2011 06 26: Grand Central

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Mission Name: Grand Central
Date of Mission: June 26, 2011
Locale: Starbucks — Greenwich Village

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up.

Eli Theo Anya Tamara Thomas Rebekah

Eli is finally given a coffee and a piece of banana nut bread, which he arranges expertly in one hand, leaving the other hand free to use his cane. He raises an eyebrow, turning his head toward Theo. "Quite valuable. Why don't you leave these lovely ladies be and join me for a cup of coffee, hmm? You can tell me all about what you wonder," he suggests, with a little smile. "I'm Eli, by the way."

Theo's eyes focus intently upon Tamara as she speaks about her leg and its general well being, A small nod is given as his right hand moves inside of his inner pocket of the suit jacket removing a business card. His steps leading him over to her setting it down ontop of the table infront of her, "if it bothers you, Please do call. I believe I could help." With that he turns striding away back towards the counter, His attention focusing upon Anya a moment as he lightly smiles to her perhaps as a sign of peace before Eli's words capture his attention. His eyes returning to the blindman, "Ahh I would but I simply stopped in to grab a quick drink before heading back to my Lab. I have much work to do and very little time to do it in. Deadlines you see. But I am Theodore, though most simply call me Theo..Or Doc..God I hate when they shorten such a thing to simply..doc." His head shaking as he sighs softly before looking back to the Barista as they ready his rather specific drink order.

Anya is sitting by herself, with a Frappucino and a single earbud in one of her ears. She's smiling brightly, and looking between the other three, her straw moving around in her drink.

Tamara, sitting alone at a table in the corner, watches as Theo approaches, her gaze following him closely. "Thank you," she replies, taking the card and giving it a brief look before she tucks it away. "But really, I'm fine. And they say New Yorkers are so unsympathetic," she adds in a lower voice, smirking faintly to herself. Sipping her espresso, she watches the others for a moment, not seeming terribly disappointed that the strange man might soon be leaving them. "You're welcome to join me, if you'd like," she offers easily to Eli, not seeming too concerned whether he takes her up on it or not.

Eli raises his eyebrows slightly, though truth be told, there seems to be some relief in his expression as the man says he will be leaving soon. "Ah, so sorry. Well, it was a pleasure, Theo. Doctor. Whichever you prefer." He smiles, then makes his way to Tamara's table, edging around the randomly placed tables and chairs cautiously, until he bumps into hers. "Well, don't mind if I do, Miss…?"

Theo's shoulders roll back into a shrug, His hands moving into his bag to remove a single medical glove slipping it onto his right hand before he takes his cup. His fingers moving down to take up a straw in a sterile wrap from the bag as well pushing it into the drink giving a small sip. "thank you." With that his left hand dips into his pocket to remove a 10 setting it carefully down ontop of the counter before he turns, One last glance given over the three others before he begins to head for the door.

Anya continues watching the others, and doesn't bother trying to hide it. Soon when she tries to take a drink it just makes slurping noises, which has her frowning down at her cup, then rising to get another. And with that, her somewhat off-key singing resumes.

"Carver. But please, call me Tamara," the blonde replies easily, as Eli moves to join her at the table. She doesn't rush to help him, but watches his progress and would alert him if there's anything obviously in his way. Out of the corner of her eye, she also tracks Theo's progress out of the coffee shop, still clearly not quite sure what to make of the good doctor. "You're welcome to join us too, of course. If my weak perfume doesn't detract from the offer," she adds to Anya, saying it with a smirk that suggests her feelings aren't really hurt. But neither has she completely forgotten the comment either.

Theo makes a small mental note of the words from Tamara as he pushes open the door and slips off into the world outside.

Eli finds a chair and sits down, with a pleasant smile. "Tamara, then. Pleased to meet you, Tamara," he offers, and gets situated with the banana bread and coffee on the table in front of him, and starts folding up his cane into a nice neat bundle that can be easily placed within reach on the table. He seconds Tamara's invitation with a pleasant smile. "Of course. The more the merrier!"

Anya glances over towards the duo and considers while she waits for her drink. Just as it's being set in front of her she's beaming a grin. "Oh why the hell not?" she asks, scooping up the cup and making her way over to the others, plopping herself down in an empty seat.

"And you as well… Eli, was it?" Tamara confirms, not bothering to pretend she wasn't listening to his conversation with Theo. She takes a small sip from her tiny drink, still keeping a watch on the shop. As Anya decides to join them, she offers a faint smile. "Sounds like my main motto in life," she murmurs to the rhetorical question.

Thomas was heading for the coffee shop earlier, but got held up by a phone call before he could make it inside; he's been pacing back and forth for a few minutes, ducking out of Theo's way when he left. Finally, he hangs up and steps inside— right on time to overhear a familiar voice. "What is?" he asks, waving to Tamara as he leans against the back of an empty chair nearby.

Eli smiles and nods to Tamara's question, as he reaches back for his coffee to take a sip. "Mmm. Yes, Eli. Eli Akins, nice to meet you." He smiles while turning slightly toward Anya, and lifts his coffee in a mock salute. "And you, miss." As a friend of Tamara's shows up, he takes the opportunity to drink some of his coffee.

