2011 07 11: Goodies

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Mission Name: Goodies
Date of Mission: July 11, 2011
Locale: Store Front

Lip wants Cole and Diaz's Goodies. Diaz wants to drive Lip's Goodies. Cole wants Lip's other Goodies. Oh Goodie.

cole lip diaz

A humid summer evening finds Cole outside in front of the army-navy surplus, done up in a pair of overalls and a cropped-T — her grease-monkey best, it would seem. Her hair is pulled back by a bandana, protected at least a little from the grease as she works under the hood of a souped-up Charger. She emerges for a moment, readjusting the bandana and wiping the sweat from her brow as she examines her handiwork in the fading light. Deftly, she spins the wrench around in her hand and deposits it into the pocket of her overalls, pulling out a smaller ratcheting one to tighten something up.

"A couple thousand more and he'll be all set, yeah. That's when I'll name him. No, go fuck yourself. Seriously, that's perverted. Yeah, yeah, o-kay then, if you think you meant that," Diaz is currently on her cell phone outside of her store. She has her clerks doing the lack of business currently within. She's also not bothering to help Cole at the moment since this phone call is just that important. She'll help in a bit, maybe. Right now, she contents herself in finishing up as she paces back and forth on the sidewalk next to the behemoth black '69 and the tiny pale mechanic.

Tires screech as a somewhat familiar Lamborghini, by this time, comes speeding up to the curb. Horns blow because the damn thing has almost caused an accident. But that's just how Lip do. Anyway, he's throwing up the suicide doors and hopping out the car faster than ever. Big ass emergency style. "YO! I SAID YO!" He's practically yelling and waving his keys at the girl that's working on the car that's right nearby where he just came up in. "YO! I got a major ass emergency with my ride! I also got about six grand on me! You wanna' get paid?! Get ya' ass over here!" and he's already moving to the lambo to get the hood up.

"You want to give that a-" Cole begins to speak up as she stands back to eye the engine block. But she fades off when she realizes Diaz is still on her all-important phone call. Rolling her eyes, the teen wipes her hands off on a rag and starts heading around to start the engine up herself, since she'd just hate to interrupt. Before she gets the chance, however, she's distracted by the spectacle that is Lip come screeching up to the curb. Cole recognizes his unmistakable style almost instantly, but before she can get a snarky word in edgewise, there's talk of money — a whole lot of money. "Uh, Iz? I'll be right back," she says, whether or not the woman is listening to her at this point. "Geez man, calm down. I got it. What's the problem?" she asks as she tucks the rag back into her pocket and saunters closer.

Diaz looks in the general direction of Cole and begins to excuse herself from the phone call in order to get a repeat of her incoming question; then she gets distracted by the sound of screeching tires. The woman lowers her brows questioningly and then looks on more curiously at the sight of the car itself. "Nah, don't worry. You go on ahead and do your thing," distractedly replies Diaz to Cole and in the middle of abruptly hanging up the cell phone. She looks to her muscle car and then pockets her hands, and the phone - after taking a picture of the Lamborghini, and shadows after Cole.

Lip is bouncing up and down, trying to figure out just how in the world he's going to get the problem solved. Except, well, he doesn't even know what the problem is. He's bouncing up and down on his heels and pointing at the engine of the expensive ass car that he's been driving around like crazy. "Look, girl, I dunno. I was drivin' this thing and it's not gettin' from 0 to 60 in the time it says! I need you to do whatever it is you greasemonkeys do and check my shit out. Before I take this sucker back and get a motherfuckin' refund, you feel me?! I gots to get my speed on and right now, 0 - 59 ain't cuttin' it!" What.

"Dude, chill," Cole says in what is perhaps meant to be a reassuring way. She casts a glance back over her shoulder towards Diaz and then shrugs slightly. The money is good and that's one of her many weak points. Readjusting her bandana again, she moves up on the vehicle, leaning in over the engine to give it an exploratory look. "You been driving this thing around at high speed a lot?" she guesses as she continues to poke carefully around in the car's innards. Someone who knows his car only goes to 59 is probably not taking a lot of sedate Sunday drives.

