2011 06 03: Logging Some Hours

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Mission Name: Logging Some Hours
Date of Mission: June 3, 2011
Locale: Training Lab, Division HQ

The training lab becomes a point of convergence for several agents and the new recruit.

Alex Geoff Jezebel Lance

Alex is currently logging some extra time on the training computers, alone, for the moment, in the lab as she types quickly, watching the screen rather intently. Those who bother to pay attention to such things might know she's been having some trouble in the lessons, so perhaps this is just an attempt to catch up with her more computer-savvy classmates. Seated at one of the stations in the back, her little lamp makes her rather easy to spot in the empty room.

Lance moves into Division's Training Lab with a large black duffel bag slung over one shoulder. As he enters the room, he quickly glances around and sees the room is empty save for Alex. He gives her a quick once over before he makes his way towards one of the work tables, setting the bag on the table with a sound that sounds like metal hitting metal. He then moves over to where the weapon cleaning equipment is stored.

Geoff comes into the computer area on some sort of official business. It must be official business, after all, because people don't exactly have clearance to use these computers to update their eHarmony accounts. Not that Geoff would have much use for eHarmony. At any rate, he sits down at a vacant station and pulls up the data from the training dummies, going over it blow by blow.

For someone so intent on what she's doing, Alex is still quick to notice the arrival of others. Lance gets a little nod as she catches him giving her that quick once over, and then her attention is back to the screen. But after typing a few more lines, she pauses and looks up again, a bit surprised that it's Geoff and not another recruit who's come in to claim a workstation. "I'm saying hello from over here this time," she points out wryly, after hitting a few more keys on her computer and killing the window she's been working on. As for Lance, she keeps some attention on him, curious as to what he's up to.

"Good job," Geoff says without looking away from the screen or summoning any kind of expression. "This is me not taking you down." He scrolls a little, reading some more data. "How's it going?"

Lance returns the nod from Alex as he sets the equipment down on the table next to the bag before he opens it and starts to remove various types of guns from the bag. The guns range from small pistols to a few rifles, laying them down one at a time. As Geoff makes his appearance, he glances over towards the new arrival, offering a smirk as he sees the man as he watches him claim a terminal. "How many times are we going to be running into each other like this?" His usual accent is replaced by one that is slightly more American.

Geoff glances up at Lance. "Damn," he says, "Are you not really French? Because that would ruin it for me." Judging by his expression, though, or lack thereof, he isn't serious. "So did you get that chick's number yet?"

"About the same," Alex answers Geoff in a dull tone, absently fiddling with the mouse on her machine without really clicking on anything. "But thanks for the whole, you know, not putting my ass on the ground this time." As Lance speaks up, she looks between the two agents, just listening to their conversation for now.

Geoff glances up at Lance. "Damn," he says, "Are you not really French? Because that would ruin it for me." Judging by his expression, though, or lack thereof, he isn't serious. "So did you get that chick's number yet?" He glances at Alex. "Well, I haven't left the room yet…"

Lance chuckles and nods slightly. "Oh, no. I am French, but I lost the natural accent a long time ago." He says before he shakes his head. "Not yet. The hot coffee chick I do know is one of us though." He glances towards Alex, not having seen her before since he only comes down when he wants to use the range or clean his guns. He moves towards the two, offering a hand to Alex. "I don't think I've seen you around. I'm Lance. Not my real name, but it's what I'm going by now-a-days."

"Yeah, but I'm onto you now," Alex replies with Geoff, apparently not too scared by that would-be threat. Her light gaze flickers between the two men as they discuss the outside world in all its glory, though some of it is lost on her. "Alex," she replies to Lance. "I'm new." Her tone is simply and matter-of-fact, a bit dull really, but that tidbit is offered only to explain why he hasn't seen her before now. But she also clearly isn't too thrilled about being new either.

"Dommage," Geoff laments, and that probably isn't serious, either. "One of us? What does that have to do with…?" He clicks out of whatever he was doing, not looking terribly threatening at the moment, despite his little comment to Alex. "This one's too young for you," he jokes to Lance.

