2011 06 25: Dull Edge

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Mission Name: Dull Edge
Date of Mission: Jun 25 2011
Locale: Weapons Lab — Division HQ

Jezebel comes into the weapons lab to talk knives with Argyle, but he's oddly unmoved.

Argyle Jezebel

The door to the lab is open, which means that the recruits are free to stick their heads in. Argyle's seated at the far end of the workbench, bent over a laptop. His brow is furrowed, his body language is tense. There's a cup of coffee by his elbow, but there's no steam rising off it, so it's been there awhile.

The coffee girl herself appears, but she's not dressed in her usual barista dregs. She wears a silver-colored satin evening gown that has slits up each side. It's surely something that Amanda has chosen for her, along with the pointy heels, heavily curled and hairsprayed hair, and make up application. "Hey there, Socks. Working on something specific?" The young woman asks, heels click clacking on the floor as she steps up to the work bench he's near. "Wait, did I just walk in on you looking at porn?" She jokes, with the sort of tone that implies she's hoping she's joking.

Argyle doesn't respond immediately when she enters, or when she speaks. There's a delayed reaction as he pulls his eyes away from the screen and looks up at Jezebel. He may not be the sharpest wit, but he's usually pretty good at rolling with teases like that. But he doesn't even answer it directly. Like he didn't really register the dig. "Just…schematics," he answers vaguely. "I see you've reached the "play dress-up with Amanda" portion of your training."

"I've reached it several times now and it never gets any easier… she just pulls your hair a little less every time you come in." Jezebel quirks a brow at Argyle, brushing some hair away from her neck. "Are you okay? Is this… a bad time? I can come back later. I was just wondering if you had anything for me. I had to ditch my last set of really good knives…" She doesn't say why, but they may or may not have been stuck in someone and unable to be retrieved.

"People think she goes easier on the guys, but she really doesn't. One of the tests is to try and seduce /her/. Talk about miles of discomfort." Argyle grunts softly. He rubs his forehead, thumb pressing in to his left temple. "I'm sorry. Did you ask me about this already? It's been kind of a rough week. Percy's riding me about a new weapon design."

Jezebel looks almost shocked when Argyle mentions that particular test, though in the end she laughs. "Yeah, I think she… heavily implies such a thing in the training with females, but I don't think she's as overt about it… but you know Amanda. Everything she does oozes sex. I guess classicaly it's what's expected of us, but I can't stand that. I hate using my 'charms', as Amanda would call them." She watches Argyle for a long moment, glancing around over her shoulder before she moves to close the door to the weapons lab behind them, as if it's going to stop them from being taped or recorded. "You don't look good. Is there something I can get for you?" She pauses. "No, I didn't ask you before. Sorry. Should I have?"

"Sex, but dangerous, it's-going-to-hurt-but-you-just-might-like-it sex." Argyle rubs his hairline and exhales through his nose. "There's a recquisition form on the intranet. Sends requests for me, so that the higher-ups can track what I'm dolling out." He leans back into his chair. The question makes his brows raise and he slowly shakes his head. "No, I'm all right." He tries a smile, but it's forced.

"Funny, I would think that would be most people's preferred flavor of sex around here, since everyone is such a pain and adrenaline junkie." Clearly not Jezebel from the tone that she uses when she says that. She brushes some of her hair back from her face, watching Argyle somewhat closely for a minute before she realizes it's probably not helping his current state of mind. "Sounds pretty heavy, whatever you're working on. Percy just loves to pile on the pressure, doesn't he?" Jez asks before she runs her fingers over the workbench. "Anyway… have anything sharp and powerful in here? I'd love to have something with a retractable blade so that there's not a bunch of gristle to cut through when I have to pull the knife back out. Sometimes I stab harder than really necessary…"

"If people are pain and adrenaline junkies around here, it's either because Amanda made them that way or they were junkies before." Argyle swallows a mouthful of his cold coffee with barely a reaction. Apparently he's only picky about his coffee on the outside. "I have a few things." He leans forward, but doesn't stand right away. "But like I said, you have to recquisition it before I can give it to you." Not so much as a blink when she describes in gory detail why she wants the type of knife she does.

"Just more papers to fill out." Jezebel concedes. "I know I do, I just thought I'd come check before I got my hopes up all willy nilly like that." She reaches up to brush her hair back once again, looking annoyed with either the amazing amount of protocol that Division agents have to go through to get replacement weapons or the fact that Amanda has teased her hair so severely that she can't keep it out of her face. She eyes Argyle when he takes a drink of that coffee, shaking her head at him. "I know I didn't just see you do that."

"What?" says Argyle. He's very distracted. It's clear that his mind is somewhere else and that the conversation only has a slice of his attention. It can't be whatever is on the computer. He's only giving cursory glances at the schematics currently displayed.

Jezebel pauses, a smile playing along her lips. She looks more concerned than anything however, her smile perhaps born out of nervousness. "Take a drink of that cold ass coffee like that. You give me so much shit at my day job, but…" She makes a motion toward the cup of coffee. She leans in and murmurs to Argyle a little more quietly. "I suggest you snap out of whatever's on your mind before Amanda catches wind of it and you're up there for an in-depth psych session. I think some of the recruits have been testing her lately… if today's experiment is any indication," Jez says, making a sweeping gesture over her hair and dress.

"Why do you think I'm picky about my coffee out there? Because I can't be in here." Argyle swallows another mouthful of the cold, likely bitter coffee. As she leans in, his brows go up. "Trust me, I don't need that advice. Amanda and I have gotten to know each other very well over the past few years." His words are dull and flat. "Just haven't been sleeping well."

"Now they're just gonna be druggin' your food," Jezebel says to him playfully as she backs away, starting to move toward the door. "I don't want to know how well you and Amanda have gotten to know each other." She grins a little bit. "Well, try to get some sleep, Socks. I'm sure that I'll be slinging your paperwork your way sometime soon… and I'm going to want the best of the best. Make sure that my pointies are sharpened for me. Can't have that dull edge, you know."

"I'll see what I can come up with. I just got the budget to order in some titanium beauties. I think I know just the thing." Argyle sounds slightly more engaged, but it's clearly taking effort. "See you around."

Jezebel grins at him. "You read my mind. I'll see you around, Socks. Get some rest in the meantime." She looks about to add something else before she excuses herself from the weapons lab, meeting two recruits who are passing by. They both eye her suspiciously, particularly in her Amanda-chosen get up. She furrows her brows at them. "What?" She asks, making a dismissive hand motion. "Get the Hell outta here."

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