Diaz lifts her right hand's forefinger and middle into a brief wave to the guy and gives him a once over before directing her attention more so to the vehicle itself and Cole's digging into it. Looking over a shoulder leads into yelling at a guy's dreadlocked head peeking out of the surplus store's entrance. "Mateo, get back in there and finish cleaning up your fucking mess!" She stops herself from saying more, like how she doesn't pay voyeurs, but then leans back to the other two and speaks up to them instead. "You should probably get a refund on that. In a city like this, all it's going to get you is airheaded boob-jobs, you know. Cause, fuck, I could smoke that shit as it stands." She pauses, "What's the zero to sixty-two on it?"

"Hell yeah! All I do is speed! Why the hell else would I have a Lambo, baby? Just fix her for me, aight?" Lip is turning away from Cole and his baby to look at the other voice that's been talking to him for a moment or two. He raises an eyebrow at her and then just smirks a little bit. "2.5, I think. Hard to remember, really. I got so many cars, y'know." Lip is automatically a big ass braggart. It just happens like that. "As far as airheaded boob-jobs go? I'm cool with that shit. Boobs are boobs, y'know." That's definitely why he's a guy. He's too busy thinking about boobs now to really be worried about Beyonce.

Cole straightens up for a moment, opening her mouth as if she's going to say something — perhaps an explanation of what exactly she thinks the problem might be. But the instructions to 'just fix her' cause the girl to pause and reconsider. Does she really even need to bother to explain. "I fix this and how much of that six Gs are we talking here?" she clarifies, digging her wrench back out but just swinging it between her hands while she awaits some sort of price tag for the work. "You're gonna need a part to really fix it, but I can hook you up with a workaround, keep you going until they special order that shit." There's a subtle glance to Diaz, like she's gauging her for her opinion on the job.

Diaz turns in her place partially in the street, one sneaker on the curb and the other to the street itself. She's folding her arms over the flat of her stomach and tucking them in tighter against themselves while leaning her weight to one hip to look up towards the guy. The bits of seriousness melt into laughing amusement. "Got so many cars you don't know which one's worth their overpriced selves?" She looks away from the man and toward Cole when she weighs in on the situation and Diaz lifts her brows emphatically before gesturing with a hand if she can approach the exotic sports car herself. "I wouldn't know," murmurs Diaz offhandedly as she approaches nonetheless to come standing next to Cole and look at the engine block. "I bet I could put this sucker through some real paces. Nothing like my Skyline, or the beast, but definitely, yeah."

Fling! The white envelope is tossed in the direction of Cole so fast that Lip doesn't even look like he threw it. "Pay for the part and the rest is yours for labor and for bein' cute a fuckin' button, aight?" Yes, those words are for Cole. Lip can't help himself. He's being flanked by two different women and they are both hot in their own special way. Which is all he cares about. Hotness. "…. This is just my every day ride, y'know? So it aint' gotta' be a Five Second Car. Not like the rest of my fleet. But still, I ain't tryin' to be turtling along either." Lip comes up behind both of the girls, since they are looking at the vehicle and he's pretty much looking at them… from behind.

Cell Phone. Diaz's Ass? Cole's Ass? Photos Gotten.

"You fix Beyonce and come to my party later tonight and I'll let you take her for a spin, maybe." Awwwww snap!

Cole is a little surprised when the envelope is tossed her way. Not often she's paid all up front for work from a stranger. But she's not about to complain. She catches the envelope easily enough and flips it open to take a quick look, thumbing through the bills to make sure it looks more or less like what it should. That bit of business done, she quickly stuffs the envelope in the bib pocket of her overalls and flashes Lip a grin, saluting with the wrench. "It's cool. I got it," she assures Diaz. Hey, it improves her chances of actually paying rent this month maybe? This month is looking very flush for Cole, indeed. She doesn't even seem to care that he's taking pictures of her ass. Now that the money is in hand, she's got a new toy to play with and the car gets more of her attention. "Where's the party?" she asks, a little distracted as she buries herself beneath the hood again.

