2011 07 06: Hiring Process

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Mission Name: Hiring Process
Date of Mission: July 06 2011
Locale: Sugarpuss's Restaurant — Queens

Rebekah comes by to see Mack about a job.

Mack Rebekah

Wednesday night at a chain restaurant is moderately busy. The parking lot isn't full of cars, but there are few spaces left to park. Inside the patrons range from elderly folks to families to business men to frat boys. The scantily clad waitresses serve up buffalo wings and cheesy fries between delivering beers and colas to people.

Mack himself stands at the podium up front, watching as a waitress rings up an older couple for the food. "Okay, Nikki. Good job." He says to her, seeming mildly distracted as he glances back to the kitchen.

Rebekah watches the people mill about as she walks into the establishment. Her lips curve upwards into a dangerously wicked smile as she speaks to the hostess. When Mack is pointed out, Rebekah saunters over him and gives him a winning Georgia smile. However, she is polite enough to wait.

The hostess is quick to weave back to Mack and notify him that someone is waiting for him. He nods to the waitress wordlessly, brows raised before he looks over at Rebekah. He then pairs her winning Georgian peach smile with one of his own that's pure flash and razzle dazzle. It looks like he's had good dental work. "Hello, I'm Mack. Welcome to Sugarpuss's." It takes a certain kind of man to say that with a totally straight face, and Mack pulls it off with aplomb.

Rebekah offers out her hand. "Howdy, Ah hea'd y'all might be hirin' an Ah could really use some extra work." She gives a flawless smile of her own before she lifts her eyes to meet his dead on.

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss…?" Mack asks her as he takes her hand and attempts to kiss the back of it. "You heard right. We're looking for waitresses and hostesses. If nothing else, you get your pick of the leftovers after we close at night." Mack grins and winks at her before stepping out from behind the podium and coming a little closer. "Is that a Southern accent I detect?"

Rebekah smiles. "Georgia. Ah was bawn and raised there." She gives that winning smile that has gotten more than a few free drinks in her time. "Well great, Ah'd love ta wo'k here." She checks out the outfits. "Rebekah.." She withdraws her hand from his after a few moments.

Mack raises a brow at the woman before he laughs quietly. "Either that Southern hospitality and kindness goes a long way or perhaps you should consider seeing the rest of the restaurant first. Have you done much waitressing work?" He asks Rebekah. "You have hostess potential, but even they are made to wait tables before anything else - and it does fall within their duties when they're not busy near the front. Nonetheless, a pleasure to meet you, Rebekah."

Rebekah smiles. "Oh yeah. Ah know how ta keep customahs pleased." She winks towards him and moves to slide her arm through his if he allows. "Well show me the touah?" Her eyes move over the place. "Ah also work as a bartendah."

He nods to her. "Ah, bartending, yes. It's good." He waves her through with a hand, glancing around the restaurant. "Unfortunately most of it is self-explanatory. This is our dining area and there's the bar," Mack says, indicating with a pointed finger to the back of the room. "The kitchen is back there, as well as the restrooms and my office. There's not much to it than that."

Rebekah smiles that big charmer of a smile. "So can Ah see y'all's office then?" She looks him up and down and then over to his left hand. A toss of her blonde hair. "So Ah can tell the place looks good, but well what about y'all. Tell me about the man?"

"You'll have to if you want to fill out the paper work," Mack replies to her, chuckling quietly. "The man?" Mack asks her. "I am the man. Technically, it is my uncle's restaurant, but he's in poor health. For now, my brother and I manage it. We're not sure how long the old man has, so… it's a bit iffy. But we're trying to keep the place up and running on a balanced keel." He starts moving back to the offices. "I'm so rude, forgive me. Is there something that you might like to eat or drink? It's important that you sample before you come to work for us. I heard once that you're never supposed to work at a restaurant if you don't like their food."

Rebekah smiles. "Well why don't y'all just give me a sample of wha ya think Ah might enjoy." She looks at him with a bright smile and then steps a bit closer. "So… ya ain't actually the ownah then?"

Mack looks over his shoulder with a raised brow as he stops by the kitchen. "Cheesy fries for the lady. Bring them back to my office." The cook nods at the orders and waves a spatula errantly at Mack, who continues toward the office and opens the door, making room for Rebekah to step in first. "Technicalities, mostly." Mack responds to her question.

Rebekah nods her head. "Well than Sugah, why don't ya tell me about yaself? Ya married, ya got kids, ya like men? Oh do ya go out on weekends, got hobbies." She just talks on as she moves with him. Her long legs have easy strides that match his own.

Mack blinks a few times at Rebekah's forwardness and decides to leave the door open as they talk, pulling out her chair for her before he sits down at his desk and reaches into the top filing cabinet, taking out a blank application and passing it to her. "This is an unusual request. I don't have many other girls come in here and ask me to divulge personal information on a job interview. The short answer is no, no, and no. And no. And yes. What hours are you available, Miss Rebekah?"

Rebekah laughs. "If'n Ah was usual Ah'd be bohin'." Her head tips to one side as she thinks it over. "Well Ah wo'k nights foh the club so probably about lunch o' somethan'?" She watches him for a few moments. "When do ya need me ta be he'e?"