Lance nods as he looks to Alex. "Ahh… well, welcome to the last company you'll ever work for." He says to her before he retracts his hand and looks back to Geoff. "Yeah, she's a Division agent. Demo expert." He says, referring to the coffee girl. "And don't worry. I know better than to hit on the new recruits. I do enjoy living too much to cross that line."

"Thanks," Alex replies in that same dull and slightly sarcastic tone as Lance welcomes her. "And they say job security is a thing of the past." She arches an eyebrow then, as the two so casually discuss whether she is or isn't inherently suited to being hit on. "And this recruit hits back," she notes, setting her jaw slightly as she glances at her computer screen — but there's nothing of interest there, really, so her attention is back on the two agents.

Geoff smiles slightly at Alex. "Do you hit /on/, or just hit?" he wonders casually, glancing back to Lance. "Demo?" he asks, smile fading. "Huh."

Lance nods as he finally decides to grab a chair from nearby and take a seat, his weapons left on the work table where he left them. He sits down and glances between the two, now that they're free to talk since they're not out in the open. "So, what are your guys' specialities?" He asks to the both of them before looks Alex. "It's alright. You're safe." He chuckles as he glances to Geoff. "That is a good question…" He says, looking back to Alex as he waits on her answer.

"I hit. Full-stop," Alex clarifies, looking plainly between the two lest there should be any doubt she means it. Then, that settled, she seems content to leave it for now, rolling her shoulders in a shrug to Lance. "I don't think they've given me one of those yet. All this stuff is really hard, y'know?" her tone wavers between wry an sarcastic, and yet it's still not quite not true. "I'm guessing yours has something to do with guns though."

Geoff lifts an eyebrow at Lance. "Specialties? Well…I'm not too bad at killing dudes. That's in the job description, right? I'm good at…looking like other people, and making a damn scene, what you might call 'diversionary tactics' if you were an egghead." He shrugs. "I don't have a little G.I. Joe identity, though…" When will they ever stop talking about '80s toys?

Jezebel happens to step in just at the most opportune moment to hear Geoff mention G.I. Joes. She raises a brow and smirks, setting down three cups of coffee that she's carrying. Just the three. "Percy told me to bring in just the three cups of coffee. He said there needed to be a fight to the death." The woman is dressed in a solid white tailored pant suit, creased with ivory buttons and a black silk shirt underneath. She also wears red heels that match her crimson red lips. Girlfriend looks much different than she does when she's filling the role of barrista. And her Southern drawl is gone. "I'm kidding. There were more coffees, but some of these agents… so ruthless."

Lance nods as he lets out a soft sigh. "Yeah, I remember how hard it is. But, keep at it and you'll do fine." He offers a smile before he looks back towards the weapons and nods, looking back to Alex. "Yeah, my specialty is wetwork." He tell her after Geoff has shared his specialty. He starts to speak again, but stop as he hears Jezebel's voice, turning back to look and an eyebrow raises slightly as he sees her, not use to seeing her so dressed up. He lets out a slow whistle as he looks her over. "Well, look at you. Don't you clean up well?" He says with a soft chuckle.

For all her sarcastic indifference to things, the talk about 'killing dudes' and 'wetworks' does cause a moment of uncertainty in Alex's expression, as she looks between the two agents. She can't really think of anything pithy to say to that, so she just gives a quiet, "Yeah," and glances back at her computer screen again. Jezebel's entrance provides a welcome distraction. The new recruit offers a nod of greeting to the bringer of coffee, giving her a curious once-over in the process.

Geoff? Still Southern. Maybe his accent is just /slightly/ different, but unless you're Henry Higgins, it's not appreciable. He eyes the coffees, then gives Jezebel an impressed once-over. "Damn, girl," he says. "Two questions," he says, putting up two fingers to represent them. "One, what kind of lipstick is that? Two, who makes those shoes?" He glides just that easily between talk of murder and excitement over shoes, not noticing Alex's discomfort.

Jezebel bows her head to Lance. "Thank you, monsieur. I could say the same but it would be redundant as I believe I've already complimented you on that point." Jezebel looks at Alex and smiles briefly at the young woman before considering the coffee, and the recruit. "Sorry… I didn't think about the recruits. I don't know if you'll get in trouble for having some or not. Rewards program and all…" The woman seems genuinely apologetic, though she returns the same curious look that Alex gives her. Jezebel winks at Geoff and shakes her head. "I think the color is called Crying Out Loud, and the shoes… well, you would be appalled if you knew where I found them. It wasn't in a department store or a boutique." She smiles mysteriously at the man and then reaches out for one of the coffees. She apparently doesn't feel so bad that she's going to deprive herself of caffeine though.

