2011 06 22: Eating Out

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Mission Name: Eating Out
Date of Mission: June 22, 2011
Locale: Mario's Restaurante - Little Italy - Manhattan

Crewe bumps into Mimi getting a bite to eat.

mimi crewe

When poor little rich girls who don't know how to cook are hungry, they go out and lunch. Or they call in. But today Mimi has decided to lunch out and sits at a table near the center of the room, though judging from the way that she looks, she'd rather be at another table. She's dressed in an unassuming pair of designer jeans, an off the shoulder lavender colored tee, boots, and a stylish grey fedora. All the ladies wear hats nowadays. She hasn't gotten her food yet but she seems to have ordered since there's a basket of complimentary bread sticks on the table in front of her, as well as a glass of fizzy drink.

If it's fashion you want, it's certainly not going to be fashion you get from Crewe. Conceivably, she's going for something she once read about, somewhere, some time, a nice little fashion style called retro-chic. Whether or not torn and acid-washed jeans with plenty of threads and peek holes, beaten up Chuck Taylors, and a Led Zeppelin tour shirt that looks like it was legitimately from one of their US tours. But hey, at least she has respect enough to take off the trucker hat she's wearing when she comes inside, huh? Strangely absent are any kind of purse or anything like that. Standing just inside the door, she looks around for whatever table or booth or bar she can get a seat at.

The waitress finally brings Mimi's dinner over. It looks to be a plate of their spaghetti and meatballs with the special house sauce covering it. She picks up her fork and knife, beginning to cut the noodles into even smaller bits and pieces. She is truly a dainty little thing at all times. Mimi is quiet and sullen today, not even bothering to snap at a waitress who brings her an extra container of sauce. The blonde's head never snaps up when Crewe enters. She does not have an eerie sixth sense about someone she might or might not know being there. Instead she just eats her spaghetti, chewing with her mouth closed and munching the required number of times to have a productive digestive session.

"Oh, this is too good. Too good! I was hoping you'd call, but maybe you lost my number or something, you know?" Being coy isn't one of Crewe's strong points, so she doesn't let the host seat her. Rather, she just takes another seat at Mimi's table, yanking the thing back and spinning it around she she can lean on the chair back with her hands and chin for the moment. "Did you lose my number, or are you not looking for a shrink anymore? Or do you not even remember me?" While she asks, Crewe helps herself to a bread stick, biting off the end of it and chewing while Mimi digests all that…and her dinner too!

"Oh, wha-" Mimi half-asks, half-says as she hears Crewe's voice. She doesn't seem to remember getting the girl's number, but… the way her memory is these days, anything is possible. She doesn't seem to mind the instant company, though there's a look of confusion on her face briefly. "I… ah… I remember you, yeah. But… I just…" Mimi trails off there. "Sorry, I've been having boy troubles. I think I did lose your number. The shrink thing is… hey, I didn't even get your name, did I?" Mimi suddenly asks, watching Crewe help herself to a bread stick. It doesn't seem to matter much to her when it comes right down to it. She takes a bite of meatball in order to help her keep her mouth closed as she processes Crewe's words, then takes the other girl's wardrobe in with a discerning eye.

"Toni. Toni Reynolds. I'm gonna squash deeze cock-a-roches!" Crewe replies with a smirk and a wink…assuming that Mimi will understand the Scarface reference there. "But I got to talk with those people I know who do the brain draining, and they're pretty willing to talk with you. Just gotta get you to meet them or whatever. Schedule a time and stuff." To emphasize that it's not a big deal to her either way, Crewe shrugs, and goes back to eating on the bread stick.

Mimi just kind of nods and laughs when Crewe makes with the Scarface reference. Apparently it was lost on that New York Valley girl. "Oh, yeah?" She asks her. "I don't know… that feels weird. This whole thing feels weird. Every last bit about it." And inwardly, Mimi's spidey senses are telling her that meeting with random people to discuss her mental problems isn't really the best of ideas, no matter what she thought a few days ago. She takes another bite of spaghetti. Then another. She's carefully chewing, thinking just as carefully.

"Hey, that's cool. Whatever you wanna do. Just thought I'd bring it up again, since you seemed big on that first time we met. Otherwise…shit, I don't even know what we have in common. I mean, besides the hair color?" With a snatch of her own hair and a flick of some of it over her shoulders, Crewe points out explicitly what she means. "Seems like you go shopping in boutiques, and I go shopping in consignment shops. But then, how else are you going to get real retro fashion, huh?"

"We're both pretty cute," Mimi says to Crewe with a slight grin before she digs into the spaghetti again. The food seems to be taking her mind off of Crewe's general presence — not that it in particular seems to bother her so much — it seems like more the talk of doctors is. "You'd be surprised the things that people buy from consignment shops, repurpose, and sell at these boutiques for hundreds of dollars. It's Goddamn highway robbery and it's got to stop. I suppose we could all go shopping at consignment shops, but…" Where's the fun in that?

"…but then they'd turn into boutiques and start charging the same prices," Crewe concludes. "Then when they get really big, we go to other, even smaller consignment shops, and the whole thing repeats itself over and over, until all the clothes get worn and sold at consignment so much that they just fall apart and we go naked. Or something like that. I'm not a philosophizer or an economist or anything." When the server passes by the next time, Crewe snags him by the apron and asks for a beer in mug or wine or whatever's cheapest.

Mimi nods to Crewe a little bit before she pushes the plate away, apparently not as hungry as she'd thought. Her stomach makes an odd noise and she frowns a little bit. "That's why I'm not a business mogul. There's way too much to keep up with. If things got that bad, I'd say go naked. But the ugly people would clearly need to be kept in a cage or something. Only the beautiful people would be allowed outside." Mimi says this mostly in a tongue-in-cheek manner, looking at Crewe when she grabs the waiter by his apron. "I like your style. Order whatever you want and I'll pay for it. Toni… is that short for something?"

