dessert, simply smling at him. "Have you ever wondered if we're really supposed to get to know each other or not? I mean, I guess not. I guess that's why there's such a strict policy about 'inter office dating'…" And with that thought, their food is set in front of them.

Lance nods and chuckles at the memory of the laundromat. "Well, that's a shame, I'll have to keep an ear out for any good books and I'll let you know if I hear of any." Her question does raise a good point and one he thinks on for a few moments before he answers. "Well, I've never thought about it, but I think that if we were to start dating and it interfered with our work, then they'd have a problem with it. But until our work suffers, then I would hope that they'd be okay with it if our performance did not decrease any."

Jezebel merely shrugs at Lance's assertion that their dating shouldn't get in the way of work, beginning to dig into her lasagna. She's quiet for most of her chewing, even managing to eat at a ladylike pace rather than cram her face full of food as she normally does. She dabs her mouth with the napkin and everything. "This is really good. It reminds me that someday I should learn to cook, but I could burn water to be honest. Was never my real specialty. Took home ec in high school, but the teacher didn't want me back so she passed me. I think it was my only saving grace." Jezebel shakes her head and snickers to herself as she reaches for the wine glass and sips at it. "And sure. I'm open to recommendations. Do you like the movies?"

Lance picks up his fork and starts to immediately start mixing up the noodles and sauce on his plate before he twirls the noodles around the fork. "I am a big fan of movies. Any kind of movie just about, really. My favorite being The Shawshank Redemption and The Professional." He takes a bite of the spaghetti and nods his approval, speaking again once his mouth is empty. "Wow. That is good. I sure have been missing out." He chuckles before he takes another sip of the wine before speaking again. "What's your favorite movies?"

"Favorite movies?" Jezebel asks rhetorically, having to stop and think about it. "I like old spaghetti westerns, and a lot of the Clint Eastwood stuff. I guess some people would say I'm into period dramas. I'm a sucker for seeing how over budget the costume and stage department can get on one film," Jez says with a laugh before she takes another bite of her lasagne, savoring the flavor a little more carefully this time. She follows it up with a sip of wine and glances to Lance. "I actually really liked that Marie Antoinette movie a few years ago… lot of people didn't seem to though."

Lance smiles and laughs along with her. "At least you're specific. I bet you had a field day with Titanic, Gone With The Wind, Gladiator and the other big movies. I never knew there was a Marie Antoinette movie." He smirks and takes another bite of the spaghetti, offering her some garlic bread. "I don't think I even remember seeing a preview." He says once his mouth is clear again. He nods towards her plate. "I wonder if we can get their recipe for this stuff."

Jez grins briefly. "Gone With The Wind is a very specific sort of guilty pleasure, I'll admit." She takes a piece of his offered garlic bread and nibbles at the edge, though she looks like she already can't eat another bite — somewhat unusual for the young woman. She takes another few bites of the lasagne before pushing the plate away and taking a long drink of wine to wash it all down with. "I don't know, restaurants can be really uptight about this. In truth, it's probably just Prego that they've spiced up." A passing waiter gives Jezebel a mildly dirty look at this assertion, which makes her smile.

Lance grins and offers a quick wink. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about your love of Scarlet O'Hara. Your secret will be safe with me." He smiles and takes a few more bites of his food, using a piece of garlic bread to pile up some sauce and noodles on before he takes a bite. After he finishes the bread he sets the crust on the plate and pushes it away. "Probably, I wouldn't doubt it. It is cost effective after all." He smiles and sits back, waiting for the waiter to return to get some to-go boxes. "Though no self respecting chef would use store bought sauce. That's what Chef Ramsey says."

"You'd better not tell. Your apartment building could go up in flames and only you and I and possibly the company would know what happened. And they might reward me for it!" Jezebel says, though her jest seems playful. She finishes off her wine and laughs. "I'll have to remember that. He's that mean British guy, right? Always red in the face, looks sort of like a potato, screams 'you stupid cow' at people?" Jezebel asks for clarification as the waiter returns with the bill, and takeout boxes.

Lance raises his hands in surrender. "Got it. I won't say a word." He mimics zipping his lips closed, locking it and throwing away the key. "I would hate to loose my stuff. At least let me get the important things out of the apartment first then you can torch it." He chuckles softly as he looks up at the waiter offering a "Thanks." as he takes the bill and offers one of the boxes to her. "Yeah. He's a great cook, but he does like to yell if something's wrong." He smirks as he goes about paying for the bill. "Did you have anything else planned for the evening or is it all open from here?"

Jezebel makes a motion with her hand. "It's open from here, if you'd like it to be." She says to him before she starts to put her food in the take out box. "Mmm. I don't know if I care for Chef Ramsey's managerial style, but to each their own and it's made him quite a bit of money, hasn't it? I'd probably keep bein' an asshole to people if it kept makin' me that kind of money too." She takes in a breath and closes up the box before glancing to Lance. "Did you have anything else specific planned?"

Lance smiles and thinks for a bit. "Nothing that I've had planned. Was wondering if there is anything else you'd like to do. Since the evening is open, we could go to a movie or check out something on Broadway. One good thing about New York is if you can think it, chances are there's somewhere in the city to do it." He starts to put the leftover spaghetti into the box as the waiter goes to take care of the bill.

"That's true. What if I wanna go back to your place?" Jezebel asks him, watching him carefully. She doesn't object him to paying the tab. "I'd really just like to talk to you in closed quarters for once. Don't get any ideas. I just… I don't know." Her brows furrow a little bit as if she's unhappy, her lips turning delicately into a frown. "I guess I just really want to get to know you a little better." The fact seems to distress her somewhat.

Lance nods once before he signs for the bill and the waiter leaves for the last time, leaving his card. He puts the card away as he looks at her. "Let's go back to my place then and we can talk freely." He says before he starts to stand, offering a reassuring smile as he notices the change in her facial expression. "Don't worry, I'm not expecting anything more than a real conversation." He says as he offers a hand to her. "Do you want to follow me in your car or do you want me to come back and drop you off later?"

Jezebel looks at his hand somewhat hesitantly before she takes it and smiles at him, standing. "I'll just take a cab to my place from yours later. I took one here anyway." She lets him lead the way out. "Thanks, by the way. It's… well, like I said. I've never done this before anyway. I guess I'm just relieved that you're not, ah, expectin' anythin' more than I'm willin' to give at this stage."

Lance smiles and helps her up from her chair as he leads the way out, the leftovers in hand. "No problem. It's something that I learned from my parents. Treat women with the respect and dignity that they deserve." He leads the way to his car, a flashy sports car that one would expect his cover to have. He opens the passenger door for her, closing it after she's inside the car before he climbs in and drives to the apartment building, letting her play with the radio if she wants.

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