Anya grins at Tamara. "It's a good motto, isn't it?" She glances towards Thomas, studying him just as she did Eli and Tamara when they entered, before she looks back to those at her table. "I suppose I should give my name too, huh? I'm Anya."

"So we meet again," Tamara replies as Thomas appears at the table, speaking with a grin that seems pleased to see him. "'Why the hell not'," she adds in answer to this question, her smile turning vaguely mischievous as she shrugs her shoulders. "An excellent motto, but it has a knack for getting me into trouble." From her tone, she isn't about to let that stop her either.

Thomas eyes Tamara closely, even as he helps himself to the seat and nods briefly to the others. "Trouble? You?" He shakes his head, as in disbelief. "Now if you want a phrase that really gets people into trouble, try 'Hey, watch this!'— and then get the hell out of the way."

Coffee, one of the last legal drugs left to be distributed throughout the world. Adults and emo-kids alike all run to the place to have their orders filled by little fairies that dust the Starbucks with just the right about of crack to make it worthwhile. So, it is not surprising that Rebekah enters into the establishment and moves to the counter. She hmmms and hawws over the menu before placing one for a vanilla latte.

Eli nods to Anya, pleasantly. "That's a beautiful name," he comments. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Anya. You should try some of this banana bread," he offers. "It's the best." He tilts his head toward Thomas and Tamara, brows lifting slightly. "So, Tamara. Are you going to introduce your friend here?"

Anya cocks her head, looking confused. "And what's wrong with a little trouble? You only live once, girl. You gotta enjoy it." Then she grins at Eli. "Don't mind if I do," she says, reaching over to try to steal a piece of Eli's, whether that's what he meant or not.

"I know, right?" Tamara replies to Thomas, seeming amused at his 'disbelief'. Anya's advice actually earns a quiet laugh, and Tamara seems amused as she replies, "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." She shifts in her seat, using her arms to move without putting too much weight on her leg. "I don't know. It took me, what, three meetings before I got a name?" she goes on with a teasing grin for Thomas. "Tom, this is Eli and Anya," she goes on after letting that hang there for a moment. She notices a new patron entering the store, but pays little heed, too little to yet recognize the woman.

Now that he's been introduced, Thomas leans across the table, offering a hand to the others in turn. "Not troublemakers either, I hope. And that was because we kept getting interrupted—" Speaking of, that's when he spots Rebekah and motions her over. "Rebekah, hello! Apparently we're doing introductions now."

Rebekah hears her name and for a moment there is a duck. It's much like the kind of motion that one does when it might be a bill collector. Her green eyes move over to the table of the quartet. Hmm. The coffee is received with a wink towards the barista as she saunters over. "Well Howdy, Ah don't want to be interruptin' nothan'.." She grins towards the two she doesn't know and then towards the couple she does. "How ya feelin' Sugah?"

Eli may or may not notice that some of his bread has been stolen, but if he notices, he doesn't seem to care much. He just sips his coffee, and then breaks off a piece of bread to eat. As he's introduced, he gives a nod and a vague wave, smiling as his empty gaze slowly tracks back to Thomas. "Nice to meet you, Thomas."

Anya munches on the bread as she listens to the others, nodding to Thomas and Rebekah. "Nice to meet you and all that blah, blah, blah," she says, smiling before reaching over to steal another piece of banana bread. Apparently she agrees with Eli's opinion.

"I'm fine. Just fine," Tamara assures Rebekah with a slightly strained smile as the woman comes to join them. "As for interrupting, well, at least this time we've managed to get through introductions on the first go, so I can't see any harm in it," she continues with a faint smile, taking another small sip of her espresso. "It's all so very civilized, I feel confident saying there isn't a troublemaker in the bunch." Which means she suspects at least 90 percent of the group might qualify.

As far as Thomas is concerned, anyone could be a troublemaker, but no one's shown actual signs of it - today - so he'll continue to play it cool. "No, we're all just killing time, I think," he replies to Rebekah. "I assume Anya and Eli here have their own day jobs to bitch and moan about, yes?"

Rebekah tries to look cool as she sips her coffee, only well… "OW! Hot! Hot!" A hand waves in front of her mouth as she tries to blow on the latte at the same time. Then she looks at the others a little self-consciously. "Um… nice meetin' y'all." She doesn't sit just yet, but shifts her weight from one foot to the other. There is a soft comment given to Thomas and then a look of expectation at the answer.

Eli laughs quietly. "Well, I have my coffee every day about this time. There's plenty to bitch and moan about in tech support, but I think it'd probably bore all of you to tears," he admits with a little grin. His brows raise as Rebekah tries the coffee, and he can't help a little laugh. "Careful there."

Anya looks at Rebekah, arching a brow. "Well, yeah. It's coffee?" She shrugs as she steals yet more bread, looking back to Thomas. "Not much to bitch about for me, unless you wanna hear me bitch about getting light and shadow just right. Photographer."

