2011 06 10: In The Club

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Mission Name: In The Club
Date of Mission: June 10, 2011
Locale: Club Diablo

Both inexperienced and experienced clubbers have a short conversation about… well, clubbing. And dresses.

Geoff Mimi Svetlana

As promised, it's club night. There are people everywhere though they're scattered a bit — no shoulder to shoulder business going on yet. Mimi has already started partying hardy in a bubblegum pink mini dress that covers what it should and not a lot else. She's at the bar and rather than actually play by the rules, is flashing her fake ID around in order to get served. Isn't this the same problem that people in California had with their young starlets a few years back? The young woman doesn't seem too wasted yet luckily. But notably absent are a posse of friends. It looks like there's no entourage for the young blonde.

Towering on clear plastic platform heels, Geoff shows up in attire not altogether dissimilar from Mimi's. The color, at least, matches almost exactly, though Geoff's is blanketed in sequins and perhaps comes up higher on the simulated bust, broken up at the waist by a big black bow. His hair for the night is in the same family as Mimi's, too, a platinum blonde, stick straight with bangs. He's sporting blue eye shadow and wet-looking lips that match his dress perfectly. He slides through the crowd, sure-footed enough on the dramatic shoes to avoid turning an ankle or stepping on anyone's toes. He heads for the bar, glancing over at the girl in pink.

Contrary to her description, Svetlana is not in a professional women's business suit and attire. She's wearing a black cheongsam, chineese dress which manages to look elegant and sexy at the same time. She's also wearing black heels, and it has a silk dragon pattern sewn into it. She's sitting at the bar already, drinking a vokda. She's been there some time.

"Don't water it down with ice." Mimi can be heard saying to the bartender as she yanks her ID back from him, putting it in her designer handbag. She looks over toward Geoff when he wanders up, does a double take, and looks again — particularly at his shoes. It's debatable whether or not though having lived in New York her whole life, Mimi has ever been in such close proximity with someone like Geoff. She finally pulls her eyes away and looks to the bartender. "I'm going to need that a lot quicker than I'd previously mentioned." She doesn't apologize for the inconvenience, instead panning her eyes to Svetlana. Ah, okay. There's someone who looks more like something she can deal with.

"Hey, sweetheart," Geoff says in his most friendly (and non-threatening) voice to Mimi, offering her a big pink-and-white smile when she looks. He waits to get the bartender's attention, then orders, "Vodka tonic, please? Thank you." The Southern accent really comes through on the 'you.' But his attention is back on Mimi. "I like your dress."

Svetlana sips her Vodka, glancing towards Geoff, and then glancing towards him again. "Don't I know you from the bookstore?" she asks him.

Mimi seems unsure of what to do when Geoff actually speaks to her. She looks at him for a long few moments before nodding in acknowledgment. "Thanks. I see we must have the same stylist." It's said rather tongue-in-cheekly. She looks down to the shoes again and furrows her brows. "How do you not break your neck in those? Anything over two inches and I'm done for." When Svetlana speaks up and mentions knowing the man from the book store, Mimi listens, intrigued.

"I could teach you, but I'd have to charge," Geoff jokes, winding obviously fake lashes at Mimi. He glances at Svetlana with a quick twitch of a smile. "Yeah, were you the religious one?" he wonders, apparently only vaguely remembering. Then his eyes are back on Mimi. "I bet you have never seen a real live drag show," he says.

"Yeah, thats me." Svetlana replies. "Decided to give a club a try." She shrugs. "Don't really like it much, so far. I'm actually a bit bored." She sips her drink some more. "This is it, huh?"

After Mimi manages to get the Milkshake song tune out of her head in accordance with Geoff's words, she shakes her head and takes her drink from the bartender, sipping at it. It's something like an appletini. She makes no remark about Geoff teaching her to walk in extreme heels, instead going back to listening Svetlana and he. At Svetlana's question, she raises a brow. "At a club you're either supposed to get really drunk, dance, or take a guy home. Or any combination of the three. You're not as drunk as you could be." Mimi informs her before looking at Geoff and making a face. "My daddy would kill me if I we—" Oh, dingdingding. She has a reason to go to a drag show! "…No…"

Geoff looks Svetlana over. "Well, I guess now you know I'm not saved," he says, capping the remark with a smirk. "If you're not having a good time, you just need a few more drinks." Advice dispensed, he looks back to Mimi. "See? She knows how to do it." He smiles approvingly and takes a card out of the matching pink bag he's got. "Well, we won't tell on you if you don't tell on us," he promises, passing the card to Mimi. It just has 'Gigi' printed on it in French script. "I work at the Barracuda in Chelsea and we're doing a little promotion, okay? So if you come down to our club for one of the shows this weekend, you just give that card to the bartender and you can get two-for-one drinks during the show." He smiles brightly to show Mimi what a great, great deal that is.

