2011 06 09: Decisions Are Hard

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Mission Name: Decisions Are Hard
Date of Mission: June 9, 2011
Locale: Starbucks

Geoff and Argyle come in for coffee and face the decision of what to get.

Argyle geoff Jezebel

There's not much of a crowd this evening at the local Starbucks. Jez is sitting a table with her feet up on another chair, eyes scanning over a book that seems to amusingly be about spies. The other employees are occupied with busy work such as wiping down the counter and restocking cups. None of them seem to want to disturb the young barista, possibly due to the new addition of the 'assistant manager' sticker on her name tag.

"Those things'll rot your brain," says Argyle as he walks towards the lounging Jezebel. He's got a pair of aviators in his hand. He pushes them up onto the top of his head. "What's it take to get a little service in this joint?"

Geoff comes in, looking like he's pretty much dragging ass. His posture is as slouchy as ever and his eyes look baggy. No wonder he's in for a coffee. He slumps toward the counter, eyeing Argyle as he comes in. "Miss What's-her-name here is the most popular barista in the city," he declares.

"Either that or you've been sent here to drag me back 'home' by the hair, kickin' and screamin'." Jezebel says to the two as she takes her sweet time standing up from her seat, moving back behind the counter in order to take the orders of her fellow undercover agents. "What'll it be boys? The biscotti got stale hours ago, so I'll have to warn you away from them. But the muffins are good." She glances to Geoff and quirks a brow. "Rough day at the office, Gigi?"

"Isn't biscotti just…stale by its very nature? I mean, how could you tell?" Argyle glances back at Geoff. "My apartment's not far from here. Besides, Jez knows what I have." Double shot extra large latte with a shot of chocolate mint flavouring before 4, large steamed milk with chocolate mint and decaf in the evening. "Saves saying a few precious words. Time is money." He snaps.

"Girl, please," Geoff says. "This is my morning. Regular coffee. Medium." He refuses to use the silly Starbucks size names. "And a muffin, I guess," he adds, almost grudgingly. Stupid muffins. Tasting all good. He merely looks at Argyle as the man spits wit, not responding in particular to it.

Jezebel looks at Argyle, deadpanning: "Because when it's stale it breaks all of your teeth, not just the one." She starts working on Argyle's coffee. At least she gives him that courtesy. The other employees look visibly relieved when she gets it herself. One of them mouths, 'She has friends?' to the other before going back to stocking cups. "Blueberry, chocolate chip, carrot?" Jezebel asks Geoff. "I'm gonna need a little more specification than that, otherwise it's barista's choice and I'll give you the vegan crap." She pauses and shakes her head. "People who don't wanna eat meat or cheese or any animal product. It's just… it's wrong."

"Hey now, the vegan brownie's pretty good. No milk or eggs to get in the way of chocolate." Argyle sticks his hands in his pockets and bends over to examine the goodies. "That turnover looks like it's all pastry and no fruit." An affront to pies and pie-related pastries everywhere.

"I don't care," Geoff says at first, but he groans at the idea of a vegan muffin. "Blueberry, then, I guess," he says in lackluster tones. "Pretty sure baking without dairy and eggs is a sin…"

"Well, cutie, I guess ya shoulda brought me some cherry pie. You're the only one who knows how to make it around these parts." Jezebel winks at him and hands him off his coffee, hand outstretched for her payment once she's rang Argyle up. It seems that while comraderie will get you some places in the world, it will not get you free coffee. She pulls a muffin from the case while she waits for her money. Girl's gotta get paid. "Yeah. If meat is murder, then I'm a murderer and it tastes delicious."

"Ahh, blueberry. When you don't know which muffin to choose." Argyle pays for the coffee, with a pretty decent tip. She's probably supposed to put that in some communal jar, or something. "I should quit my dayjob and open a bakery. What do you think?"

Geoff looks over at Argyle, apparently surprised. "You know how to make pie?" he asks, sounding downright covetous of that pastry. Unless he's just flirting." He pulls crumpled money out of a pocket and gives it to Jezebel. "Y'all charge too much," he mentions, and look at Argyle. "Start sellin' cheaper muffins and I'll be there."

Communal jar? PFFT. That tip goes right into her pocket and she winks at him for his patronage, bowing her head. She hands him back his change and closes up the register, making Geoff's cup of coffee next. "He knows how to make actual pie. It's not a euphimism for anythin'. Best pie you'll ever taste in your life." Jezebel looks like she might be getting aroused from just the talk of it, actually. She finishes up Geoff's coffee and shakes her head. "Y'all'll just have to talk to corporate about the price of things."

