2011 06 19: Friendly Mockery

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Mission Name: Friendly Mockery
Date of Mission: June 19, 2011
Locale: Club Diablo

Lance runs into Rebekah at work and commences with the teasing of her.

Rebekah Lance

The lower east side is always in full swing no matter what time of day or night. Sadly, there is also a feel that one might get mugged with the bodies pressed so close together. The thrum of the music pulsates off the walls in a frantic pitch as the DJ is currently playing some trance music. People in various forms of sexiness are found grinding with their partners of the evening while others are already at small secluded tables along the outside. Wait staff works it hard core being sexy in short skirts and the men bare-chested with red body paint.

At first, there is no Rebekah to be seen until one looks at the bar. A bottle of tequila is tossed high in the air and caught behind the bartender's back. She's making some drink that is a devilish red color called 'Firewater'. Ah the lovely Becky is holding court in her painted on leather pants. "Awww sugah, cohse we got ya pleasuah, just give me one small moment ta be right with y'all." The Georgian accent rich on her lips tonight with peachy, sugary, honey.

Sin for a sin? This woman's blonde hair has been curled and teased slightly to have that looking for trouble feel. The light colored tresses have also been selectively dyed to put black and bright red lowlights throughout it. Nestled on the top of her head is found a pair of red sequined devils horns. Her pixie-like features are made up to look like something far more sinister than normal. Long black lashes wrap around her brilliant, impish, blue eyes. While her makeup is that same black with flame red glitter across her top lash line. There is a thick layer of kohl around the bottom of her eyes, but it manages to look come-hiter. Bright red lipstick coats her lips and makes her smile appear even more welcoming and white.

Amidst the sea of writhing bodies moving to the pulsating thump of the base pumping in through the speakers is a man dressed in expensive, yet very stylish clothes. His body moves with the music and the movements of the three younger looking women pressed up against him. As the song comes to an end, Lance excuses himself from the women and moves through the sea of bodies towards the bar. As he finds himself an opening, he raises a hand to signal for the bartender though he is paying more attention to the dance floor to notice Rebekah right away, a smile on his lips as his eyes take in the young flesh on display.

Rebekah grins at Lance and moves over the bar. More than a few men take in that corset when she does. A breathy whisper is against poor, distracted Lance's ear. "I know what you are thinking, but remember sixteen will get you twenty." There is a throaty chuckle as she reaches up and attempts to muss his hair. "What's your flavor, Casanova?"

Lance's attention is returned to the bar as the sound of a familiar voice reaches his ear and the hand musses up his hair. "Hey now!" He says as his hand move to protect his hair and repair the damage done to it. "It took me twenty minutes to get it just right." He says with a smile and a chuckle as his eyes move over the woman's form. "Well, look at you." He says, his hand disappearing into his coat pocket. "I bet your daddy must be proud of you." His tone is obviously one of joking as his hand reemerges from his pocket. "I know, I know. It's paying for school." He lifts up his cell phone and quickly snaps off a picture of the woman. "This one is going up as a wallpaper." He grins as he looks back up at her, quickly tucking the phone away for safety. "Whiskey on the rocks." He offers as his order.

Rebekah cocks her hip to the side and strikes a pose. You know like all good porn stars! "I know I rock this look. I rock it hardcore. I rock it so — what are you doing with the cam — Damnit Lance!" Becky actually makes a jump for that phone and for his coat. "I'm not sure I want to serve you. Maybe you only get water." There is a sticking out of her tongue before she puts ice in a glass. She rinses the ice before pouring two fingers of whiskey. Lance always gets the extra on her shift. "That will be seven dollars and you owe me dinner."

Lance laughs as he takes a step back out of her reach. "It's okay. That's just insurance in case you decide to take a mob contract out on me and have me whacked. I know how you sneaky Georgian mob families do it." He winks as she starts to fix his drink. "How about three bucks and I give you a twenty dollar tip then you can buy me something to eat?" He says, leaning back against the bar.

Rebekah reaches behind her to plop the tip jar in front of him. She takes out the cash and pushes it in her pockets. "Oooor pretty rich boy. How about, I charge you fourteen, you tip me twenty and you buy me dinner? In return, I will not go on for three hours about the cost of my tuition in relation to that suit you are wearing." There is a pause as she wiggles her brows over her flashing eyes. "Or you could just take off the clothing for me to pawn."

