2011 06 19: Eau de Coffee Bean

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Mission Name: Eau de Coffee Bean
Date of Mission: June 19 2011
Locale: Upper East Side — Manhattan

Jezebel and Lance have a chance encounter and end up planning a date — and getting smoothies.

Jezebel Lance

It's been a while since Jezebel has actually been at home. Her vacation from Starbucks was spent on a long series of bag and burns. The woman still looks tired from her missions as she exits one of the buildings that is linked to the United Nations, dressed in a black pantsuit that's not nearly as severe as it could be — she's feminized it with a frilly white blouse underneath and a string of pearls at her neck, along with pumps. She's on her cell phone when she exits, nodding her head though the person at the other end of it can't see her. "Okay. I can do that. I'll be there tomorrow at nine AM then. Sure thing. Thanks." Her Southern drawl isn't in effect either.

Parked along side the sidewalk near the entrance to the French Consulate is a familiar looking sports car. The driver's side is opened and Lance steps out of the car. Dressed in a tailored charcoal gray business suit with a black silk shirt underneath. His hair has been slicked back and held in place by something that doesn't leave a shine to the hair. He turns to close the door behind him before he presses a button on his keys to set the alarm and lock the doors, securing the vehicle. He slips the keys into his pocket before he buttons the suit jacket closed, glancing around the area.

"Sounds fine. Alright. Goodbye." Jez hangs her phone up and sighs. Luckily she spots Lance before he can get too far. Jezebel doesn't quite break into a dead run for him considering the heels she's wearing, but she does pick her pace up and make a direct line for the man. "Excuse me, sir. I'm looking for someone… you wouldn't happen to know him, would you? Tall, brown hair, blue eyes, speaks with a French accent sometimes, is in a rather forbidden relationship…?" Jezebel asks as she nears Lance and grins at him widely. "Fancy meeting you here, stranger. I didn't expect to see you, but I was going to call you."

Lance manages to spot Jez as she nears the halfway point to him, offering a wave. He moves around to the sidewalk, not wanting to get hit by any stray cars. As she arrives, he smirks at her opening line. He takes a moment to act as if contemplating the description. "Hmm…you know, I just might. I do think I could help you out there, if the price is right." He grins and chuckles. "Yeah. I was going to call you after my meeting." He motions towards the French Consulate, glancing to the building before he looks back to her. "I have a weekly meeting with the Ambassador as part of my job to discuss business and have coffee. I always show up early to find a spot to park." He smiles as he looks her over. "You look gorgeous. What are you doing here?"

Jezebel grins at him and reaches out to wrap her armsaround his waist, sighing. "I just got back from overseas. I had to do a bit of construction work over there." Which usually means that she needed to demolish a few buildings. "I was dropping a few things off… paperwork. The usual." She nudges him with her hip and winks at him. "Flattery will get you almost everywhere, Lance. Am I keeping you from your meeting? I could go. And… I meant to call you before I left to let you know, but I wasn't given a lot of time. You know how it is." There's a pause. "Out of curiosity, what is this 'price' you're mentioning, hmm?"

Lance smirks and shrugs. "Price is always negotiated. Have your people call my people and we'll set something up." He chuckles as he wraps his arm around her shoulder, holding her close against him and kissing the top of her head once. Division folk are gonna love that if they're watching. "No, you're not at all. I show up an hour early since the street parking is usually taken up in a half hour. So, it's fine. You don't have to go at all." He smiles a she looks at her. "Well, I'm glad you're back safe. We should have dinner tonight to celebrate your return."

"Oh, so it's one of those things." She says knowingly with a nod. "Just when I think I've got you all figured out, Lance. She winks up at him and even blushes somewhat at the kiss atop of her head. "Yeah, we should. My schedule is free tonight… I won't have to do anything but some briefing tomorrow at the office." There's a slight eyeroll at that. "What are you cooking?" She asks him playfully, letting her arms slip from his waist. Her mind too drifts toward the constant threat of being watched by anyone really — but especially by their bosses.

Lance smiles as he winks. "I like to keep you guessing. Don't want you to figure me out too quickly and then get bored and toss me to the curb. So I have to keep surprising you." He offers a smile as he looks at her. "Well, what I'm cooking is a surprise. You'll just have to wait and see." He offers a grin and looks around the area for a moment. "Wanna go grab a smoothie or something? I'd offer coffee but considering your day job and the fact that I'll be drinking it at the meeting, I thought it'd be best otherwise."