Is Argyle embarrassed by the pie-praise? He looks a little sheepish and /almost/ foot-scuffs. "Can't cook much else worth a damn. Figured awhile ago that I'd pick something and do it right. Made me real popular in college. Even moreso with the drunk pie."

Geoff frowns a little that this pie has been sampled by others while he's been left in the dark. He sips his coffee, then has a bite of the muffin, chewing slowly. "Damn," is all he has to say.

"I think you should open up your own bakery, for sure. You could easily put some of these places around here to shame. But I'd only ever want you to do that if you could guarantee me a job as a waitress. I'd given anythin' to stop workin' for these corporate assholes." She lowers her voice quietly. "Gotta be careful though. Pretty sure they've got bugs in here." Jez winks at the men before catching Geoff's frown, looking toward Argyle. "You should make him a p— wait, what? A drunk pie? What's that?"

"Boozy pie. Bailey's, Jack Daniel's, bourbon, amaretto, creme de menthe. Steak and Guinness, obviously. My favourite is a margarita key lime." Argyle sips his coffee. "I don't think I have the disposition for the food service industry. Besides, I think I'd lose the magic if I spent all day making 'em whether I wanted to or not."

Geoff looks over at Jezebel. "I prob'ly couldn't eat a pie myself, anyway," he says, sipping the coffee, eyes moving in Argyle's direction as he describes the delight of alcoholic pies. He has some more muffin.

Jezebel actually visibly shudders when Argyle describes his alcohol pie. She bites her lower lip and shakes her head. "If I were a lesser willed woman, I'd jump over this counter right now and take you. In a manly fashion." She takes in a deep breath and shakes her head at his refusal to quit his dayjob and become a full time pie-maker. She's also forgotten about Geoff's coffee, which she now hands to him with an apologetic cum cutesy grin, ringing him up.

Argyle quirks a half-grin and sheepishly meanders over to the fixin' station to add chocolate powder to the top of his decaf coffee. "Well, I hate to talk pastry and run, but I have to head back to the office. Burning the midnight oil. See ya, kids." He tips an invisible hat and starts for the door.

Geoff lifts an eyebrow at Jezebel's plan to take Argyle in a manly fashion. He takes the coffee. "Thanks," he says, then looks at Argyle. "See ya." He bides his time while he waits for the coffee to cool a little more, eating some of that non-vegan muffin.

"See you later there, muffin." Jez says as she waves him off. Her term of endearment for the man seems to only make her co-workers look all the more bewildered. She turns her attentions on Geoff and takes in a breath. "So, what's troublin' ya? Did you do a bad show or somethin'? Just didn't have your mornin' coffee?" She does certainly seem inquisitive today.

Geoff looks over at Jezebel as Argyle leaves. "That is a much better choice," he comments, finally sipping the coffee. "Please," he says. "I don't do bad shows. 'Specially as some second-fiddle in the back."

"A much better choice in what? Men?" Jezebel asks Geoff with some mild curiosity. Bless her heart, she does seem genuinely clueless. "Well, that's good to know. I do intend to come by one day. Any big plans for the evening?" Jez asks him, looking down at her watch before she wriggles her nose a little bit.

"Well, yeah," Geoff says, shrugging. "Than the other one." Meaning Lance. He has a bite of the muffin. "I have to go to work in like an hour," he says. "I'll be there until like an hour after last call."

Jezebel laughs quietly. "Mmm. I'll keep that in mind. I've been somewhat deeply instilled with the 'looky, no touchy' school of beliefs that was passed on to me from my older sister, Amanda." Jezebel reaches up to fan herself with her hand before furrowing her brow. "What do you after last call is over?"

"I have no idea what that means," Geoff says on the subject of 'looky, no touchy'. He sips his coffee. "I dunno, it depends on what everybody else is doing. Maybe just come home and eat, watch TV, take a nap. After I get all that stuff off and put away, which can take like an hour."

The woman looks at her watch once more before she rips her apron off and throws it over one of the cappucino machines. "Aaaand I'm out. Have a good night at work. I'll see you around again soon, I'm sure. By the way, do you do requests?" Jez asks as she relents and takes her apron after all.

"On Wednesday nights I could do that," Geoff says, still working on his muffin as Jezebel announces her intention to leave. "You can tell me what you meant next time I see you."

"Look, don't touch?" Jezebel asks Geoff before she starts out the back entrance. "It's a simple concept! I'm sure I could have Amanda teach you too!" She says, a bit of laughter in her voice as she heads out, back door slamming behind her. The other employees look relieved once she's gone.

Geoff looks doubtful. "Girl, how old are you?" he asks. "Are you a Mormon or some—" But she slams the door behind her, so he shrugs and sips his coffee instead.

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