Lance smirks and shrugs. "That sounds fair, but you can charge me three and I'll still tip you twenty and buy you coffee in the morning." He says, taking a few bills from his wallet and hands her a twenty and sticks another in the tip jar. "So how many guys have played grab ass with you tonight in the getup?" He asks with a smirk. "I need to hit anyone today? I have a business meeting in the morning you know."

Rebekah smirks. "Why are you trying to undercharge me, Casanova? You know I'm immune to your charms on the women." Her eyes move past him towards the trio of grinders. "Unlike the kiddy pool over there." She gives a wink towards him as she offers. "If you see anyone wearing their drink or if you see them missing a hand, you'll know who tried it, Romeo." Then she laughs and tosses her hair back. "You know how I like to keep you up all night." There is a whistle from down the bar. "Duty calls, I'll be right back, Sexy."

Lance shrugs. "Just because you're immune to my charms doesn't mean I can't try anyway." He grins as he glances back towards the trio he was dancing back with earlier. "Yeah, but they're just so much easier to impress. I don't have to exhaust all my energy on them." He smirks. "The car doesn't hurt." He looks down the bar towards the one who whistles before looking back to her, nodding once. "Go get 'im, tiger."

Rebekah walks down to talk up the other men at the bar (and a few of the women). However, this time she has a flawless British accent. Her eyes dancing in humor as she reaches up to flick her horns. There must have been a 'horny' comment made. Bottles of alcohol are juggled before she makes the drinks across the bar and collects money and tips. A few men offer her a drink and she switches it out for water when no one is looking. In a moment or three, she's back and leaning on the bar. "So did you take them for the ride of their life?"

Lance smirks as he sips his drink and watches the woman work. As she returns he chuckles and smirks, looking back at her. "Looks like you get to try out different accents. Think I heard two since I came up here." He grins and glances back towards the trio as they're brought up again. "No. They apparently saw me pull up when they were waiting outside." He looks back towards her. "Get any numbers?"

Rebekah reaches for the bowl next to the tip jar. It is filled with scraps of paper and napkins. "Yuuuup." Then she wiggles her bottom as she leans forwards again. It is reminiscent of a feline preparing it's pounce. "What about you? Get some numbers, hook up in the bathroom?"

Lance laughs and shakes his head. "Nope. I can't say that I have. Besides, I'm spoken for. I just come here to have a good time and have some drinks." He smirks and glancing back towards the woman. "What time do you get off tonight? You need a ride back to your place?" He asks before he takes a drink from his glass.

"Two in the morning, last call." Rebekah offers as she stretches her hands over her head. "I could come by your place and crash out on your couch. I'll even pretend you don't snore." Then she drops her heels down and stares at him. "Spoken for? You are already exclusive with this chick, didn't you like just meet her not that long ago?" Her lips curve into a smirk. "Lose your balls that quick huh? Does she have them on a necklace or just in a jar on the mantle?"

Lance nods before he glances towards his watch to check the time. "I suppose I can stick around until then. I don't want to be responsible for one of your fans to get a hold of you." He chuckles before he sips his drink. "It's not that. It's more that I just like her and I want to make this one last rather than another one night stand. Try it differently this time around." He shrugs his shoulders slightly. "That's not to say that it may not change sometime."

Rebekah makes a face to this. "What the hell, Casanova? Next you'll tell me about the ring you picked out and the two point five children you are planning to have. You decide to move to Buffalo to raise the children yet?" What are friends for if not to give you crap on your love life? She shakes her head and reaches out to attempt to run her fingers down his firm jaw. It would be intimate if they weren't them. "Besides.. you can't be serious about her until she's been weighed, measured and found wanting by yours truly."

Lance shrugs his shoulders slightly. "She's fun. What can I say?" He takes a long drink from his glass, setting it down on the bar top. He nods his head once as he chuckles. "Don't worry. I already planned on having you meet her anyway." He chuckles as he looks towards her. "So you don't have to worry there, mom. You can have your approval of her."

Rebekah wrinkles her nose to the idea of the ladies man becoming a one lady's man. "Hmmm." She doesn't add more to that before she shakes her head. "I'm not your mom…" She moves to wait on other patrons. "I'm younger than you and your mom's ass never looked as good as mine."