Lance can't help but laugh at Geoff's reaction to Jezebel's shoes and lipstick before he glances from Jezebel then to Alex and considers before he looks up at Jezebel. "She can have mine if she's allowed it." He says glancing back at Alex. "I'm not sure how much they've changed in the training program in the past five years." He looks back to the other agents. "Though I'm sure it's pretty much the same." He turns back to Alex with a playful smirk on his face. "How are you doing with your meetings with Amanda?"

"I guess I'll find out if I'm allowed or not…" Alex replies, recovering from that brief discomfort and going back to being flippant about the whole damn thing. They can pry the coffee out of her hands if they don't want her to have it. She looks to Jezebel's shoes, curious now about what appalling method was used to get them. But then, maybe she doesn't really want to know. Looking back to Lance, she shrugs a shoulder, smirking dryly. "Oh, fantastic. I think she really likes me." Said in a tone that implies just the opposite, of course.

"I was just wondering if they make 'em in yeti size," Geoff answers Jezebel, taking one of the coffees. he looks Jezebel over again, clearly guessing what she means by where she found them. "Damn, though. I knew I liked you," he says. Cold-ass sons of bitches of a feather flock together.

Jezebel tips the brim of an invisible hat to Geoff, smiling wryly. "These come close. I wear a size eleven in women's." She takes a sip of the coffee and bites her lip at Lance's question, then Alex's reply. "She likes everyone." There's a vague look around before Jezebel says in a more quiet tone: "She's like the horse trainer sent to break all the ponies. You must be a hard-headed little pony. So was I." Jezebel glances to the other two as if to ask them, 'And what about you?' before taking another sip of her coffee, something smells vaguely of pumpkin spice.

Lance chuckles at Geoff before he looks back to Jezebel as she looks back him and Geoff. "I don't think she liked me. I know she acted like she did, but I think I annoyed her by not wanting to talk about myself and all that jazz." He says with a shrug. "Unfortunately for me, I have a meeting with her in a few hours so I'm sure we'll be discussing this conversation."

Slipping from her seat, Alex moves over to claim the remaining coffee, seeing no reason to pass up the offer until someone outright tells her not to. "Yeah. Hard-headed is one word for it," she muses, seeming a bit pleased with herself for frustrating the scary Amanda. "Lucky me." She takes a slow sip of her coffee, enjoying the taste of something not issued by the cafeteria. "Try not to put her in too bad a mood, 'kay? I have to deal with her on, like, a permanent basis," she points out to Lance, though she doesn't really seem too worried about it either way.

Geoff snorts softly. "Army already did all her work for her," Geoff claims in answer to Jezebel's look. "Well. Army and Miss Queen Bea of Charleston, South Carolina," he answers. "Anyway, rather be here than enjoying the nice Duck Dinner they were about to serve me." 'Duck dinner' must mean something other than what it literally sounds like. His face doesn't give any clues as to whether or not he's telling the truth; it looks hard and blank as ever.

Jezebel nods over at Lance when Alex mentions putting Amanda in a bad moon, letting out a quiet laugh. "Yeah. That's probably a safe bet there. She's like a kitten… she'll start off playful, rip to you shreds… but she'll do it playfully." Which has always creeped Jez out, judging by the look on her face. She sips at her coffee and reaches up to run her fingers through hair — left down and slightly curled today. Yep, definitely a different picture than the one she normally paints as a barista. She glances over toward Geoff, raising a brow at him before she smiles coyly. "I suppose that's a safe bet. I'd rather be here than… in jail. I hear the food is much worse, and at least I have my own apartment."

Lance chuckles to Alex as she points that out to him, nodding. "I'll try not to. I know this place is hard enough as it is without some jackass agent coming in and making things worse." He turns to Geoff with a raised eyebrow at the mention of a 'duck dinner', but doesn't ask about it. He laughs at Jezebel as she speaks to Geoff. "And all you have to do is put up with a bunch of people and serve coffee while you wait for a phone call."