"Lunch would be good. There's not much of a crowd, but a few of our waitresses have children and with it being summer break and all, they'd much rather be at home during the day with their kids instead of at work. I can't say I blame them, honestly - but it does leave me in a tight position." He smiles at Rebekah and taps his fingers along the desk, considering her. "Ah, something tells me you never have to worry about being a 'usual' girl, Rebekah."

Rebekah tosses back her golden hair. "Now wha a'e ya tryin' to say, sugah? Ya tellin' me Ah ain't like the rest of the gals ya got workin' he'e." She turns to look around his office and then back towards him. "So what position would ya like me in?"

Mack laughs quietly. "Not like many girls, I'm sure." If he picks up on any innuendo when she asks what position he'd like her in, he does well not to show it. "We'll start you out waiting tables or tending bar during the day and see where it goes from there, if that's alright with you."

Rebekah nods her head. "Ah like it all, haven't found a position Ah don't like yet." She then sits back in her chair to watch him. "So wha is mah uniform lookin' like dahling?"

He clears his throat a little bit and smiles at her. He doesn't blush, to his credit. He simply shifts in his seat a little bit. "Yellow sports t-shirt, blue short shorts, and your own sneakers. We advise not wearing heels… for health reasons." He pauses and glances over to Bekah. "Since you've had some experience with this, I shouldn't have to tell you that it's okay to be friendly to your customers, but don't flirt with them too much - some of them get a little drunk and try to grab… which is unacceptable. If someone ever does this to you, come find me or Dean - that's my brother. We'll have it taken care of."

Rebekah nods her head to this. "Ah can handle men that try'n play grab ass." She smiles softly and then shakes her head back and forth a few times. "Ah'm picky 'bout who Ah like touchin' me." She smiles towards him at the mention of the outfit. "So… ya like the way the women dress evah put business with pleasuah?"

Mack snickers a little bit at Rebekah's latter question, shaking his head at her. "I'm afraid not. What's the saying I'm looking for here? 'Don't shit where you eat' might be the one, yes." Mack reaches into his top drawer and pulls out a dish of mints, removing one from the bowl and then passing the others to Rebekah. "Well, if anyone ever does something that you're uncomfortable with, just tell one of us. We don't take kindly to people who sexually harass our workers." He then adds, as an afterthought: "The 'uniforms' were my uncle's idea. He's a dirty old man at heart. It is rather practical for business, though."

Rebekah snaps her fingers. "Well Ah guess the'e goes us." She teases lightly before she takes one of the mints to slide into her mouth. Her lashes fall partially down as she savors the taste.

"Nothing personal, Rebekah. You can ask any girl here. I'm a business man." He reaches for a pen and passes it to Rebekah. "If you're serious about the job, either fill that out here and give it back to me, or take it home and bring it back. If I don't see you again, no hard feelings. This is New York, after all. But with a spark like yours, I'm sure that many men will appreciate your talents around here. Me most of all, probably. I need to get someone hired for the lunch hour soon before things get any crazier."

"Soooo ya sayin' if'n Ah sign this fohm, then Ah ain't evah gonna get ya to buy me dinnah?" Rebekah offers as she leans in a bit more with the pen between her fingers as she looks at him and then at the form. She is starting to fill it out, but she hasn't signed it yet.

Mack grins at her. "Sorry, it's a hard choice, but one that has to be made. And I'm not in the business of forging signatures." The cheesy fries finally arrive. They're still hot at least. "Please, go ahead." Mack says to her, averting his gaze if she begins to eat. Most people don't seem to like being watched when they're eating, after all.

Rebekah smiles. "Well Ah figure that a paycheck is bettah than a date. Besides, Ah might have had to turn ya down." She winks and signs her name to the form and hands it over to him. The fries are put in her mouth without concern.

"Excellent." Mack says as he takes the form and begins to read it over. He puts it back in his desk drawer and takes in a deep breath. "I'll process it immediately. What day can you start?" Mack asks her, smiling in an easy going manner.

Rebekah shrugs to that. "When ya need." Her lips curve upwards as she stretches her legs out. "When do ya want me to work undah ya, Sugah?" Her eyes look at the man dead in the eyes. Then she leans forwards. "Ah'm willin' ta make suhe ya quite happy."

Mack simply smiles at her. "If you're inquiring as to whether I'll be training you, in part I will be, yes. There's a girl who has been here for a few years named Traci. She'll help. I'm sure you'll get along famously." He pauses at her and considers the calendar. "How is Friday for you?"

Rebekah smiles to that. "Well that will work just fine foh me, Sugah. Ah can't wait foh ya to tell me how ya want me." She winks and then starts to stand.

Mack stands up as well, having no trouble in doing so. "I'm sure that we'll get to that later, Rebekah." A taller man pokes his head in and looks at Rebekah before looking to Mack. "We've got a situation in the kitchen. Sergei cut his finger. Bad." Mack sighs quietly and looks to Rebekah. "Excuse me. Dean, will you show Rebekah out to the front?" Mack asks, before he's moving off toward the kitchen.

Rebekah watches the man walk off. Then she smiles towards Dean. "Howdy, Sugah.." The rest is all her walking out the door in a way that turns heads.

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