Jezebel laughs and nods. "Yes, please. A smoothie sounds good… coffee, not so much. I swear that my skin just never stops smelling like coffee. Try as I might to mask the smell, I'm afraid that I'm doomed to remain a walking coffee bean for the rest of my days." She reaches down to take one of his hands in hers. To most people, they look like a professional young couple. Not terribly unusual for New York. "I like surprises sometimes. I can't wait to see. …Provided you're actually serious about cooking. Otherwise, I'll accept an offering of you in sexy boxers after dinner at a nice restaurant." Jez grins at him and lets him lead her down the sidewalk.

Lance smiles and nods, interlocking his fingers with hers as he gives her hand a gentle squeeze before he starts towards the closest place with a smoothie. "Well, you're in luck. I just happen to find the smell of coffee on a woman to be quite attractive." He offers a chuckle as he smiles. "Well, I just hope you enjoy the meal tonight then. Shall we say nine? Make it a late dinner?" He asks, looking down at her. "And we can discuss what we can have for desert too."

"At least I know what'll do it for you if I ever need you in the mood. Just sprinkle some coffee grounds down my blouse and we're good to go!" She squeezes Lance's hand back and steps into the shop, laughing. "Sure, nine is great. It'll give me time to get home and shower…" And presumably recharge after her long trip away. She does look somewhat tired, but not totally beat down. She lets out a long yawn and glances around the shop, licking her lips briefly. "Dessert sounds nice too. My favorite is cheesecake. Make a note!" She chides him.

Lance smiles and nods. "Well, that'll make for some interesting foreplay." He jokes as he opens the door for her, letting her enter first before he steps in behind her. He looks up at the menu, trying to find what he wants. "Right. Cheesecake. Check." He chuckles and glances down at her. "Though the thought of you in the shower… just may skip dinner entirely." He says, nudging her lightly before turning his attention back to the menu. "Hrm… strawberry banana sounds pretty good…"

She turns to look at Lance, grinning at him and shaking her head. "You're dirty. And don't say that I'm the one that started it." She moves up to the counter to order a simple vanilla smoothie. She steps aside so that Lance can order his. "I'm not a fan of most sweets, to be honest. I like plain cheesecake the best because it's not too sweet or rich. Coffee with cream is almost the richest thing I can eat in a day. And then Argyle wonders why I eat like a truck driver…"

Lance chuckles and smiles. "Well, I'll make sure it's plain." He wraps his arm around her shoulder as she orders, placing his for the banana strawberry smoothie. "Just make sure you ignore the empty containers in the trash can. Just pretend they were never there." He chuckles as he pays for the smoothies as they're delivered. "Wanna booth or a table?" He asks her, motioning towards the rest of the room.

Jezebel moves toward a booth and sits down as she takes her smoothie and moves to a booth. She rests against it with a hearty sigh and looks over to Lance. "Don't worry, any empty containers I find are fine by me. It's the same thing you'd get if you asked me to cook anything, ever. Period." She grins and takes a long drink of her smoothie, reaching into her pocket to retrieve her phone once more. She glances down at the time and furrows her brows. "I'm gonna have to get a move on, directly. I need to go and return some special equipment to Birkhoff. He told me he expected it back. He's such a blowhard about this kind of stuff. But… I'll see you at nine? Your place?" She asks him, grinning as she has to stand right back up again.

Lance smiles and nods his head as he sips his smoothing. "Gotcha. Don't ask for a home cooked meal. Noted." He chuckles softly, but it soon stops and a frown forms on his lips at the phone call and then her departure. "No worries. Have fun and good luck with him." He stands with her, leaving his smoothie on the table. "I'll see you tonight." He says, moving in to give her a hug and a kiss on the lips. "Expect to be amazed." He says, chuckling softly once again.

"Thanks, I'll need it. I broke a dial off of this thing…" A faint look of worry passes through Jezebel's eyes before she kisses him back and gives him a parting squeeze. "Oh, trust me. I expect nothing less." She winks at him over her shoulder as she departs from the smoothie shop, heading out to the street for her first hot date of the evening: she and Birkhoff.

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