Svetlana shrugs. "I don't really drink to get drunk." she lies. Stupid cover-id. "I just like things nice and quiet. This was probably a bad idea." She fiddles with her drink straw as if fretting a bit. "The bookstore was really more my kind of place."

Mimi doesn't seem to know what to do with Svetlana, eventually agreeing with the older woman. "It probably was a bad idea." She stares at the cheongsam with some envy, however. "Where did you get that dress?" She asks, before looking back to Geoff and eying the card curiously. "Gigi…?" She asks, looking at the man in the dress with raised brows before she goes back to eyeballing the card. She looks like the type of girl who has had her own business cards since the first grade, embossed and watermarked. "Two-for-one drinks?" The look on Mimi's face says 'SOLD'. She takes another long drink of her appletini.

Geoff looks Svetlana over doubtfully when she says she doesn't like liquor or noise. "Uh. Maybe… Yeah." Then back to Mimi, who is winning the Less Awkward award for the evening. "Gigi," he says. "That's me." It's not that fancy a card, although it does have a subtle water mark for those boozehounds whose interests include cross-dressing and forgery. He smiles at Geoff. "See, they count up which of us brings in the most new business and whoever does the best gets a prize and whoever does the worst gets, you know. A talking-to or whatever. So it would really help me out if you came by and brought friends…" Another big, hopeful smile and a bat of fake eyelashes.

"A little place in Chinatown." Svetlana explains. "Traditional, but not too traditional." she drinks her drink a bit more. "I do like the music." she admits after a moment. "And dancing isn't bad. I should try to dance." She says this to herself again. Mostly for show. "I should try and dance." Stupid cover id.

There's a brief nod of approval when Svetlana mentions Chinatown. "Honestly, it really is the only place you can go for those sorts of things. The prices aren't that bad either. I mean, unless you're a tourist." She laughs at her own 'joke' before getting out her iPhone and preparing to make a note. "Do you remember the name?" She asks Svetlana before she looks back to Geoff and raises a brow. "How will they know that you referred me?" She asks him. To Svetlana she adds: "Dancing isn't hard. All you have to know how to do is shake your rump in front of the right man."

Geoff points at the card. "Because it's got my name on it," he tells Mimi. "They collect up the cards at the bar." He smiles at Svetlana. "Although to be fair, white Christian ladies do kind of have a pretty bad track record on the dance floor…"

Svetlana rolls her eyes at Geoff. "I'm not exactly white." she points out. She is, indeed, not white. At least, she doesn't look white right now. She looks rather chineese. "But I'm not exactly a dancer, either." She tells Mimi how to get to the store. Its a 'owned by a little old lady' type of place. "Shake my rump, eh."

"Oh, right. Like, duh." Mimi says, putting the card in her purse. "I'll see what I can do. It sounds interesting." She makes no mention of bringing friends along, going through the rolodex in her mind to see who would be up for that kind of thing. Finally she just looks back to Svetlana for the directions and puts them down in her iPhone, texting with the capability that seems rampant amongst today's youth. "Thanks. And yeah, it's easy. Just… grind… twerk… you know." She looks around the club before eying the floor. "Girlfriend needs dancing lessons!" She cries out, pointing in Svetlana's direction.

"Well, whatever you are. Chinese?" Geoff guesses. "Not always masters of the groove. But go ahead with yourself, prove me wrong. Shake your little no-ass." He laughs. "Listen, I gotta get going, but you ladies take care, right? See you at the club!" He smiles and gives them a little wave, then slides back into the crowd to do some more covert advertising.

Svetlana snorts towards Geoff, before glancing about in horror. "Oh, I really couldn't!" she says. "God no. So not me!" She stands up, glancing about. "I should have come with friends."

Mimi smiles with satisfaction as Svetlana grows paranoid. She says to the bartender, "Put it on my tab," before she walks away from the bar and waggles her fingers at Svetlana. "Thanks for the shop directions. Maybe I'll see you down there sometime. And - dance. You might like it!" The blonde steps away into the crowd then, heading for the exit.

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