"I am killing time, yes. Until it's late enough to go out and do something worth doing," Tamara replies. "Just don't tell the doctor, if you'd be so kind," she adds with a smirk. She may be off of bed-rest, but she suspects club-hopping might be pushing it. Her eyebrow arches slightly as Rebekah burns herself on the coffee, but she says nothing, finding that, once again, Anya beats her to it.

Thomas leans over, listening to Rebekah and then shaking his head. "You keep asking that," he replies, motioning to another chair nearby. "Help yourself while there's still room." Eli, meanwhile, gets a sympathetic nod: "I work with some tech-heads myself, and from what I've heard from them? I believe you."

Rebekah drops into the seat with a bright smile upon her lips. "Well it's good meetin' y'all. Ah feah Ah just attend to a ba'." Her accent is Southern and Georgian to those that might notice such things. For now she seems to sit back and listen to the conversation.

Eli grins slowly and leans slightly toward Tamara. "Now, what could you be planning to do this late?" he wonders, and takes another drink of his coffee. Thomas regains his attention with the sympathy, and Eli shoots him a wry smile. "It's an honest day's pay, anyhow. And that's probably more than a lot of people have, these days."

Anya gives Tamara her attention. "Yeah, what do you consider something worth doing?" she asks curiously, before she just flat out steals the rest of Eli's bread. No please or thank you or anything!

Tamara gives a little grin, seeming to enjoy the attention when it isn't about her leg, at least. "Oh well. There's a club opening and I promised I'd put in an appearance. My work is never done," she says with a laugh. "In fact, I probably should go get ready. I hadn't realized how late it was already." She tips back the last bit of her coffee before she starts to her feet. Always leave them wanting more?

Unfortunately for Tamara, that is where Thomas's attention is directed, if only briefly. One of the few things he knows about her thus far. "Must be a hell of a club. Don't do anything she wouldn't," he adds, pointing a thumb over toward Rebekah. Not deep friendships, by any stretch, but they'll do.

Eli looks a little pleased to hear Tamara's announcement. "Oh? Well…you should let me know which club. Maybe we can meet up sometime." He starts to reach for another bite of his banana bread, only to encounter an empty plate. He frowns faintly, feeling around a little, then asks, with perhaps a touch of embarrassment, "I'm sorry, have I dropped my bread? What happened?"

Rebekah opens her eyes wide to Thomas' comment. "Tommy!" She allows a slap to his arm, albeit a light one. "Sugah, that means ya do wha' ya'll want and ya have fun doin' it. In fact, ya redefine fun."

"Oooh, club. Have fun!" Anya says brightly. Eli's question has her putting an innocent look on her face as she glances towards him. "You said I should try it, so I did," she says, smiling sweetly. "You don't mind, do you?" she asks, hand touching his arm lightly.

"Really? Hmm. Maybe next time I run into you here, I'll drag you along," Tamara muses to Eli without giving it much consideration one way or the other. Moving carefully to avoid bumping her leg, it takes her a moment to navigate out from behind the table. "Glad to know it doesn't rule out much then," she continues, smirking faintly to Rebekah's words. "You all enjoy your evening. I know I will." With that, she starts heading to the door, leaving them to deal with the mystery of the missing banana bread.

Thomas makes a show of deflecting Rebekah's hand, though he only puts about as much effort into it as she does, then stands up and belatedly heads over to pick up a drink for himself (Kenyan something-or-other) and an apple pastry. "Hey, Eli, they got more of that stuff here if you want it."

Rebekah is deflected! Then she looks over at the other couple. "So ya'll know each othah a long time?" Her eyes study the missing bread and then Anya for a few moments. Her lips curving upwards into a friendly smile.

Eli's brows shoot up at Anya's admission. Slowly, however, he gives a little grin and pats her hand on his arm. "No, of course not. I'll have to get you your own next time, won't I?" he says, and gives a bit of a grin before taking another drink of his coffee. The question from Rebekah just confuses him. "Hm? Well, this is my first time meeting any of you, actually." He reaches for his wallet, "I could certainly eat some more. Anya, would you like another slice?" he offers. "Or some more coffee?"

Anya gives Eli another bright smile, her hand lingering on his arm as she looks at Rebekah. "Never met any of you before either," she says cheerfully. A pause, then to Eli, "I would love some more. Thank you."

Thomas picks up his things and heads back to the table, clearing a path for Eli's return visit as he sits back down next to Rebekah. "At least you two think along similar lines," he offers to Anya, faintly amused at how the exact-words scenario played out.

Rebekah blinks a bit to that and then smiles. "Well it seems we a'e just makin' right friends. Oh! Ah don't believe Ah caught ya names. Ah'm Rebekah." She offers her hand to each of them but settles down to eye what Thomas brought back. She knows not to part a man from his food. Potentially.

Eli nods a little, and strokes a finger over Anya's hand before he stands up and says, "I'll be right back…" He reaches for his walking cane, unfolding it with a snap of his wrist to head back to the counter to put in his order.

Anya glances down at her hand at the touch, then considers Thomas as he speaks, before she grins. "Great minds? I like that explanation, since it points out that I have a great mind," she says, before watching Eli as he moves away. Or maybe she's eyeing the cane. Either way, she shrugs and looks back, at Rebekah this time. "Anya."

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