"Antionette. My parents had a sick sense of humor, I guess? Let them eat cake and all that, even though they were totally not about the sweets." She gives a helpless little shrug at Mimi, then winds up ordering the exact same thing…but two of them instead of just the one. Hey, it's cheap after all! "You could be a…Senator or something, with those political views. Runs in the family? I mean, it's printed all over the tabloids about how you're a Senator's kid and all."

"They didn't name you Marie Antoinette, right? So at least there's that. Before she got her head taken off, she was a pretty bitchin' partier though." Mimi says to the other girl. The other blonde actually has the decency to blush when Toni brings up her parentage, nodding. "Yeah, well, I don't really have political views, honestly. They bore me to death. I've never thought it was fun to sit in a room and debate over every single tax break and health cost that you can. The only politics I'm interested in right now are gay rights. I think we should do more for them." No wonder why Mimi is such the rebel, considering her dad's somewhat right wing political campaign. "I'll leave the political tripe to daddy dearest, I think."

"Wanna know a dirty little secret of mine? I've never voted. Nope, not once, not ever. I mean, I know, I know…Toni, you're so young looking, you're going to say. You still have a chance to vote in tons of elections, it's not too late! Nope, never voted once, God's honest truth!" For the first time maybe in this whole mixed-up conversation, Crewe's being truthful. Never pursued voting from jail, if one even can!

Mimi shrugs her shoulders. "Neither have I." She really clearly doesn't care about politics. Nor does she seems to get some kind of thrill from Crewe's lack of voting. She reaches up to rub at her eyes briefly, letting out a quiet yawn before she sips once more at her glass of soda. A brief glance is passed over the room. "So, what's your deal, Toni? Tell me about yourself. You know what? No." Mimi says, looking at the other girl. "Tell me what you want from me? Are you a starfucker or something? I hardly consider myself a star, but I've had hanger ons. I'm not sure why you want to keep talking to me. People hate me. I'm a bitch. The only people that have ever paid attention to me in my whole life have been men who have only wanted one thing. Is that your deal?"

"Is that…what you're into? I mean, it's totally cool if you are," Crewe replies with a little flick of her eyebrows, and little flick of the tongue out of the corner of her mouth. "It's not my goal, no. But I mean, you are in the tabloids. You're probably as close to a real-ass celeb as I'll ever get in my life. I mean, not like retro-style hipster chicks like me aren't a dime-a-dozen anyway, but still. As for you being a bitch? Don't bother me any. I've been called that plenty of times before!"

"What I'm into isn't any of your business," Mimi simply says. She doesn't snap it out and she's not saying it bitchily, but she's got a bit of the Joan Holloway coldness working for her at the moment. "People don't just walk up to me every day and… offer me help. You could have sold pictures of me to a tabloid. Hell, you could be a reporter and I wouldn't probably know it. I'm just tired of being hurt by people. I just…" She pauses. "I just don't know why I'm telling you any of this." Obviously because she has no else to confide in. Mimi slumps back in her seat in a very unladylike manner, frowning.

"Being alone sucks big time, I know. I've been alone my whole damn life, since I was 15. Like, legit alone. No parents to speak of at all. Nothing, just me. It's tough." While she talks, she snatches up another bread stick, and starts to suck down the drinks the server has returned with. "While I could be a reporter or photographer, you figure you'd have seen your pic in there by now. I mean, unless I'm waiting for the really good shots," Crewe winks out.

Mimi grabs the server before he leaves and makes a motion that seems to communicate 'bring the check', as he's back with it in a few seconds. She takes a credit card out of her pocket and puts it on the check, waiting for him to pick it back up as she looks over Crewe. "So, what did you say you wanted with me again?" Mimi asks her. "I don't bother to keep up with whatever tabloids are trashing me these days. It's always the same story over and over again. 'Mimi Collinwood-Taylor followed in mother's footsteps', 'Senator's daughter has eating problem', 'Senator's daughter releases raunchy sex vid!'" She says the last bit perhaps a little too loudly, garnering looks from the patrons. "I mean, honestly. Where's the imagination anymore? It all just seems so loveless. If someone's going to write something nasty about me, they could at least give it some flair." There's a pause. "I never said I was alone. I just choose not to surround myself with most people because they're not worth my time."

"Me? I'm just trying to figure out…whatever. You're a big deal here around the city. I figure if maybe I'm in a few paparazzi shots, maybe it's good for my street cred Maybe it scores me a free drink? I don't know. Maybe I'm trying to get in tight with the Senator and plant some strange political agenda…like legalize and tax weed or something." Munching one final bread stick, Crewe leans back, and then starts to poke the air with said breadstick. "Here's a headline for you: Senator's daughter seen disappearing with sexy mystery girl! Can you imagine how the press would react with that?"

"I'm not interested how the press would react because I don't care." Mimi waits for her credit card to be returned patiently before she pockets it once more and stands from her seat, folding her arms behind her back. "Anyway, it was nice seeing you again, Toni. Maybe another time. If you really want some attention, you should go to Club Diablo sometime. But bring a date. Make sure he's cute." She waggles her fingers at Toni and starts to head for the door, counting on the same cream-colored town car to be out there.

Still sitting at the table, Crewe can only wave a bit. She's in no rush to leave, with the bill squared away and at least a little left to drink. However, the servers seem to have other ideas, and the last image one would have of her on the way out is her standing and slamming back whatever's left of the drinks, then snatching up the remaining bread sticks from the basket and dashing off for the door grinning…even though they give you the basketful free.

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