"Fleet?" she almost snorts at the term; rich people, Diaz doesn't get them. She also doesn't notice someone's taking pictures of her ass considering how fairly focused she is on looking at what Lip's Beyonce is packing under her hood. The young woman owlishly blinks at something, potentially the tossing of money, much belatedly and after the fact if that, and begins to turn around in order to lean her weight back against the front end of the exotic car. She crosses her legs over at the ankles, right over the left. With a nod to Cole's would-be reassurance on things being on the up and up money and car-wise, she focuses on the answer to the teen's question. She grins. "And who says we'd settle for a little maybe? Make it a definite and we'll see."

"Aw hell naw. See, I ain't come ALLLLL the way across town to bring you guys my business and personally invite you to the biggest party of the week, just for you to say 'We'll See'." Lip is flashing a grin and reaching up to twist his hat around on his head. He's always doing something stupid with that hat. Whatever. He's just trying to get his mack. "Look. We can do it like this. You two get this baby up to speed right now and I'll do you both a favor and let you be my escorts. One of you can drive. The other can ride in my lap." Lip actually seems to think that this is the greatest idea he's ever had. Or at least, it kind of seems that way. "You can meet the rest of the crew. Maybe there'll be something more in it for ya' than just a sweet ride 'round town." Wink!

Cole just gives a little snort of amusement to that idea, still buried under the hood of Lip's car. With her hands literally full at the moment, she seems willing to trust Diaz's negotiating skills on this front, though she does pipe up to add, "I'm not sitting in no one's lap." There's a pause where only the sound of the ratchet wrench can be heard, tightening something beneath the hood, and then she amends, "Least not unless I'm really fuckin' high." With that, she goes quiet again and turns her attention back to the work.

"Oh yeah?" Diaz is going to have fun with this, which is probably why she's just sitting back to listen to his response. All the while she keeps grinning. She bites gently down on her tongue in something reminiscent of being thoughtful, at least just prior to speaking up. "Don't worry, Twilight." She looks up and over at Cole given the nickname before directing herself back towards Lip with a nod of her head. She's got this. "We'll get your car running better than when it came off of the line over in Fuckwhere, France or wherever you imported it from. You take us to your party, and you can be our escort. We'll even show you a good time, maybe. Depends on if you know how to show a girl a good time."

Lip is already around to the car and sliding inside of it again. Within seconds he has reached into false bottoms of seats and he comes out with two different ziploc bags. He stands himself up straight, totally uncaring about what might be going on around them and he unrolls them both at the same time. His left hand is, of course, sporting the bag that promotes the Mary Jane while the right hand is providing a much more awesome high: Blow.

"… Let the good times roll."

If this doesn't get them hooked on coming to his party, he don't know what will.

There's some angry sounds of an annoyed little thing coming from beneath the hood of the car, and the words 'fucking' and 'Twilight' can be made out but not much else. Apparently even that most loathed of nicknames isn't enough to get Cole to extract herself now that she's in the middle of a job. But you know what is? Drugs. It's like a sixth sense — without even looking, the girl can detect the moment Lip makes with the goodie bags, and she's popping her head back out from under the hood so far she's just lucky she doesn't hit it. "I'm in," she agrees without hesitation now.

"Dom, Mateo, you're closing up!" Diaz shouts it over her shoulder towards the military surplus store before looking at her Charger. "And Friday off if you drive my car back to the shop," and she has more to say, maybe, but she's turning back around to stand behind Cole and the car and look to the drugs. One of them has to be the responsible one, so she gets to step around and hold out a hand. Lip gets two words out of her in reply but at least she's still highly amused, "Car keys."

"Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Goodie bags are yanked back down out the public eye, before he flings car keys at Diaz and then looks to Cole. "Let your partner get started here, Twilight. Let's you and I go get acquainted." Awwwwww snap. Lip is ready to get it in and in and even more in up in this mother eff right now!

Because he's got the drugs, Cole will even let him get away with calling her Twilight. This once. She barely even flinches. Not even fully taking her eyes from Lip — or the goodies he has, more specifically — she reaches back in to tighten one last thing under the hood and then draws fully back, quickly wiping her hands before she reaches up to lower the hood. "Just bring the drugs, man," Cole replies, showing her stunning decision making skills right there.

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