Alex takes up another seat, at a station that's a little closer this time, since she's not actually using the computer anyway. Her cup held lightly in one hand, she crosses her arms over the edge of the desk, leaning her weight forward on them and watching with some interest as she listens to the agents speak. "You got something against duck?" she asks Geoff, though she suspects there's more to it than an actual meal. To Lance, she nods. "Yeah, this place pretty much sucks at the best of times. So thanks."

Geoff smiles a bit soullessly at Alex. "This is why I like the young ones," he says, and gets to his feet. "Well, I'm done here," he says, "And I've got rehearsal in an hour. I gotta go. See y'all later." To Jezebel, he adds, "You come across any nice ones in a bigger size and you bring 'em to me, you hear?" With that, he's out the door, with one hand lifted slightly in a lazy sort of wave.

"You'll get out soon enough. Just gotta talk the talk and walk the walk," Jezebel says to Alex. "Even if you don't like it… there's a pay off at the end, at least." There are a lot of questions about that pay off that could be asked, though Jezebel doesn't voice any of them. She simply takes in a breath and gives the other two a salute, watching Geoff exit with a smirk. "He's certainly demanding." She shakes her head and then looks back to the other two. "Well, I momentarily forgot why I was here in the first place… a day's regimen of activities, starting with some hard exercise. I was on my way to the changing rooms when I just happened to stop in here. And Birkhoff is expecting me too, so…" Wisely perhaps, she does not say anything derogatory about the techie master. "I'll see you both later, I suspect." And then Jez is also out the door, coffee in hand.

Lance smiles as he nods once. "No problem." He then turns to Geoff as he stands up, looking to the man and offering a wave as he says his farewells. "Later man. See you Thursday." He says before he looks to Jezebel as she speaks to Alex, nodding in agreement with her words and then offers a wave to Jezebel. "I'll see you around. Call me sometime. I can't call you." He says with a smirk before she heads out herself. He looks back to Alex. "She's right though. Keep focused on completing the training and you'll do fine."

Geoff's comment about her being young earns another arched eyebrow, but he's gone before she can properly retaliate. "Yeah, well, see you around, I guess," Alex bids to Jezebel, lifting the coffee cup slightly. "And thanks. Been awhile since I had anything… good." She takes another sip and glances towards the computer monitor, even though this one is off, heaving a bit of a sigh. "Yeah, the training. Workin' on it." She smirks faintly. "Probably not nearly fast enough to get me out any time soon though."

Lance nods as he frowns slightly. "It'll go by quicker than you think. When I was a recruit, I thought I'd never get through it. Just keep at it and keep practicing everything you're taught. Repetition help your body remember the steps." He leans back in his seat as he glances around the nearly empty room since half its occupants are gone. "And if you see me here, feel free to ask me anything. I'm all for helping the recruits as much as I am able to."

"Yeah, I guess," Alex replies dispiritedly, still too far on this side of the divide to see it as being anything but ever so far away. "Practice, practice, practice. Guess there's not much else to do in here anyway." Her attempt to look on the bright side is a bit pathetic, but it is, at least, an attempt. She gives him a thoughtful look at his offer, nodding slightly. "Thanks. I, uh, may take you up on that some day."

Lance nods in agreement. "It's all part of the training. Nothing else to do but practice. My advice is to find a routine for yourself during your down time. It'll help keep you sane." He offers a smile as she looks at him, nodding once. "Sure thing. While I don't come in often, I'll try to make it a point to stop by regularly."

"Keep me sane," Alex replies, considering that concept. "I don't think I'll expect miracles, but … I guess it couldn't hurt to give it a shot." She frowns down at her coffee cup, musing in silent contemplation for a moment before filing that away for future analysis. "Yeah, I imagine you must be sorta busy… People aren't exactly going to kill themselves." Whatever threw her off earlier, she's now determined to seem just fine with the realities of the job.

Lance nods his head once. "A routine is what helped me through it. Plus I had agents help me out with stuff when I was a recruit, so I like to return the favor that I was shown now that I'm in their shoes." He says with a smile at a memory. "Well, I'm not the only wetwork specialist they have, so I don't get the call as much as I'd like, but you still have to keep up with your cover, so it's a busy day no matter what."

