2011 07 07: Jump In

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Mission Name: Jump In
Date of Mission: July 7, 2011
Locale: Freedom Tunnel

If you thought last night was a blur…

gene lip

What. A. Night.

Freedom Tunnel is still quiet this early in the morning. The sun is just coming up, after all. F5 members and F5 groupies are all over the place, sleeping and snoring. A few bodies stir here and there, but other than that… it's pretty damn quiet.

Lip, though, has probably not even slept. He steps over a couple of hot bodies and makes his way towards one of the many fridges that litter the place. He pulls it open and frowns, looking at the lackluster food edibles that are available. "Ugh. Need to make another store run. Shit." Not happy about that, at all. Not at all.

Gene had passed out on the girls, somewhere around 2 AM, his system not quite back on track from the trip to NY though, he's up earlier then he probably should be. Pried himself away from the girls and found a place to clean up and take care of morning, whatevers. "Holy fu* what a night.." he grumbles.. softly.. Wondering where he is, and where his bike is, for that matter. He digs into a pocket for a ciggy "Smoked em all. Shit.." What a morning, already.

Gene gets an eyebrow of raising from Lip as he lifts his head from the fridge to spot the hair. Familiar hair. "Yo. Don't I know you?" The question is asked but he's not even trying to figure it out. F5 is getting so big… it's hard to keep up with everybody. But! If the dude's here, he must've been allowed in by somebody, right? "Nevermind. You feel like makin' a Mickey D's run. I'm hungry as shit."

Gene rus the sleep from his eyes a bit. "Sounds good, I'm hungrier then a bear." he grins. "Name's Gene. Got here last night. You and them girls, champagne.. what anight.." he mumbles. "Don't got money though. You see my bike around here somewhere?" Forgetting where he parked it last night. "black, yellow trim, street legal dirtbike. I got so wasted, I forget where I parked it."

"Oh shit. That's your bike?!" Lip is slamming the fridge all the way closed now and sliding over to offer Gene one of those cool handshakes that people just know. Well, people that got SOUL anyway. "Yo, that shit is fly, kid!" Compliments are all over the place when it comes to vehicles and Lip. He's a lover of anything on wheels like that. "Tell you what, you let me take that thing for a spin and I'll let you take the Benz to Mickey D's." Lip is already reaching into his pocket to see if he can come out with the right set of keys.

Gene grins.. returning the 'soul' shake. "True that.. Hocked it from the shop the old man used to work at. Nice ain't she? Who knew BMW made dirtbikes.. til I saw her in there. Took to the trip like a dream" He's then linking.. "Damn, uh ok..never driven a car. Got my licence on a POS Honda but uh.. sure. I'll give it a shot." Though he's been driving longer then he's had the license to.

"Uh. Nevermind. Fuck that. You ain't wreckin' my baby." The keys are swung back on his finger and shoved into his pocket, almost as fast as they were whipped out. He's laughing though, so there's no hard feelings. "Y'know, you kinda' happen to be somethin' I been lookin' for. The street bike circuit here is off the chain. And F5 ain't got no representation. You think you might wanna' ride for us?"

Gene grins, "Does a bear shit in the woods? Oh hell yeah.. I love racin. Legal, illegal, dirt, street.. You got a driver.. Can even fix em. Just all I got is this, and I refuse to drive those POS Crotchrockets." He then thinks a bit. "Gonna need to learn the sreets here though. Shortcuts, etc. Only been here a couple days."

"I can get you bikes. That ain't a problem." Lip is already seeing dollar signs in his head. "Is that thing you got out there race ready? Or you maybe need some cash to get it up to speed?" Lip comes out of his back pocket with a nice wad of cash, wrapped in a rubberband and clearly all hundreds.

"Well it handled the trip here fine, a good six hours.. or so. But it could proably use a bit. Still fairly fresh off the showroom floor. No VIN's or anything. Made sure of that.." he eyes the cash, "Fuck dude… I think I found the best place to run away too." He chews his lips, "Gonna need tools, and I can't do bodywork on them. That's where most of the cost will come from, I think."

Toss! The money is flung at Gene. "Get her ready by next weekend. I'll set something up." Lip is already getting ready to start making all sorts of plans. "We'll work out the details of how we split the cash if you win, later. Right now, we gotta' get you all set up here with us. So take that dough, buy what you need, whatever's left? Buy yourself some gear or whatever you want." Lip cracks a big smile. "You're one of us now."

Gene catches the money and grins, "Cool.. Thanks man, this is gonna be great.. I could use a few things, this will work perfect for.. come here with nothin. Might need to find a geek, get some fake IDs done up too. Though I think I party here enough I won't need a bar. But I might want to with the group sometime. So.." he tucks the money away in a safe place. "What are we called? Any kind of hazing or anyhing I need to go through? Not that it's a frat thing, but gangs have em too." he supposes. "See I'll need a cell, tunes, clothes, gear.." ratteling off a list though more then just that. "So, what's with those girls anyway?" he adds, finally.

"F5." Lip answers to make sure that Gene knows that's the name of the gang. "And we don't do that shit here. Hazin' just wastes time. We all about havin' fun and gettin' paid. That's what we do. If you wanna' do that, then welcome to the club. It's all about profit, baby, haha!" Oh Lip is all about stacking up the BILLS. "What girls? The ones from last night?" Lip is shrugging. "We get girls up in here all the time, man. Whatever." Smile. More selling points.

Gene grins, "Cool, sounds like my kinda gang. Money, babes, bikes, fun and the booze is pretty good too." He's not used to that stuff yet, but in time.. he'll e as much into that as everyone else. Then there's the other benefits too. "They were hot that's for sure. A bit cracked, but I can handle that." He then sighs, "And I need to stay outta PA.. otherwise I'll end up in juvvie. Or worse." He looks around.. "This place is gonna be a bitch to find, but I'll find it." eventually..

Lip is stepping over to Gene to throw an arm around him. "Man, don't you worry 'bout shit. You hangin' with Lip now. Ain't shit gon' happen to you while you in my sights. You got me?" Yeah, that's right. Lip has a soft spot for teens that need some guidance. Even if he isn't an old wise man himself. "Now, enough of all this mushy shit. Go get that bike ready so we can make some money!"

Gene growls, "Cool man.. and I need food too. Other then a couple dogs the other night, haven't had much since I got here. Saved what cash I had for fuel to get here and around here. Fuel, food, hard to decide what was more important.. "I gotta get the tools definetly. Maybe a couple bikes, just in case." He digs into a pocket for a ciggy and lighter. "Figure step at a time.."

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