Lance chuckles and shrugs. "I don't know." He says, his eyes naturally glancing towards her ass. "I never really paid much attention to my mother's ass before. I couldn't compare them." He chuckles and watches her as she goes off to help the other patrons. "But I'm going to call you mom if you keep acting like her." He picks up his glass again before he drains the liquid and holds it up. "When you get the chance, mom." He says again, this time with a grin on his lips.

Rebekah rolls her eyes at him in a longsuffering manner. Then she turns. "If I'm your Mom, I'm cutting you off." There is a yelp as one of the male bartenders slap her ass. "Firm like a milf." Becky slugs him in the arm before she slowly makes the rotation back towards Lance. "Look what you did."

Lance shrugs his shoulders slightly as his eyes look to the man who slaps her ass, making a mental note to teach him a lesson later. Even though Bekah slugs the man and the Bouncers make their way towards the man. "I know. I know. I always draw attention to your ass and then it gets slapped. What can I say?" He chuckles and offers a wink.

Rebekah pouts with all that Southern charm that only high society girls can muster. "Well Ah do declah. Y'all just give me the vapahs." She fans her face a bit as if she's going to faint. "A big city stranah complimentin' mah hind region. It would be a proposal of marriage down in the Southern states. Though y'all do seem to be a yankee, Ah might be willin' to forgive ya." She shakes her head with a laugh. "Pity, it's nevah ya hand." Becky walks away a few steps and then turns to point at Lance. "And it better never be."

Lance can't help but laugh at the performance. "Why Miss Dresden. I do believe that you should be in the movies with that talent." He smirks as he looks towards her. "Women. I'll never understand you guys. First you say you want it to be my hand and then you say you don't. Which is it?" He grins and chuckles softly.

Rebekah looks at him with wide innocent eyes. "Why Lance, if I told you how I wanted it to be, what would be the fun in watching you squirm?" She blows him a kiss, much to the jealousy of a few patrons. "Men. You just want it all in a nice, tidy package… so you can unwrap it."

Lance grins. "Damn right we do. It's less hassle and we can just get on to the good stuff. Am I right?" The last part is asked more to the other men at the bar than to her. He offers a wink in return for the kiss. "But if you're going to have your shift drink after work, you may as well crash in the guest room."

Rebekah smiles. "Not your bed? Damn Lance, you know how to kill my good time." Upon that comment, she's gone for the night to wait on other people. Becky only comes by to refill his glass until two am comes around. The place starting to unpack as the hours are dwindling for last call. Here the girl scans the crowd to find what young filly Lance might be talking up.

Lance returns to the dance floor as she heads off to finish work. As the starts to unpack, Lance finds himself at a table with another well dressed man. They seem to know each other as they talk casually with each other. He returns periodically to get a refill of his drink, waiting for Rebekah to come and let him know she's ready to go.

Why just let a man know you are ready to go, when you can do it with style? Rebekah sashays across the club and attempts to hop onto Lance's lap. Her eyes fall upon the other well dressed man. "I thought I would find you with a woman. You are full of surprises, Casanova."

Lance smirks as he looks at Rebekah as she sits in his lap. "Well, I may have been but I ran into Ryan here from work. We were just talking about business. Nothing boring." He looks to Ryan and smiles. "Ryan, this is my friend Rebekah. Bekah, this is Ryan." He smirks and then looks to Rebekah. "Rebekah here is single, Ryan." He offers the woman a small grin before he asks, "Are you ready to go?"

Rebekah offers her hand to Ryan to this and smiles flirtatiously towards him. "Don't believe Lance. I'm only single on the nights he wants me to sleep with other men. It's his way of saying you are on the allowed list." She winks over towards the company friend and then moves to drop her arms around Lance's neck. "Your place, Casa?"

Lance nods to her and chuckles. "Sounds like a plan." He turns to look to Ryan and shakes the man's hand. "I'll see you on Monday, Ryan. Take it easy." He helps Bekah off his lap before standing himself. "After you." He says to her, allowing her to lead him to his car which is in it's usual spot after closing time.

Rebekah hops off Lance's lap with a click of her heeled boots on the floor. She makes sure to walk in a way to inspire appreciative attention. There is one thing to be said about Rebekah, she knows how to use her body. A toss of temp dyed hair and the leather clad woman is out the door and to his car.

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