Alex seems perhaps a little creeped out when he mentioned wishing he'd get more phone calls bidding him to go kill more people, but since he's offering her help, she does her best to keep that in check. "Sure, yeah. Idle hands and all that…" She straightens up and takes a sip of her coffee, idly worrying with a bit of plastic on the lid. "They're pretty big on the scheduling around here anyway. Maybe a routine'll buy me some brownie points. Keep my neck outta the noose a little longer."

Lance nods and smirks. "It couldn't hurt to give it a try." He frowns slightly at the mention of idle hands. "Yeah. Plus there isn't a better way to keep your skills sharp than to use them. That's where the practice comes into play." He takes a moment to think before he speaks again. "If your neck isn't in the noose yet, I'd have to say you're doing a good job so far. How long have you been with Division?"

"It might hurt, but not trying might hurt worse," Alex counters with a bleak sort of indifference. There's another shrug from the teen as she considers his question. "A few weeks, I guess? Sorta blends all together when you're down here. I've really got no idea what they have planned for my neck. I'm just trying to get by. Keep my head down." With varying degrees of success, at that.

Lance smiles at her words. "That's very true. Just keep doing what you're doing, don't be afraid to ask questions. They want you to be the best you can be, so they'll want you to understand everything." He does look a bit surprised at the answer to his question. "Oh, so you're brand new. Still have that new recruit smell." He says, trying to lighten the mood a bit. "If you don't mind me asking, how'd they get you?"

"The best I can be," Alex repeats again, smirking almost darkly at that. "Guess there's worse things to be." She frowns slightly at his surprise, going on the defensive a little. "Yeah. New. Like I told the coffee girl." There's a long pause where it seems she just might opt for silence rather than answer his question or even refuse to do so, but finally, "They got me outta jail. I didn't do it but no one cares about that."

Lance shrugs. "I don't think any of us could have been worse than we were when we came here." He frowns slightly at her reaction to his surprise. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it." As she doesn't share much about what brought her here to Division, he steps back and doesn't press it further. "Just from talking to you, I think you'll be fine here. You remind me of some of the others I trained with."

"That whole second chance thing, right?" Alex doesn't sound entirely convinced about the idea, but she's heard it enough for it to stick, at least. At his apology, she pauses and then shakes her head. "It's fine. Just… get a lot of flak being the new girl as it is." She takes another long sip from her drink, which is, by now, nearly empty. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. I dunno about 'fine', but I can handle it. Just not used to it yet, I guess."

Lance nods with a slight smile. "Exactly. You've been given a second chance, best make the most of it. At least that's what I was told." He nods and looks at her as she speaks that she gets flak for being new. "Oh, don't worry about that. They do it to everyone. It's all apart of the hazing by the recruits. They had it done to them, so they have to do it to someone else." He shrugs. "Don't let it get to you. Pretty soon, you won't be so new and you won't have to deal with it anymore." He offers a smile before he glances at his watch. "Just give it another week and it'll start to become normal to you. But, I have to go meet with Amanda. It was nice to meet you and maybe someday we'll be work together on something."

"Good luck with that," Alex bids, her tone clearly implying that it's better him than her having to go talk to Amanda. She rises from the computer workstation, sloshing around the last sip of coffee before tossing it back. "I should get back to my dorm before curfew anyway. Good talking to ya. And yeah, maybe we'll run into each other again one of these days. I got nowhere else to be." She gives a little smirk with that, nodding by way of bidding him farewell, and then turning to head back towards the dorms.

Lance lets out a soft chuckle. "Thanks. I think I'm going to need it." He grins and nods. "No problem. I'll see you again, I'm sure. If you want, you can leave the cup by my bag. I'll get rid of it when I leave." He stands from his seat, returning the chair back to it's spot and looks back to her. "Good luck with your training and take care."

Alex glances down at the cup in her hand and then swings around the front desk in order to do just that. "Thanks. Easier than explaining where I got it," she replies with a quick sort of grin, and then with that, she heads out, tossing off a wave to him as she goes.

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